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Top 20 Cities In The U.S. You Should Run Away From

3. Poughkeepsie, NY

Poughkeepsie maximizes misery across a variety of factors — from terrible weather to oppressive property taxes, both of which were cited as reasons why this barely-a-city was included on Forbes’ list of “Most Miserable Cities.” Unless your definition of “quality time” includes idling in bumper-to-bumper traffic, keep driving past this New York town.

In January of 2014, the city received another crushing blow: a downgrade by Moody’s because of its ailing economy, according to the Hudson Valley Reporter. Meanwhile, drug use and violent crime remain problematic, according to a recent address delivered by the mayor, as reported by the Daily Freeman News.

Not a typical contender, Poughkeepsie offers high incomes, but despite the fact that residents bring home the big bucks, they have little to spend their money on: this small Hudson River Valley city offers notoriously little to do, painfully long commutes, and equally painful property taxes.

And those looking to soak in some healthy vitamin D will need to head to sunnier parts: according to Sperling’s Best Places, Poughkeepsie sees only 165 days of sun every year compared to a national average of 205. And when the Tawana Brawley incident continues to be the most newsworthy thing that’s ever happened near your town, things are looking pretty grim.

Poughkeepsie is so insignificant that most people don’t even know how to pronounce its name (it’s Po-KIP-see, for the record), nor do they care to learn.

If Poughkeepsie is known for anything at all, it’s as a punch line, thanks to Gene Hackman’s famous “Pickin’ your feet in Poughkeepsie” diatribe in “The French Connection.” We’d just as soon as pass on picking out feet in general, and would certainly avoid doing so here, but if rich, boring and gray get your pulse racing, then this may be the place for you.

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  • Buffalo

    Your crazy, Milwaukee’s beautiful and the people are outgoing and friendly.

    • Defiant

      Yeah, Milwaukee’s great! If you LOVE liberals, union bosses, and big labor.

      • olinross

        What about Pee Wee Herman Walter your governor…….

      • You make that sound like a bad thing.

    • Michael Faust

      Milwaukee itself if beautiful, big labor is losing its grip and even construction workers are starting to detest the unions that kill work and ability to get projects done.

      • June Da Tru Virgo

        The city is beautiful but something is wrong when companies come from over seas to make jobs and the govnor tells them no when 40% of the population are working poor.and the public school systm is broken.

        • DCMilwaukee

          June, no sane person buys trains from Spain.
          All the REAL fast trains are from Germany, Japan and France.

          Further, most people don’t LIE about the speed of trains and come up with the SLOWEST possible proposal for trains.

      • Christian camlin

        Mr. Faust Whom did you sell your soul to, to hate Unions?.Would you like to go back to the 72 hour work week that existed before unions negotiated for shorter hours and higher wages?

    • Stuart James

      As someone who has lived in Milwaukee for 14 years, I can attest that it truly is a geat city. Not sure where Defiant has been the past 40 years, but I’d like to meet some of these union bosses running big labor in our town. Harley Davidson, Kohls, Miller Coors, Johnson and Johnson, Manpower. . . Yeah all of those Milwaukee companies are controlled by Jimmy Hoffa! LMAO

      • 1NonPermissive

        Milwaukee and Madison are out of touch with the rest of the state. A harmless observation, censorship again, pitiful.

      • dirk

        Ive got you beat by over 30 years, Milwaukee is a sprawling ghetto from 27th and Wisconsin to 76th and Silver Spring on the north side. The animals take over a VAST section of the lake front in the summer making it unusable for most families. The museum is nice but dated and lacking innovation (other than Imax). The Harley museum is interesting and Summerfest can be decent but compared to other cities it’s a dump. Each one of us has an opinion, yours is just as valid as mine. You can keep Milwaukee.

    • William John


  • Ranger Dan Parsons

    Schlock journalism, for the terminally bored.

  • Texas_slim

    I see nothing wrong here – all these cities enjoy much of the population on some form
    of entitlement program – most vote Democratic – most have “ethnic” mayors – most have
    high crime rates – most have government agencies in charge of daily life – want to
    see this country in a few more years of government involvement in daily life –
    look no further than these cities – there is nothing the citizens can’t do for
    themselves when the government is not involved – it’s called “self responsibility” — wake up folks —

    • bob


      You do know the poorest states (states on “the dole”) are predominantly Red..right???

      Great article pasted below so you can educate yourself a bit more.

      BTW.. “ethnic” mayors??? Just come out and say what you mean, don’t be a coward.

      • Defiant

        “You do know the poorest states (states on “the dole”) are predominantly Red..right???”

        You must mean Red states like California…New York…Michigan…Illinois…ROFLMAO!!! Yeah! BASTIONS of Conservatism…

        • Christian camlin

          California and New York are not poor states.However Mississippi,Alabama,South Carolina,Texas,Arkansas& Oklahoma are poor states.Funny they are all Red States.

        • David

          NY had Republican governor Pataki for a long time. Once he retired the Republicans put up lame candidates and the Democratic machine put in Cuomo eventually, who has proceeded to do a bunch of stuff he never mentioned while running or else he would have lost to the guy from Buffalo.

    • spencerfleury

      You clearly don’t know the first thing about how cities work, and you’re using this article as an excuse to justify your own racism. Well done!

      • Defiant

        You clearly don’t know how racism works…your post is an excuse to justify your liberal disease. Well done!

      • goodgold

        Thumbs down

    • Publius V. Publicola

      Ignorant people like you are an embarrassment to this great country.

    • Merry

      Because no Texans are on welfare, and certainly no white Texans are on welfare… I’m a native Texan and you, my friend, are delusional.

  • watsonsj2004

    I am certain the author is referring to “Anchorage, AK”, not “Anchorage, AL”.

  • Tom Metzger

    It is obvious the main reason these cities are bad choices to live in.I wont even have to include the details.

  • Defiant

    Is it HILARIOUS that we ALL knew that Chicagoland and Detroit would be the top two!? The only newsflash for me was which would be #1 worst, and which would be #2 worst! LOL! Morons. Don’t change a THING you do, though! Just keep on keeping on. Drive-bys…robbery…murder…rape…drugs to beat the band…what do you expect!? Just keep them all home from work living on everyone else’s dime.

    • Charon Rose

      What I wish is that Republicans AND Democrats could come together to make decisions rather than blaming problems on each other. I’ve lived in Milwaukee 22 years and I’ve seen the worst of it and the best. There’s a tremendous segregation problem. The rich live over here and the poor live across town. I’m a full time college student going for my bachelors degree. I go to two schools and work two jobs and I still end up having to decide whether to eat or put gas in my car. I work hard. I hate the word “entitlement” & I distrust people who believe everyone in the inner cities live off of government aid and don’t work. There will always be people who use programs to their advantage. And I understand why people hate to see their $ going to waste although you can’t sit in your ivory tower and tell me that even if I work hard I’ll never get ahead because I’m not entitled to anything. If you live in an area where everyone is educated in excellent school systems, they go to college, and end up making above average income what do you know about struggle? People in the inner cities sell drugs and get into gangs because they know nothing better. There’s no one teaching them to do better. Milwaukee was a thriving industrial city until jobs were taken away. Men couldn’t provide for their families and women became welfare moms = never ending cycle. I’ve never voted for a Republican because only a few handful have shown me that they are interested in my issues and not their own pockets. The shutting down of the gov a few months ago proved my point. America can’t thrive because we don’t know how to work together. Republican/Conservatives in my eyes continue to be those who rant all day about the evils of gov and gov aid but would never get off their high horse to do anything about it. Especially if it involves using money from their wallet. That’s my truth

      • DCMilwaukee

        Milwaukee has been run completely by democrats for decades. So has Wisconsin. Stop blaming republicans because they haven’t been making most of the decisions in the last 50 years.

