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Top 15 Reasons Melbourne Is Better Than Sydney

Melbourne and Sydney have an intense rivalry going back for generations. Constantly competing with each other, both cities always make it a point to demonstrate areas where they are clearly the better of the two. Each city also has its own strong advocates and fans, whether they actually live in either city or not.

In fact, one of the quickest ways to start a bar brawl in Australia is to proclaim the superiority of one city in an area that supports the other. But which city really is the best? The answer is obviously Melbourne, and here are 15 reasons why it beats Sydney by a mile.

1. It’s Got Quirky Food

Just one of the many examples of creativity in food creation and naming that goes on in Melbourne is the LSD….a latte made from soybeans (instead of coffee beans) and dandelion leaves. It’s super healthy, tastes good, and can be found in cafes around the city. Plus, it’s cool to tell your friends you’re drinking a cup of LSD….the looks on their faces will be priceless!

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  • David

    Did it ever occur to you that the majority of people are probably looking for work but have fallen on hard times. Homeless people especially should be helped in getting their life turned around, e.g. off the streets and into employment that type of thing. Also some people who have dropped out of school and university has gone onto doing to do amazing things. It is quite upsetting that you mainly judge each city on the current state of the people instead of things like buildings in a state of disrepair or litter. Could you please tell me in which town/city you live so I can stay away from a place that obviously contains a bunch of spiteful unsympathetic dicks.

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