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Top 20 Reasons Houston Is Better Than Dallas

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Photo credit: grahamwetzler / Flickr

3. NASA is in Houston

Houston has a long reputation as the Space City, (think Rockets and the Astros) and we’ve never heard of any astronauts being launched into space by Dallas. After all, it’s Houston they call when there’s a problem, not Dallas.

”Houston, we have a problem” is the line most out-of-towners hear in their heads when someone mentions the H-Town. By the way, interesting fact: the line actually spoken by the Apollo 13 crew was “Houston we’ve had a problem here” and the line everyone knows is from the movie Apollo 13.

But movie quotes aside, Houston really is the home of NASA and hence the home of space travel. Is there anything more awesome than that? The NASA headquarters are located in Washington DC but it’s in Houston’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center where all the real action takes place. It’s where all the training for manned spacecraft missions take place, where all the research is conducted and where the mission (or flight) control is located. Do we need to remind you that Dallas has literally none of these awesome things?

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