      • Lamdog

        Sorry: Not familiar with Milwaukee politics, when was the last time the city was controlled by Republicans? To my knowledge the only major city above the Mason-Dixon line with a Republican mayor is Indianapolis In.

  • rachaelA

    Seems like the majority of the cities are in the northeast. And I do think the author has a point since NC has seen an influx of people from NY/NJ in the last decade. It’s not slowing down and they don’t move back. I believe it has more to do with lower cost of living in NC, less congestion, better weather and as so many of my ex-NY/NJ friends who are now my neighbors say better quality of life overall for their family.

    • EasttoAK

      A lot of the cities are also the older cities. That means a lot too.

  • Mark Knopfler

    I find it interesting, as I watched Robcop II the other day in preparation for the launch of the new movie. That the movie writers totally predicted the almost apocalyptic disaster the city has become, nearly 20 years ago. Not that it wasn’t a bleep-hole then, but just sayin…

  • Bob McGrail

    I really don’t see how Poughkeepsie made this list. I will grant you that property taxes are high in the Hudson Valley, but the weather is unexceptional for the Northeast and traffic is simply not a problem.

    • David

      And much maligned Metro North straight into Manhattan is something you can’t get anywhere else in the world.

  • Michael Miller

    Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit will soon be on the upswing, for unlike cities in the Southwest, they have plenty of fresh water; unlike coastal cities in the East, the Midwest cities have no fear of drowning in the rising seas.

    • Tom Laffin

      Now there’s someone sprinkled with stardust.

    • Dalton

      Chicago may have plenty of fresh water, but it’s also drowning in debt, entrenched corrupt Democrat politicians beholden to public sector unions, and a populace that would vote for Bozo the Clown if he had a (D) after his name – all willing to drive over a fiscal cliff together, full speed and pedal to the metal, while shouting the unofficial city motto, “Ubi Est Mea”. In 10 years, Chicago is going to be a basket case that will make Detroit look good. Daley left office after selling every city asset that wasn’t nailed down to keep the flower pots on Michigan Ave planted. Now there’s nothing left, and the city is running on fumes. With Tiny Dancer as mayor, few expect things to improve soon. 200,000 people fled the city between 2000 and 2010 and it won’t be long before the former “Second City” (now actually third) becomes #4, behind Houston. When that happens, the desert cities of the southwest won’t have to worry about water, because the Illinois Democrats will be eager to build pipelines to drain Lake Michigan so they can sell the water to pay 50-year old retired teachers their $100k pensions.

      • P B

        Chicago’s no Detroit, luckily. Our local economy is doing very well by comparison. And when you actually measure the overall picture, Chicago’s debt is something that actually could be fixed without having to resort to the draconian measures of Detroit.

        • Jayson Lawton

          Detroit is a sweet city that is coming back. If you ask me I would say buy when you can and move into the city, not away. when you look at the surrounding cities its a great bang for your buck. Also Dan Gilbert and Mike Illitch have been buying and developing lots of Detroit so your property value can only go up.

          When talking about the Great Lakes I don’t think we have much to worry about a “pipeline” draining them. Thanks to Canada the Great Lakes are international waters and cannot be hoarded by the U.S.

        • Dalton

          I made my comment, and you responded to it prior to yesterday’s announcement that Moody has downgraded Chicago’s bond rating down to two notches above junk bond status. (Only Detroit is rated lower.) Tiny Dancer had no comment about that, but instead tried to divert attention by proposing the city add 5000 seats to Soldier Field in an attempt to get the 2019 Super Bowl. In other news, Springfield (aka Michael Madigan – aka Bozo the Clown (D)) has decided to offer $100 million in state funds to lure the Obama presidential library to Chicago. Whose opinion does all this news tend to support?

      • Jim Skrypnyk

        It’s funny you should bring up a motto coined by a reporter who’s son
        decided to try to rob a bank while coked out of his mind. I guess he was just
        trying to get what’s his. Chicago IS on the upswing! They are a little behind
        the surrounding areas, but this summer alone, there will be over 20 swinging
        cranes downtown. That means the Union construction will finally be picking up,
        and that means more local spending. For people who purchased their homes just
        before the bubble burst, they are finally just about back to normal, at least in
        the city. I emphasized Union, because you may feel the teachers $100K pensions
        may be a little high, but the fact they are Union means it is guaranteed not to
        be snatched away by some money hungry politician who did not work for it or pay
        into it! Why is it that people like to pick on the people who help shape
        society. You’re bashing the person who is teaching OUR YOUTH!!!! There is about
        30 miles in between the north side of Chicago to the south side of Chicago, most
        of the murders are within a in a 3 mile pocket. If you want to risk dying there,
        by all means head over there. Some of our teachers want to help the kids in that
        pocket survive, and risk their own lives to do it. If you don’t think $100K is
        worth that bravery, you are a cold hearted SOB! I have met some of these hero’s
        and heard their stories. Not everyone is asking “What’s Mine?” which is why so
        many people love the city of Chicago! It is not the teachers faults the
        politicians spent their money, this doesn’t just include Chicago, Wisconsin
        should have never allowed that kind of abuse happen with their own hard earned
        money, and that wasn’t a politician with a (D) after his name…..

    • David

      I don’t live on the coast. Some rich people in Greenwich CT have had some flooding issues, too bad for them but I could not have afforded their properties anyway — still can’t!

      If we have a one foot rise in the seas (enormous) it would have no effect on me here at elevation of about 500 feet.

    • Lamdog

      The saddest part of your commentary is not the rebound of the cities based on improvement in living condition or even a rebound in the economy but the destruction of others. Remember: Obama was to lower the sea level.

  • AM

    I live in Poughkeepsie, and aside from the note on taxes (which, sadly, is spot on) it really is a wonderful place to live. Our weather is actually quite nice – lovely long springs and falls, we have dozens of excellent restaurants thanks to the Culinary Institute of America, top notch primary and secondary education, including several affordable private options, outstanding higher education institutions – Marist, Vassar, The CIA, Dutchess Community College, SUNY New Paltz, Bard, Mount St. Mary’s, just to name a few, and world-class entertainment. We’re only an hour and a half from both our State capital as well as from New York City, and let’s not forget that we’re located in the heart of the Hudson Valley – an area chock full of outdoor adventure opportunities and National history. I don’t often comment on articles, but I felt it would be a disservice to fellow readers to not play devil’s advocate as they might, as a result of reading this article, be overlooking a very nice area. Thank you.

    • APG

      I could not agree with you more. Also a Poughkeepsie native, I went to college in the Capital Area and could not miss Poughkeepsie, Albany, and the Hudson Valley area more. I now live and work in nearby Fairfield, CT, but hey — there’s no place like home. And what an incredibly scenic, historic, and perfect location to call home!

