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Top 20 Small Cities In Indiana

12. Elkhart, Indiana (population 50,949)
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4. Elkhart, Indiana (population 50,949)

Elkhart is located in northern Indiana and is one of the seven cities in the state that are part of the Amish Country. Despite its name, it is not the county seat of Elkhart County – that position went to Goshen, located some 10 miles to the southeast.

On one hand, the town is a typical one when it comes to the Amish Country. It’s extremely friendly, slow-paced and laid back and its residents are very friendly, outgoing, warm and creative. Tiny local stores offer souvenirs like beautiful Amish handmade dollhouses and quilts as well delicacies like the Amish sugar cookies.

There is a number of restaurants where you can try the authentic Amish cuisine, too. On the other hand, what separates Elkhart from other towns in the Amish Country is its artistic spirit – the downtown contains a number of art galleries, the Midwest Museum of Art and the biannual Art Walk. There is also the Elkhart Jazz Festival and the Simonton Lake Drive-In, where you can enjoy some of the best burgers in the area while watching a movie.

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