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Top 20 Small Cities In Indiana

5. Muncie, Indiana (population 70,085)
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11. Muncie, Indiana (population 70,085)

Slightly bigger than the rest of the towns on this list, Muncie is a town in East Central Indiana, the seat of Delaware County and part of Center Township. The town is famous for being home of the Ball Corporation, Ball State University and the birthplace of Garfield.

Ball State is, among other things, famous for being David Letterman’s alma mater. The talk show host loved his time there so much he even said he was jealous of those who stayed on the campus after he left. And to express his appreciation of the university, he funded the David Letterman Communication and Media Building.

Ball State is involved with its community – the university organizes free courses and activities for locals on subjects of astronomy such as black holes, constellations and others. Muncie also has a great Children’s Museum where the kids can not only learn but also get involved through an extensive volunteering programme.

The Museum also hosts popular annual events like Winter Wonderland and Children’s Health Fair. Another great thing about Muncie are the Gardens of Minnetrista, an agricultural expanse with themed agricultural areas and a massive historical preservation center.

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  • Indianauhoops

    The French Lick Railroad is in French Lick (southern Indiana), not Rensselaer (northwest Indiana). Most of your writing about Rensselaer has nothing to do with Rensselaer. Did you do ANY research?

  • Michael A. McCormack

    Good Lord, not one town in beautiful Southern Indiana!! Jasper, Huntingburg, French Lick, Dale. Beautiful scenery, history, no crime. Sorta missed the mark.

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