    • WhitneyR

      I also couldn’t agree more AM! Poughkeepsie is a beautiful and amazing city. Historically rich, many great theaters, places to eat, activities, art and so much more. The more negative press the more it is hindering our economic development. I am Not a Poughkeepsie native, I came to the Hudson Valley for college at SUNY New Paltz just across the river. Poughkeepsie has since then stolen my heart and fullfilled all my needs, I bought my house here. Poughkeepsie offers everything, it is quick and convenient enough for city minded people and nestled just enough in nature to calm and relax everyone it is a nice mix. We have all the shopping you need, all the education, history, river front parks, the walkway and some other hidden gems! Don’t Knock Poughkeepsie, it is thriving and can only get better with more positive press and attitudes <3

    • ColonelDrapes

      I agree. It was a surprise to me.

    • Pok

      Couldn’t disagree with you more. I’ve lived and now worked in the city my whole life, and it has been managed into ruin. The current mayor was too worried about his next election instead of maintaining a sane and sound budget. Read the New York State Comptroller report on how disastrous his administration has been for the city. It’s a crime what has happened to this place. While other cities on the river thrive and have areas to attract business and tourists, Poughkeepsie has managed to constantly mismanage the downtown area into somewhere most prefer to avoid. They are spot on, but maybe it should have been higher than number three.

    • Marc Donohue

      I grew up in Poughkeepsie and I could not wait to get away. The city center is a ghost town and dangerous. Dutchess Commmunity College? Really???? The comment in the note on bumper to bumper traffic confused me, because the streets are usually empty, but in order to do anything in the Hudson Valley you have to drive at least half an hour, and there is no public transportation at all. I dreamed about leaving when I lived there and moved to NYC as soon as I could.

      • April Amlong

        idk how long ago this was, but i go to the center all the time and its been anything but dead

  • EasttoAK

    Chicago is a great city.

    • Tom Laffin

      A bastian of crime.

      • Christian camlin

        There are over 9 million people in the Chicago area.Only 2.8 million live in the Gun park called Chicago.But add in the rest of the Area it’s no more dangerous than any other city.When you do crime by Metro Areas the most dangerous cities are mostly in Texas and other parts of the south like Northern Florida,Georgia,Mississippi Tennessee & Phoenix. Arizona.Add the other 6.2 billion to Chicago and it will not make the top 10 in crime.Add Detroit’s 5 million in the Suburbs it also is actually below normal crime rates.

        • Jemo76

          Christian, I too live in Chicago. I get recruiters literally “begging” for just a meeting with me. The job market in Chicago for qualified experts is ridiculously good. Chicago is one of the richest cities in the planet with the 5th largest GDP and the list of fortune 500 companies based in the area … McDonald’s, AllState Insurance, United Airlines, Abbott Laboratories, Discover Card, Sears Corp, Walgreens, Boeing, Kraft Foods, Exelon, Motorola, Sara Lee, AON, Caterpillar, Baxter … I’m tired of typing but all you hear is the violence. These companies would have left eons ago if the violence or democratic mayors were a problem and headed south to deal with the cowboys down there.

        • Lamdog

          As a formal Chicagoan with family still residing in the area. You are delusional. The sad part is the change was so subtle, the analogy of the frog in boiling water is perfect. The murder rate is higher than during prohibition and the Civil War. The high point: The murder rate for the past decade still has not exceeded the murder wave of the 90’s.

      • Steve Weinstein

        For better or worse, the crime is concentrated on the West Side & parts of the South Side. The middle- and upper-income areas of the city, like most major cities, are enclaves of privilege and safety.

    • David

      Yes but it’s too much trouble for what it is. Really bad traffic, really bad weather, prices as if it’s NYC (not Manhattan, but say Queens.)

  • Ken Wells

    Name one ghetto in the US, that is not run by a Demokrat large cities ..!

    • Luv2GoFly

      Can’t be done. Every single ghetto in the US is a direct result of failed liberal policies. And the idiots that live there continue time and time again to vote in the very morons who continue to perpetuate the failed polices that contribute to the disintegration of their communities and the families therein.

      • dirk


      • pbrower2a

        Right-wingers have their role in gross neglect of any place that has few of their constituency.

    • brunostrange

      I figured some dolt would come out and make the tired “all these cities are run by democrats” argument.

      I always notice that whenever someone trots out this dumb line, they always conveniently ignore that cities such as Seattle, San Fran, Austin, Boston – you know among the country’s wealthiest – are liberal towns run by liberals. Or that the poorest states in the nation are conservative GOP strongholds.

    • slimelaws

      Mayor Richard Berry is The head Republican in charge of destroying Albuquerque, NM. Corruption doesn’t care which party it comes from……People smart enough not to wander around actually loving a political party and hating their neighbors know this basic fact.

    • Joseph Minardi

      Funny how the American third world are the RED States.

  • TheMetalMan

    No, Def. The list of “taker states”–the ones that get more hand-outs in revenues than they pay in taxes–reads like a who’s who of Conservative “red” states. Nine of the top ten “most miserable” states are “red” states.

    • dwhalen8

      Yet, these are the states who would prefer no Federal money in exchange for freedom (from a citizen’s perspective, not necessarily their governments’) while the liberal states just want bigger and bigger government so they can get more money from it.

      • aisler

        Apparently the freedom to have crappy schools, poor health, treat children poorly. These are also the states that TAKE the most federal money compared to what they pay. Those liberal states like Massachusetts and New York are paying for the “freedom” and “small government” of the red states. Those darn liberals are the ones funding your “freedom”.

    • 1NonPermissive

      But, but, but i thought those that get handouts are noble, h o l y subjects? Make up your minds, permissives.

  • jk

    I recently moved back to Poughkeepsie and I think this article is spot on. I grew up here. My family has lived, worked and operated business in Poughkeepsie for generations. I’ve spent the last 20 years living in various cities around the US and overseas. Poughkeepsies leaves a lot to be disired. It has been mired with issues since the mid seventies. It has made some progress in recent years but it is slow and hardly noteworthy. Traffic on Rt 9 is often bumper to bumper, still many large vacant buildings downtown, violent crime is high on a per capita basis. I wish it were different but after watching it’s decline and the decades of promise to revitalize I’m left with little hope.

    • Raymond Conklin

      Let me know what your family business is, so I can be sure to avoid it. Don’t like it here? Leave! Our great city is growing without you.

  • Michele G

    Poughkeepsie, the taxes are high. Along with all the other towns in Dutchess County. The weather goes along with the seasons. It’s New York. Beautiful Spring, Hot, yet, pleasant summers, Perfect Fall and Cold Winter.
    The traffic, I’ve lived in Poughkeepsie and work still in Poughkeepsie. The traffic is not bumper to bumper. Unless it’s 5:00 and your heading home from work. You’ll get some traffic. Really not that bad at all.

  • sanduchi

    I beg to differ on the Poughkeepsie as AM has stated htis area, an hour and a half from midtown Manhattan is more and more becoming a sought out area. The Hudson Valley in general is growing really nicely and we have just abbout anything you want in the way of activity from great hiking, rock climbing, boating, skiing, biking, fishing, swimming etc. Great restaurants, colleges. Many new interesting creative minds coming to this area as well starting new and intersting businesses. I was a Manhattanite from a baby and I absolutely love it up here inthe Hudson Valley.

  • thunder111

    I will give you one guess as to the demographics of these liberal cesspools!

    • Frank

      I don’t think anyone NEEDS to guess.

    • HalfromNY

      But which is cause and which effect? Poor people have a hard time affording a house with a yard in the suburbs.

  • Slimefest3000 .

    I’m from NJ and I don’t know why they didn’t mention the police corruption. I’m more scared of the cops these days than the criminals. A cop in Edison just threw a molotov cocktail through another cops home window while on duty, just in case you weren’t sure what “corruption”meant.

  • GatorLegal1

    None of these cities on this list of 15 are places people “should” move from – they are all places people ARE moving away from. No real investigative journalism is needed to make this list.

  • poksux

    If you think Poughkeepsie isn’t that bad then clearly you never left NY. Born and raised in pok and have traveled extensively I would rather cut my own toe off with a rusty butter knife than ever go back to the horrid pok. Leave NY and you will see what a hole pok is. Pok deserves to be on list maybe not #3 but definitely an armpit of America.

  • ashamedtosay

    Chicago has a gun violence *problem*, but we don’t really have a *program* set up specifically to be violent with guns that this inane list suggests. I mean, gun violence isn’t a formal thing run by the city or an agency with a grant to create gun violence, you know – you guys over here, your responsibility is to be violent with guns in this area, and you guys over there, be violent with guns there. Who is being violent with guns across the large swaths of Chicago that have low crime rates? Are you sleeping on the job? Have you been attending the Gun Violence Program Meetings? I mean, snap out of it!

    • dirk

      Do you know Illinois has the toughest anti-gun laws in the country? Chicago has even more restrictive laws than the state. It hasn’t slowed the murder rate one bit, why? Because criminals don’t comply with laws THATS WHAT MAKES THEM CRIMINALS. Duh.

      • pawildcat

        Yes, and several southern cities that don’t have tough anti-gun laws have higher crime rates than Chicago. So more lax gun laws don’t necessarily stop crime, either. Duh.

        • jawman

          Don’t lump crime rates in with violent crime or gun crime rates.

      • pbrower2a

        The crooks leave Chicago to go to places with lenient gun laws in which they buy their weapons.

        I have no idea why we have no federal law prohibiting people from bringing firearms or ammunition into a state in violation of that state’s laws.

        • jawman

          Show me the data where you are coming up with this nonsense. Anyone with a criminal record can’t legally buy guns in the first place, therefore making more laws to restrict gun ownership only effects law abiding citizens (who need firearms for protection from the criminals). Criminals prefer unarmed victims. Until Jan 2014, criminals could do whatever they wanted to in Chicago because Illinois did not allow concealed carry. Finally they have a law in place for law abiding citizens with clean records to carry a concealed handgun to protect themselves and their families. Criminals do NOT flee cities or states that have restrictive gun laws, rather, they are ATTRACTED to those areas because their victims are defenseless. It’s easy pickins.

  • theauthenticEli

    i’ll always support poughkeepsie and hudson valley just wonder how a city of 35,000 makes this list with all large real cities seems odd and a bit off pk gets no luck or love

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  • Antonio Paladino

    Milwaukee is a to notch city. No traffic, crime is mostly in the inner city. Cool Downtown, great lakefront. Give it a try. Many Chicagoans make the 90 minute trek up north.

  • Nijea

    Only 30% in poverty? Not really that bad, if you ask me, even tho that’s not an accurate number. & of course its low teens in the Winter time, I never heard of a 80 degree summer up north. Milwaukee isn’t that bad of city. You can point out any bad anywhere & create a dumb ass list to put it on.

  • EJ Knapp

    Detroit is one city where you are dead wrong. The D is on its way back. There is more opportunity here for the enterprising spirit than any other city in the country and you can get in on the ground floor. If, in the 1800s, you would have jumped in a covered wagon and headed west, Detroit is you kind of destination. Is it Dangerous? Yeah, it can be. But any city can be dangerous. Don’t write Detroit off, you’ll be sorry you did.

    • Lamdog

      Please: The symbol of Detroit is the burnt out building as one sees entering and leaving Detroit by way of the Ambassador bridge. Once this eye sore is removed maybe and a small maybe at that a case can be made.

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  • zachlen

    Philadelphia should be re-names,PHILTHADEPHIA.

    • Joseph Minardi

      F.O.A.D., you illiterate bottom feeder.

  • sanity1

    Cleveland is a great place to live and work, with plenty of upscale suburbs. Cost of living is rreasonable with plenty of things to do…..speaking from one who lived in LA.

  • SuperBeeee

    Detroit’s not that bad as long as you don’t go there.

    • pbrower2a

      Detroit, for all its flaws, has an active cultural scene.

  • GreenEagle

    I notice that you had to isolate one part of Los Angeles to claim that it belongs on the list of worst American cities. East Los Angeles is not a city. Include the rest of L.A. and you have one of the most desirable places in the U.S.- particularly compared to hellholes like Saint Louis and Camden, New Jersey.

  • JRW

    Buffalo is still the second most populated city in New York.

    • Lamdog

      That’s not saying much. The state is losing population. You may lose and electoral vote by 2020.

  • Maya Novak

    You are so wrong about Milwaukee, WI. It is nothing what you describe. That makes me wonder about the rest of your list. Crime in Milwaukee is primarily confined to the Black Ghetto. The rest is quite safe, very clean and good looking.

  • Chuck Hejkal

    I live in St. Louis’ suburbs and I assure you, the rating is not nearly as strongly deserved as this article makes it appear. Are there issues and not very safe areas, yes, so to in nearly any place you pick,

  • Christian camlin

    Who made this list the guys in white Sheets?I am white so don’t accuse me of playing an unnecessary race card.but with the possible exception of Poughkeepsie all these 15 cities have in common is being majority minority.Some like Camden are truly frightening but this little article seems to miss the point.I could point out areas much worse than some of these off the top of my head.Like for example Barberton or Massillon Ohio.But those cities are mostly white so are not on the list.Poughkeepsie made it because racists are usually Republican and hate high taxes even if they provide outstanding government services.Another issue is that most of these attacks are on core cities.Cleveland and St Louis for example are wonderful towns if you include their suburbs.Cleveland East side Suburbs are beautiful and have ridiculously low crime.Their west side suburbs are not too shabby either with Lakewood & Rocky River standing out as beyond beautiful towns.St louis also has some very nice suburbs both in Missouri and Illinois though you might want to avoid East St. Louis unless you are a history buff.Point is every one of these cities is dwarfed by a much larger metro area that is better than them.Even Atlantic city is like a neighborhood in the much larger Jersey shore area.But sadly the entire list smacks as a swipe at minorities who are the majority in almost all these towns.

  • Christian camlin

    Not sure who made this list but something about it seems suspicious.Not criminal suspicious mind you.But all 15 of these except maybe Poughkeepsie are Majority minority.They are also core cities whose best neighborhoods are in the suburbs.Every one of these towns is very nice when you look at their Metro area instead of just the core city.Cleveland’s suburbs like Shaker Hts,Chagrin Falls and the Ultra Exclusive Gates Mills are as beautiful as any place in the USA. Grosse Point near Detroit or Evanston Illinois next to Chicago are also stunningly beautiful .If the comparison was of Metro areas instead of Core cities places like Texas,Louisiana,Mississippi, Alabama and Northern Florida would have the more frightening towns to live in.Though even those areas have some nice towns and some not so nice.

  • Cujo DeSoque

    How did Flint get left out?

    • pbrower2a

      Flint may no longer qualify as a ‘city’ by the standards of this report.

      East St. Louis is also missing.

  • Robert Kruchell

    I made Milwaukee my home in1970 yes its cold hear but its the Unions and the Neo-Socialism ( democrats)
    killing it. the state Governor Scott walker given Milwaukee the tools to reform but the powers to be will not budge.
    same old tax and spent. I love the people and believe it can be saved. the first thing our City government needs to do is stop drinking the Washington DC cool-aide its a city of two tails it living in the past it willing to put in a 1900s type trolley cars costing millions. and keep people on the dole. and not spending on jobs and schools. all I can say Milwaukee you are your one worst enemy. we will become the next Detroit. unless we reform our city government

    • Matt hall

      Milwaukee is a very mediocre city from dining to shopping, it has nothing to offer. There is little to no opportunities for people who are of non-European decent not only that the segregation in the city is extreme. The price of living is outrageous considering Milwaukee is one big slum it just has nothing to offer.

  • OldAZBoltfan

    Anchorage is a beautiful small city with fantastic scenery, wildlife, and within a day’s drive from some of the most spectacular places in North America. If you like fantastic fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, road trips, it’s hard to find a better city. Nice downtown area with lots of things to see and do. Seems very safe; we never felt uncomfortable walking around. Yes, it’s cold in the winter and the days are short, but it’s mild compared to the Alaska interior. The surrounding waters keeps the temps relatively moderate. Temps in the upper Midwest are very often much colder than Anchorage. I can think of a lot worse places to live…like most of the other cities on the list.

  • Delores Benson

    Quit bashing places that people love and call home.

  • BoltUp

    You mean Walker – if you’re going to hurl lame insults, at least get the name right.

    Milwaukee is excellent, from the suburbs. Come into town for events and restaurants, and escape the continuing disaster Barrett and the corrupt County Board keep at a floundering status quo.

  • Estavancruz

    As a salesman, I have been to Milwaukee numerous times. I have been lost numerous times, and had a chance to see the best, and the worst of the city trying to get to my destination. Never in my life-even in Flint MI, Detroit, Chicago, LA, Houston, and a host of other cities have I ever been accosted at gunpoint for simply being lost and asking for directions from the local indigenous population. Yeah, Milwaukee is a place that needs to be sprayed with high doses of RAID, IMO. Not for me, I can’t surround myself with the misery that abounds there. It seemed like misery, and despair outnumbered the motivated, positive thinkers 10x to 1 GL Milwaukee residents I hope it gets better for you!

  • Estavancruz

    Labor laws, the ACLU, and activist groups keeping a watchdog eye on business practices have replaced the need for unions IMO. Unions are great for the corrupt politcians and uber wealthy types that deal in secret back door deals over contracts while working together to keep free enterprise and competition away from these contracts. Thank you to the union for freeing us from the chains, but the chains are gone and we no longer live in fear of dying in a fire, chained to our equipment. To me, the union has become an enabler. It is hard to fire a worker that sucks.

  • P B

    TX should not be included as a ‘poor’ state, but does have a large number of poor people, unfortunately.

  • Ben Guentner

    The city of milwaukee itself isn’t that great. I lived there my whole life and recently moved to a neighboring suburb so my kids could be in a safer school environment. It has alot of good to offer, but it’s also an extremely racist city in my opinion. Every race lives in a different section and they all seem to despise each other. I grew up on the north side and it’s not a safe place if you happen to be white. Also if you go to any surrounding suburb most of the police seem to be racist against blacks and have no shame about it. On a side note I work in a union and couldn’t be happier about it. You get great pay, benefits, and job security. When I worked at Wal-Mart they gaved us a training module brainwashing us on how evil unions were and how Wal-Mart was looking out for us. Just to pay us minimum wage, cut hours, work holidays, and fire us over anything. I’ll keep my union.

  • pantherblue

    OUT OF DATE SNARK HERE, ESPECIALLY ABOUT BUFFALO. Granted, Buffalo has had a LONG decline in the 1960s-1990s but it turned around quite some time ago. A lively nightlife downtown (bars & clubs open to 4 am! Something California can seem to enact), beautiful historic architecture on the West Side, and cheap, cheap real estate. Granted, there is the JOBS issue. But it’s one of the very few places left in the U.S. where you can live a middle class lifestyle on working class salary–if you have a job. But you better like winter…

  • Somethingski

    I literally made an account just to tell you that you have no clue what you’re talking about. Although I shouldn’t have expected more from someone who has a Reagan thumbnail.

  • rswon

    Not only that, you have Summerfest. When I moved to the Chicago area, back in ’86, everybody down here made a big deal out of the “Taste of Chicago”. I went one year and laughed. “THIS is the Chicago Summer Festival?” For those that don’t know, Summerfest is probably the BEST music/food event in the country. You can hear everything from Polka to Death Metal, pick a food it’s probably there.

  • rswon

    Not only that, you have Summerfest. When I moved to the Chicago area,
    back in ’86, everybody down here made a big deal out of the “Taste of
    Chicago”. I went one year and laughed. “THIS is the Chicago Summer
    Festival?” For those that don’t know, Summerfest is probably the BEST
    music/food event in the country. You can hear everything from Polka to Heavy Metal, pick a food it’s probably there.

  • borntobePolitical

    What do they all have in common? Democrat run government with heavy labor union membership.

    • MerriAnnie

      Probably because the people who did some Google searches and came up with this list are Republicans who don’t want to admit that red states are welfare queens and the Happiness Factor would be zero if there were not enough Republicans in the far right states to brag about the low wages and lack of opportunities. Topeka, Kansas, for instance, once had the number one spot in the nation for a city its size for violent crime. The crime is still bad there. And yet the people here would vote it to be a good place because all the politicians are far right. But these people didn’t even bother to poll anybody. They did a quick search to find Democratic places and put them up. They’re easy to see through.

      Btw, Anchorage is the place that voted Sarah DumbChick Palin in as governor.

  • Debby Ward

    funny how they chose all the cities with high illegal immigrant counts and a “touch” of welfare state to go along with it..

  • Russ Klettke

    And….the objective analysis provided by this data-thin, flyover take on mostly four-season cities is from whom?

  • keller23

    Alternate Headline: 15 Cities Run By Democrat Mayors

  • David

    I agree about Chicago. It’s a gutsy call, but correct. Overpriced, worse than NYC in every single way. Including the intellectual culture. They have a brain drain because, frankly, those who can go to NYC prefer it. It’s been this way for 150 years. Some great architect said it — the buildings are great, the climate miserable.

    I live not far from Poughkeepsie. That pick makes no sense at all, the Hudson Valley, with easy train access to NYC and beautiful views, and not-bad weather, is a real deal. Maybe we’ll move there when we retire for the Hudson River views and lower property taxes than neighboring towns with prestigious school districts.

  • PicklePaul

    I am moving to Philly this year after considerable research on US cities. I work at home and can live in any US city that I choose. Here is a summary of some of the reasons the article is really just a silly “provocation piece” designed to bring you to this ad-invested website and certainly dead wrong about Philadelphia.

    The city is a tremendously walkable, very European feeling city with a GROWING middleclass population downtown, more TV celebrity chefs (Iron Chefs Morimoto and Garces, this year’s Top Chef Nick Elmi and many more) than almost any US city (and tons of other highly rated restaurants, gastropubs, etc.),

    It has tons more culture and history than almost any American City, Beyond the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, etc., a top 5 US Symphony Orchestra, tons of sidewalk cafes, good mass transit, clubs and theatres galore, world-class museums (comparable to cities like New York and Paris), and a fabulous location very close to New York and Washington (the wealthiest and one of the most innovative corridors in the US).

    It has no earthquakes, no serious droughts, no tornadoes worth mentioning, is insulated from Atlantic storms by the state of New Jersey (but is driveable to the white sand beaches of that state and Pocano Mountain range skiing),

    It enjoys a diverse economy (examples include Comcast headquarters, Aramark, FMC, and many biotech firms such as GlaxoSmithKline, much more). I might add that Comcast is doubling-down on Philly with the construction of its new innovation building ($1.2Billion designed by the great architect Norman Foster).

    It has several fine universities including an Ivy League one, and one of the most famous business schools in the world (Wharton). The Curtis Institute (where people like Leonard Berstein and others studied) is comparable to Julliard and harder to get into than Harvard.

    Here’s a link to a very recent article from the Huffington Post (sort of the anti-version of this list) naming Philadelphia America’s most underrated city, but the real point is that the city has soul, energy, creativity, and incredible quality of life that is improving. Yes, there are the usual challenges around city schools and public pensions, but the city now has an A+ credit rating (it was junk bond level in the 80s) and has made huge progress. In my experience, it is a great place to visit and live.

  • jfinch

    Lets use a quick Google search, apply zero context, and spend about 5 minutes putting together a top 15 list. Quality work!

  • jfinch

    Lets do a quick internet search, apply zero context, and wrap up a “top 15” list in less than 5 minutes. Quality work.

  • ESM78

    This article seems to be based off of statistical data, rather than any type of living experience. Have you been to Chicago? Have you jogged on the Lakefront at 10pm? Or taken the L to work? Or walked through Wrigley during a Cubs game? Been to Little Italy, or Greektown, or Chinatown? Played beach volleyball with friends on a weekend?

    Have you been to Detroit? Tried both Lafayette and American Coney Island? Have you been to Joe Louis Arena? Or gone sailing on Lake St. Claire? Have you gone out in Greektown? Have you stayed at the casinos? Have you been to the DIA? Do you know where Belle Isle is?

    I have only lived in these two cities, so I can’t speak for the rest. I only image residents of the other cities feel the way I do though. My message is simply this- if you are reading this list, take everything with a grain of salt. To read that a city has high crime rates and high gas prices is almost humorous, give me a city that doesn’t and then we can talk. Articles like this are infuriating because the author almost never has actual experience living in any of the cities on the list. Chicago and Detroit are two of the most inspiring cities I have ever been to, filled with some of the proudest citizens of any city. Crime is a problem, sure, but lists like this are not what is going to solve it, it’s people like myself, my peers, my colleagues, and the residents that work in the city, with the young children growing up in the “war zones” that will make the city change. So if your not willing to work for your city, move somewhere fluffy like Hollywood. If you are willing to put in the work though, I promise you, your connection and love for the city will go so deep you will spend 20 minutes formulating a response to a stupid article that likely only 50 other fools will read.

  • Curtis Bridges

    Thank you Coleman Young and company, your work at destroying a once great city ——— Detroit——–lives on.

  • DCMilwaukee

    Milwaukee’s crime is predominately in a certain very small area. Most of the city is no problem. These idiots that put this together really know nothing about the city. It would be much closer to Minneapolis – actually Minneapolis was more dangerous.

  • Matt hall

    Milwaukee is a very mediocre city from dining to shopping, it has nothing to offer. There is little to no opportunities for people who are of non-European decent not only that the segregation in the city is extreme. The price of living is outrageous considering Milwaukee is one big slum it just has nothing to offer.

  • Krissykakes

    I live in Chicago and it can suck at times. I really don’t think the city should be listed at number 2. I would rather live here any day than any of the other cities on this list. We have many great restaurants, excellent museums and a great nightlife. The people of Chicago know what a great place it is and that’s why we defend our city. Maybe this author should try living In these places before they rate them.

  • isotropic

    I was expecting to see Newark on the list, but I guess it’s not there because everyone has already left.

  • A2Mike

    I don’t know if Chicago being number two on the list should be a comfort of some kind, but sometimes supporting Detroit does make one feel like a member of some South Pacific cargo cult.

  • bonnvie

    Don’t quite understand the Chicago review. If you’re reading mashable, chances are that you’re not living or visiting any of the parts of the city that contain 99% of the violence. I think we need to create “North Chicago” and “South Chicago” so that media will start being realistic. I’m personally looking to move out of Chicago because of the only major negative… not much to do outside in the winter. But, if you’re single or even married without kids, and don’t mind wearing a thicker coat for a few months, then Chicago is hands down the best city I’ve ever lived in. Chicago (sorry “North Chicago” or “North of the river Chicago”) is the more livable big city I know. In particular, as a transplant myself, no other big city is anywhere near as welcoming for outsiders. With people pouring in from all over the country and planet for that matter, it’s the common-sense, friendly big city that gives you a bit of a chill annually.

  • Pete Milano

    The most devasting crime and corruption in this country occurs in WDC and NYC. Everything else is jaywalking. These are all American cities, don’t bad mouth peoples homes, spend time calling out the real criminals.

  • drucee

    Buffalo is still New York’s second-largest city. If you’re going to unashamedly write clickbait, at least do a little research first.

  • David P L

    East LA is not a city- it is just the wrong side of the tracks in a city. I wouldn’t want to live there, but many have paid their life savings to do just that. They moved there from a low tax, low living expense place- Mexico.

  • Geno

    Kruchell, … “drinking the DC cool-aide” what’s that? Your Walker has been at it for two terms and nothing. Oh, it’s the city gov’s fault. And, what is keeping on the dole? Wisconsin has welfare for life? I think not. And, you’ve never been to Detroit. The Tigers have already sold out and the Pistons will be moving from the burbs to … Downtown Detroit. All big cities are or will have a budgeting problem. Period! As for me, I’ve been here since 2007 and could have retired from the military anywhere. I said, Not Honolulu, not Tampa, not Atlanta, not Charlotte ……nope, here in Detroit. You heard it, I Love the big D.

  • jeccalullaby856

    I can’t believe Camden was 4th… Should definitely be first.

  • Datgirl

    I <3 BUFFALO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danni Smith

    You are not aware of the corruption that has bankrupted the state. Not aware that businesses and taxpayers are fleeing? Not aware that Chicago ranks 50 in its bond rating. Not aware that the taxes and fees and costs for everything are bringing a revolt in the state? Not aware that the state has placed and continues to place more and more controls on people in order to fine and penalize them to collect more revenue? Not aware that voters are continuing to elect indicted people? Not aware that Illinois has had 5 governors in jail. Recently, 2 at the same time? People are not pouring in they are pouring out-4 million in the past 10 years.

  • john_robinson

    …and all of these places are run by democrats. No surprise.

  • Andaz

    These top list this and that are really stupid. The worst city in America is San Francisco, where the streets smell like pee and the people are butt ugly.. and it’s grey and cold though out the summer. It’s an over priced chit hole!

  • Steve Weinstein

    Poughkeepsie — which is beautiful and I’ve never seen a traffic jam, on the Metro-North line to NYC, home of Vassar College — is in here but not Gary, Ind., or East St. Louis, Ill.?

  • BD

    Did you come up with that all by yourself?

  • PicklePaul

    Appreciate your passion. Also, cities are where our young people are going. They want to walk or bike to work, not sit in traffic spewing fumes. Read a book like the “Triumph of the City.” Cities support, per capita, most of our patents and innovation. They house our great museums, monuments, not to mention often the best restaurants and clubs (on the fun side). They have much lower carbon footprints (per capita) than the suburbs. In short, if you care about being where the human race is innovating, inventing, learning, growing, then leave the strip malls of the suburbs and live in a city. Cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, LA, NYC, Washington are great American cities starting to recover and excel again.

    Now, if we can only get the politicians to move their minds into the 21st century, adequately fund public education, public transit, etc. we’d be in good shape! 🙂

  • Observer974

    I went to Chicago for a Microsoft conference. Stayed in the downttOwn Hilton. Two girls shot to death, on street, straight down from my 8th floor room. Made the mistake of taking a bus to the conference the first day. Got chased from the bus stop into the conference center, by a black gang. Day two – robbed at gunpoint outside of the Hilton. Day three, two other conference attendee’s were robbed and beaten. Day 4…. I left and a sure as hell won’t be going back. What a cesspool of a city. It should be carpet bombed flat, all of the residents rounded up as domestic terrorists and permanently locked up.

  • S.S. Fearless

    The unions have served their purpose. Back in the early days of industrialization and up to as late as the 1960s, unions went to bat for the working man to make sure the slavedrivers paid fair wages and kept decent work weeks. Now, because of union action, we have labor laws to protect the worker from labor exploitation. Today, the unions have become nothing more than a political action group, siphoning funds from the workers they’re supposed to be protecting under threat of job loss or worse. Today, the workers that should be unionized (food service, retail) work for employers (McDonald’s, WalMart) that have lobbied the government to make sure they never can unionize and those industries that have unions (auto industry, teachers) no longer need them.

    The unions need to drop the politics and defend those workers who are still being exploited the worst. Of course, unions need to keep an eye on industries they vacate to make sure those employers don’t go back to slavedriving hours and low pay, but by and large, unions are no longer needed.

    • Bill S

      Excellent point

  • S.S. Fearless

    Hmmm… blame right-wingers for leftists not voting for them. Sounds like liberal logic to me. Besides, it not so much neglect by the right wingers and the lefties unwillingness to vote on right-leaning policies. If the ballot doesn’t say “give…” it’s always voted down.

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  • Bob McGrail

    Amen to that.

  • kat

    Are you serious? lol Most dangerous city in the U.S. I wouldn’t live there.

  • Merry

    Judging Chicago by what the media reports is like judging LA by what happens in Compton. If you can afford to do it right, Chicago is a wonderful place to live and raise children. I’ve yet to visit a big city that didn’t have problem areas. Yes, we have a high crime rate…in a few very condensed areas. The same was true when I lived in/visited Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, Boston, LA, etc… Chicago is terrible place to live if you are existing hand to mouth, but, that is true for all big cities. I’ve lived here for fifteen years (on the north side) and it’s my favorite home.

  • Sunshine1011

    I didn’t even need to see #1, already knew what they would pick.

  • ag8tor11

    There’s a reason I live in the south. Not one southern city mentioned. All are run by northern liberals and race baiters. Glad some of you like it up there. PLease stay!

  • Jet214

    All of these cities have one thing in common: a growing black population and a decreasing white population. Man, the blacks ruin everything in this country. What a bunch of losers.

  • Wanderer

    LMAO, Wisconsin “run completely by democrats” for “the last 50 years”. Is Tommy Thompson a Democrat now, genius?

  • BarnRooster

    Well, let’s talk about where the rubber hits the road. All of these dumps have Extremely high prices for basketball sneakers!! Yes, I teach statistics and there is a definite correlation between the price of basketball sneakers and urban ills. REGISTER SNEAKERS!

  • Don Wood

    Your data and information is seriously flawed! Buffalo is on a “roll” and coming back strong. Excellent universities, outstanding medical facilities, tremendous cancer research labs, world class contemporary/modern art galleries, adventuresome entrepreneurs, great recreational water ways, outstanding national sport teams, fine restaurants, top architectural buildings and homes, great cross cultural communities, one of the finest water fronts in the country, great parks and recreational facilities, scenic Niagara Falls within minutes from Buffalo, stage productions par excellent, and biking trails galore. Our weather, ahhhhh, could be warmer, but, great for winter sports and ice fishing. Then again most of the Mid West and East coast were experiencing the same conditions as Buffalo.
    N.B. I failed to mention the low cost of property values. A great place to live!

  • scott

    has anyone else noticed with the exception of maybe 2 cities,the rest were all well known to be overrun with blacks and other minorities?Notice you do not hear about high crime rates in all white ares,I wonder why that is,maybe the fact that most whites live within the rule of law,work for what they have and respect their neighbors

  • Gervis

    They’ve clearly never been to Milwaukee. Seriously, screw this asshat who wrote this.

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  • anonymous

    none of this is in philadelphia. live in west philadelphia for a couple years, then read this article. you’ll agree with every word.

  • D

    Wow completely shocked by the last paragraph of the Philadelphia section. You really did some solid research there finding information that everyone hasn’t heard before about something that people who are probably 70 years old now did at a sports game. Definitely get out while you can!!!

  • HalfromNY

    I’ve visited Chicago twice. The downtown looks great and almost the whole North Side is thriving. There’s a string of beautiful suburbs heading north along the lake. I liked it a lot. (Not sure if I could deal with winter, though.)

  • Jim

    Murder rate in St. Louis is 35/100,000, not 35/1,000 as reported above. It should be obvious to whomever wrote this article that 3.5% of a city’s population isn’t murdered in a given year.

  • Sizzer

    This has got to be the most short sided childish piece of journalism I have read all year. I hate these stupid polls.. “oh cleveland has been palgued by river fires” that was 30 years ago you jackass. Did you fail to reasearch and find that the city convention center has booked enough tourism to build a 600 room Hilton attached to the convention center with 50K sq feet of convention space? MORON. Oh, and St. Louis? how about the fact that it is dedicated to providing free access to the arts and zoo. Forest Park is one of the most beautiful pieces of urban landscap in the country. I could go on and on. O travel alot for business and this is just nothing short of a highschool newspaper. Get a life and follow something worhtwhile and report that you idiots..

  • Glenn Belverio

    Bashing cities that people are struggling to have a decent life in is reprehensible and anti-American. It’s also lazy journalism–the information here is largely based on statistics, some of them specious or outdated. Articles like this are only going to drag these cities down even more. Put your shoes on, get on a train, pick up the phone and try some real journalism that goes beyond Googling a few statistics: interview some of the residents and politicians in question (instead of just pulling a quote off a website.) Visit the cities.

  • Philatonian

    This is a mess. What even qualifies a city for this list? You go from Chicago to Paterson, NJ to East LA – which isn’t even a city. It’s just a rant. More thoughtful and informed journalism is in the comments section.

  • Ben

    I think they were a bit harsh against Milwaukee. Wisconsin is a very cheap state to live in. $43,000 goes a long way there.

  • Harry Joy

    Kerouac didn’t write about Paterson; William Carlos Williams (and Allen Ginsberg) did.

  • Lee Batdorff

    CitiesJournal gets readers worked up by anonymously pouring bile, (there is no bi-line to the story), about cities that are typical targets of people who apparently have little to do except bad mouth places they are little familiar with. CitiesJournal apparently is a national equivalent of a snarly city paper with a sophomoric chip on it’s shoulder. There are publications that treat its subjects with professionalism and actually look into what is being covered. I don’t need CitiesJournal.

  • Ann VerWiebe

    The Cuyahoga River fire in Cleveland happened literally DECADES ago. If your premise is that cities can’t improve over time, it’s a flawed premise. Northeast Ohio is beautiful, has a nearby national park, is home to worldclass arts and cultural organizations, and is truly affordable. As far as having sports teams no one roots for, that’s just plain crazy talk.

  • Author relied or hearsay rather than check his facts about Cleveland. World’s best Orchestra, Art Museum and Hospitals. Thriving theater district, second largest in the nation. Notable restaurant scene including Iron Chef Michael Simon.

  • April Amlong

    I live in poughkeepsie and well, I have no issues thus far! I moved here from a small town but I grew up in Albany. I also lived in the bronx so I had my share of cities. THe review says its boring here and the weather sucks blah blah! you think its bad here?go to the town I was living in, we had to travel 45 mins to the nearest mall and all they offered there were parks, to do anything you had to travel at least a half hour. Theres so much to do here its unbelievable lol!!

  • Joe

    Sorry to tell ya but Buffalo is the #1 most affordable city to live in the Ginny wop Palidino didn’t even come close. We are not in debt. We are building one of the biggest nanotechnology sectors around. We were #5 in the country in construction last year. There are cranes all over. We are building a huge medical campus. The young are moving back into the city from the suburbs and depopulation has slowed with people moving back. We are taking back the housing from the slumlords especially the corporate ones that only come when they are getting housing fines. New houses are going up and old neighborhoods are coming back. The high school drop out rate is falling, and the graduation rate is going up. We also have this fund which is called Say Yes to Education which guarantees every kid that graduates high school college tuition depending on your income level. Which has to be pretty high not to get anything. Last year 98% of the graduates used it. NY is in the top 10 in education and #1 in science scholarships so until you do some research to even bring us up. Oh and bars that stay open till 4am , ladies night and an Olmsted park system second only to NY city. Yeah were really doing bad.

  • gski69 .

    I could make this kind of list for any city or area….I could also make a list of any city or area and tell you how wonderful it is…. You can find good and bad anywhere and everywhere. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…Enjoy.

  • Patrick Blake

    Buffalo NY has a $200,000,000 dollar surplus.

  • Bufflove

    I love Buffalo! We have many new building projects. The wonderful medical campus for learning, research and care is still growing by leaps and bounds. Our harbor is getting a lot of work done on it with new activities and parks. Don’t forget the people! We are caring and open. We help each other. As for the snow….who knows how to remove it better than us?!

  • Sean Patrick Oswald

    Where is it that your getting your facts? You find what’s negative about cities and ignore any positives. I’m sure I could find a ton of negatives about Raleigh, Portland, Austin, etc.

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  • Rainbow34

    New York is not a “RED” state.

  • Joseph Allison

    You guys forgot one…. Winchester, VA the town that is so boring it calls its self “the city of Winchester,” why you may ask your self would a place with a population of only 25,000 people call them selves a city. I don’t know the answer to that. It also has a huge homeless problem that the town, oh wait I’m sorry “city” officials neglect to do anything about, much less recognize. It is one if the most deadly places, because of the telephone wires, yes I said it telephone wires, no body even uses a land line anymore, it is one of the towns in the whole USA to have the most cancer patients. My mom died of cancer 6 years ago. And it has a very high drug problem, the again the town officials neglect and don’t even recognize. Has a lower high school drop out rate I will give it that.

  • You are 100 percent wrong about St. Louis. Let’s break this down so you will understand. 1. St. Louis City and St. Louis County (small municipalities make up St. Louis County) are two separate entities that due to a 200 year old charter exist as their own entities)..but if you take into account the whole St. Louis, MO Metro area those statistics drop dramatically, actually you fall way below the nations average. So get that, get this, most major cities are comprised of it’s counties and surrounding areas, while no study even considers that when dealing with St. Louis. STOP … 2. Downtown is actually quite vital, in fact it has won awards for it’s revitalization (look it up and take a visit). There are dozens of eateries, shops, trendy living spaces, walk centric walk friendly means of navigating Downtown St. Louis. STOP.. 3. Pizza taste is just that, I’m sure you have never tried Imos so how can you judge something you didn’t try, that is sort of Fox newsish if you ask me. Make something up and say it vehemently because you lack the integrity to try. 4. Our Zoo, Art Museums and many other public facing places are free…they are ranked high in every index and you would love them. 5. We have some of the best college and universities in the world, look up Washington University. 6. Places to go, Downtown, the Central West End, The Loop, South City (Grand) etc etc etc, I can keep going. My point is get off your stick and actually do some research or visit.

    • Evan Vandever

      Charles you have just made my day.I love st. Louis. But I can’t go a single day without someone telling me how horrible of a place it is when they have no idea what it’s like

    • Natalie

      I moved to St. Louis 4 years ago from LA and absolutely love it! Some friends have came to visit too and think the same thing! It is a beautiful place to live, and would argue it is safer than LA. Every city has their bad neighborhoods.

  • GEEWAYNE3000

    St. Louis sucks on so many levels… You will get robbed downtown, shot in the county. St. Louis is a reactive city not progressive at all…..

    • Nicholas

      Not progressive? Well tell that to all the start ups moving into the city, and it being continually ranked as one of the best start up cities in the country. Saint Louis is a great place to be!

      • GEEWAYNE3000

        Startups be serious…. Startup don’t drive the economy you idiot!!! If thats the case why are all the Fortune 500 companies leaving the area…Yes reactive not progressive…. why in the 25th hour does our city decide to build a stadium at the last minute…. Look at out landmarks…the Arch…just now doing an update…really just 2 simple example of how St. Louis is not progressive and u mention start ups just one example.. Square… the creator and owner is from St. Louis… why isn’t the headquarters here instead on San Fran that because St. Louis sucks!!!!! Do some research Nicholas, you must b a youngster whos still a child

    • Blakethebutcher

      GEE WAYNE!, quit sounding like such a liberal mutt ya pussy, gets some pepper spray if ur scared. God people, get ur conceal and carry!, its a one day class! I got a glock on me when i go get the paper, not because im scared, but it makes my weiner feel a little

      • GEEWAYNE3000

        You sound like a punk…. who care about ur CCW or weak ass Glock… you probably can’t even shoot. When one of these young dudes walks up on you a takes ur glock and shots you with your own gun don’t say a single word…just keep hiding behind your computer…punk

    • Danielle W

      Sounds like you’ve never been here. My mom has worked downtown every day, and even works late, for 20+ years. She’s a very little woman too. She has never, not once, been in any sort of danger. She’s never been mugged, shot at, robbed, or even so much as cat-called. You’re a moron. If you want, you can come to St. Louis and I’ll kick your ass to give you the full experience you’ve fabricated in your mind from idiotic articles like this.

      • GEEWAYNE3000

        Hey I’m downtown right now…you want to threaten me I’m working downtown right now better yet how about I come on over to NORDYNE and speak with you personally.

        • