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Top 15 Most Beautiful Cities of the Arab World

Ephesus, Turkey
Photo credit: GRicks-BOS / Flickr

If you’ve never considered visiting the Middle East and its Arab wonders, you may want to think again. The Arab world is one of the top tourist destinations for intrepid travelers from every corner of the globe.

This is for good reason. It is full of some of the most amazing, breathtaking, and stunningly beautiful places on earth. There’s no time like now to book your vacation to the Middle East.

To help you make the most of your visit, here are the top 15 most beautiful cities of the Arab world.

1. Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus has a reputation stretching back into antiquity. It was the home of the Temple of Artemis, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Alexander the Great liberated the city. It even has a Biblical history, as two letters from the Apostle Paul were written to the people there and became official “books” in the Bible. He also spent some time preaching there, which is documented in the book of Acts.

Today, the best part of visiting Ephesus is getting to look at the very well-preserved facade of the Library of Celsus, which is an excellent example of authentic ancient Roman architecture.

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  • Guest

    tTurkey is not an arab country.

  • Sameh Zaguia

    Turkey is not an arab country.

  • Guest

    ….and Israel is not part of the Arab world.

    • AllahAkbar


      • stuartgoldbarg

        Yes ! Make Turkey take Palestine back !

      • BeastThatBeats

        Israel gave Gaza and West bank to Palestine. We give you electricity, etc. What more do you fucking want?

      • Guest

        Oh… Your name…. Why even bother lol

  • Guest

    Who said Israel is an Arabic country!!! Maybe you meant to say PALESTINE…

  • stuartgoldbarg

    An amazing collection of misinformation : Turkey is Arab; the Old City isn’t Jerusalem; Babylon was on Mt Carmel; and the Baha’i Gardens are the site of Mt Carmel. Cities Journal must be one of the ‘expert sources’ used by fox news.

    • PVF

      Sorry Stu, let’s get the list right…
      Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Dejibouti, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Lybia, Lebanon, Iran, State of Palestine, Qutar, Saudia Arabia, Somalia, and Moracco. Turkey, sir…not on the list. Just because you were too lazy to research to luck it up doesn’t mean you have the right to just spout out a city because it’s one you know nothing about, and isn’t on the US map.

      • stuartgoldbarg

        The topic is Arab cities, Mr. F. Remember ? Practice your reading comprehension.

        The article incorrectly states a number of places/cities are Arab. It also places sites in the wrong countries.

        1. The article states falsely that Turkey and Israel are in the Arab world. I merely derided those mistakes.

        2. The Old City is within Jerusalem, it is not a separate city. Therefore the article is wrong again.

        3. The Baha’i Gardens are in Haifa, Israel, a city that is north of, and below, Mt. Carmel – yet another error in the article;

        4. the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were erected on the plains in Iraq not on Mt.Carmel in Israel – yet another, etc.

        5. One could also make a good case that the cities in Morocco are Berber by customs though Arab by official language.

        Besides misreading all this, you misspelled Morocco and indicated that you consider Iran to be in the Arab world. So, who are you to troll other people, Mr.F ? No wonder your moniker is not your name. If I were so error prone I’d call myself PVF, too.

        • ranben

          One could also make a good case that the cities in Morocco are Berber by customs though Arab by official language: here is a statement of someone who konws nothing about morocco’s history nor culture !

  • raghad


    • stuartgoldbarg

      Palestine wasn’t on the list. Neither were Makka or Al Madinat, Dimishq or Baghdad, Kerbala or Kufa.

  • Max Mellink

    Wtf hanging gardens of babylon in isreal? Perhaps they stood in Babylon

  • Triggatomic

    Israel is not Arab. Yes they have a big Arab – Muslim population it is not Arab

  • chanthu

    Change the headline as Top15 Beautiful spots or cities of Middle east. Include Antalya Turkey also in the list.

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