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Top 21 Reasons Dallas Is Better Than Houston

15. Sports
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Everyone knows that Dallas and Houston are the biggest rivals in Texas. A mere 240 miles separate these cities, but their cultural, economic and social differences set Dallas and Houston a million miles apart. There are also millions of reasons why Dallas is better than Houston, so we have decided to compile a list of those reasons. Be sure to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

1. A Great Sports Scene

When it comes to sports, Americans love nothing more than to brag about the number of professional teams their town has given the world. They carefully monitor all the games their teams participate in and vividly support them, especially when it comes to home matches. As far as this is concerned, Dallas is no exception and boasts the number of sports played in the city.

As regards football, you can always count on The Dallas Cowboys to deliver a fine game; if you’re a hockey fan, be sure to be in the crowd when the Dallas Stars of the NHL play; Dallas Mavericks is a famous basketball team while FC Dallas has soccer covered. And of course, where would the city be without baseball? Dallas excels in that field too with the Texas Rangers baseball team.

Not only that but these teams are actually rather successful when it comes to scoring some big prizes as well. Dallas can put a lot of trophies on its shelves, including the Super Bowl, NBA, Stanley Cup, and American Baseball League awards. Let’s not forget NASCAR, Indy racing, and the 200 golf courses the city offers to avid gold fans. Houston, for instance, has only 165.

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  • Renge

    I wish Dallas had tropical storm threats more often, so I wouldn’t have to leave the house

  • Frank

    Wow what a piece of Garbage! talk about not doing your homework on any of your topics. I could not even get all the way through. What I hate most about Dallas is the shitty personalities that people have there.

  • lol funny

    1 Oklahoma riches buy sports team and put them close to
    their home

    2 are afraid of Mother Nature so they built the city

    3 because technically it’s two separated cities

    4 what are you talking about, you mean still live in the

    5 still living in the past

    6 because no one lives their

    7 you mean Oklahoma transplants

    8 aw cute empty shopping center

    9 Howard Hughes

    10 rodeos

    11 train exhibit?

    12 because no one lives there

    13 wtf

    14 lol funny

    15 once again state fair?

  • july13a

    No amount of money can convince me to live in Dallas, I would rather live in the “hoodest of hoods” place in Houston so do your homework again sir!

  • George Zheng

    beyonce was born in Houston!!!…..

  • Joe

    Houston is better than Dallas because:
    1. Houston is more diverse in ethnic and religious backgrounds.
    2. Houston is greener with more parks and forests.
    3. Houston has access to beaches.
    4. Houston has access to vacation cruiselineships.
    5. Houston is less hotter in summers (though more humid).
    6, Houston is far less cold in winters.
    7. Houston has more of international community.
    8. Houston has a port (busiest in the US).
    9. Houston has many countries consulates.
    10. Houston has more restaurants and better variety of foods.
    11. Houston has better museums.
    12. Houston has a much better arts and entertainment scene.
    13. Houston has better schools such as Rice University, etc.
    14. Houston has a much better Medical Center (hospitals, research, medical schools, etc).
    15. Houston is closer to San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and New Orleans.
    16. Houston economy is strong and diverse, with more company headquarters.
    17. Houston is the energy capital of the world.
    18. NASA is in Houston.
    19. Houston has better gardening options with very rare near freezing temps.

    • Antonious

      Why is diversity so great?

      • Danny B

        Um, because it’s DIVERSE? Meaning more variety. Less same ol’-same ol’. Not as monotonous and boring. Ever heard the old adage: “familiarity breeds contempt”? Yeah. Start with that.

  • Joe Bloh

    Dallas has a BIGGER, LONGER and more Beautiful SKYLINE.

    Dallas has a Walking Bridge leading into Downtown.

    Dallas’ Uptown is Better

    Dallas has the Tx State Fair

    Dallas has BIG TEX

    Dallas the COWBOYS

    Dallas has more and better Freeways

    Dallas is a Hop Skip away from SixFlags Amusement park

    Dallas is surrounded by 11 Beautiful, Growing Cities
    and is linked with Fort Worth (a REAL Texas-feel city)

    Dallas has better shopping.

    Dallas’ Downtown is LIVELIER and more people are moving into Downtown

    Dallas has Klyde Warren Park (5 star restaurant & Park, above the freeway that divides
    Uptown & Downtown)

    Dallas has LIghtRail (the biggest in the Nation)

    Dallas has a Trolley, and it’s Expanding its routes.

    Dallas people are not on internet everywhere (Yelp, CityData, etc… trash-talking Houston,
    Unlike Houston people and their Hate for Dallas) :)

    Dallas is the #1 Visitors and Tourist destination in Texas.

    Everything else: Food, Diversity in people, Museums & Arts, etc… are
    debatable with Houston.

    Houston has more hospitals because Oil gives people CANCER. LOL !

    Come check-out DALLAS.
    Don’t buy-into all the negative Yelp and CityData garbage.
    It’s only Houstoners bashing on DALLAS with their Jealousy and Hate. 😀

    Howdy Y’all !

    • Brian

      The biggest public library in Texas is actually in McAllen, TX.
      The #1 city visitation is in San Antonio.
      Austin has a better social structure than Dallas.
      All of the Dallas teams sucks.

      • Danny B

        I found that (the library part) pretty funny. A city of only 140K people, in the far-Southern tip of the state has a bigger public library than any of the big cities. This guy got so much wrong with his lofty claims that it’s not even worth going into, but hey… at least big D can claim the state’s biggest Greyhound station, haha! I know that’s always a top priority for me whenever I’m determining a place to move.

    • Melissa

      All those amazing things sound like it’s pretty crowded. Don’t know many people who have cancer that ingested Oil to get the cancer. Not sure seeing where someone was assassinated is all that interesting – kind of morbid. Biggest Greyhound bus station – that’s it I’m moving to Dallas! LOL!

    • Danny B

      Just wrong… on so many levels. I could easily refute about 98% of your points, but it would require a LOT of typing that I’m not going to waste my time with. These are some really outrageous claims, complete with a serious overkill of stereotypes. And what is a “Houstoner”? Most of the bashing, jealousy, and hate I see and hear is coming from the other way around.

  • Matt Molkentin

    I lived in both Dallas and Houston… If I ever live in one of those cities again, I would definitely choose Houston… Personally, I found it to be a much better place to live overall!

    • Danny B

      Yeah, if forced to choose, I’d most likely pick Houston over Dallas. I’m not saying Houston is necessarily “better”, but it’s more closely in step with my personal preferences for what a big city should be like than Dallas is for sure. Actually, I like San Antonio better than either one, but for big city options, I think Houston has the edge. The only thing I like better about Dallas is it’s rail network, but I hear Houston is making huge strides in improving theirs.

  • Polly

    Ok You’all, were trying to figure out where to move….Suburb of Dallas area or Spring Benders Landing a suburb of Houston. Wayyyyyy confused and get different opinions from everyone. I’m from California 30 miles north of LA a very nice suburb area (Santa .Clarita Valley) we want to move due to all the gulping on taxes and getting way too liberal. I’m a very down to earth person and love everyone, very easy to get along with. I don’t understand why Houston hates Dallas and Dallas hates Houston and can only hope that I don’t get profiled because I’m from California.
    I am scared of the humidity and of course those nasty mosquitos and can only hope to adapt, but this is a huge decision for us and very scary. We’re in our mid fiftys but have a young mentality and don’t want to be around snooty people.
    I’ve heard the food is better in Houston, but do like the cleanliness of Dallas. We took a 12 day trip to both N and S and just need some more info from people and not agents. I do have 3 little dogs and I know they’ll be scared of thunder and lightening and of course the wind, but this is all for survival. If we stay in California my hubby will work till he’s 80😳😁 Moving to Texas, we can enjoy some life!!!
    please HELP!!

    • Michael Brown

      I don’t see why you are bashing California just because it has a higher cost of living. Higher cost of living means higher wages to pay for said cost of living. If you move to Texas, you will earn less money because cost of living is lower. You don’t keep the same pay just because you move. I have lived in numerous places around the country from coast to coast and across the ocean and have seen that the whole “we get taxed too much” or other similar arguments from people wanting to move which are all flat out silly. Taxes are necessary and make the overall area better with adequate public services and maintenance. Average pay in TX is incredibly low so it isn’t like you will be living like some king by going there unless you have supplemental income on top of what you earn through work. If anything, living in a place with a higher cost of living enables a better overall life because that additional income allows you to save some to take vacations. A lower income due to lower cost of living doesn’t allow as much room to save so it would take you longer to save that same amount.

      • Steve G

        We had job related move here in 1984 from Minnesota.
        No pay cut!
        In fact, took more home due to no state income tax and have had lower overall cost of living.
        No complaints from this quarter.

    • Steve G

      Polly: I realize this is probably 8 months too late given that I just now read your comment.
      FWIW, we moved from high tax Minnesota (Twin Cities) to Dallas suburb 34 years ago in a job related move. I totally understand your reticence and confusion but applaud your decision.
      What was your decsion?
      And what was the deciding factor?
      WELCOME to you, your hubby and your 3 little Foo-Foo dogs!
      We’re not Native Texans but got here as soon as we could! :-)

  • Sarah

    Dallas is better. Better sport teams venues. More clean. Better dressed people. Better shopping. Better traffic. Less crime!!

    • Danny B

      Actually, the latest crime statistics tell a different story. Your so-called “better sports venues” are mainly not even in the city of Dallas. Jerry World is way out in Arlington. Most of Houston’s professional sports venues are just outside it’s downtown. And better dressed people? Really? I saw some pretty bad, tacky fashion accidents during my visits to Dallas. More so than in Houston for sure. Shopping is roughly equal in both cities, though Dallas may have a slight few more high-end stores. Since those high-end stores only cater to a tiny percentage of mega-priveleged, uber-wealthy elites, I’d say it’s a pretty moot point in determining which city is “better”. Dallas tries too hard to impress, and is far too image-conscious, whereas Houston is less concerned with what everyone else thinks and more comfortable in it’s own skin… warts and all.

  • Sarah

    Read the article it tells you. Dallas is better.

  • Melissa

    Some of these are completely inaccurate – Dallas definitely has a traffic problem and the cost of living around all those RICH people is not cheaper. This article doesn’t even make sense. What about the world renowned Texas Medical Center in Houston, the museums are top-notch and every other article will tell you that Houstonians are among the friendliest folks around. Dallas is well known for being very pretentious, uppity and snobby. I have spent my life in both cities and would definitely pick Houston over Dallas any day.

    • Danny B

      Agreed. The article reads as nothing more than a puff-piece written by a biased homer. Houston may be dirtier and grittier (some may find that as a positive attribute), but Dallas is indeed much more pretentious and in love with itself a bit too much. This was always my impression any time I went there. There are some great things about Dallas to be sure, but nothing to give it an edge on Houston. At least Houstonians seem to have their feet a bit more firmly on the ground.

  • Danny B

    What an unbelievable load of biased, unresearched garbage (and no, I’m not from Houston). This was obviously compiled by a Dallas homer. Almost every single “point” presented here can be refuted and debunked. I’m from Los Angeles, but I have spent a lot of time in both Houston and Dallas in the last 30 years, and honestly I don’t think either city has a “one-up” on the other. Where one city lacks, the other generally makes up for said lacking in one way or another. Without getting into specifics, which would take too long, let’s just say that neither one of these cities has enough on the other to make either one better or worse. The homers will always argue otherwise, but to the rest of us who don’t have a dog in this fight, these two cities are far too similar to make a claim that one is better than the other.

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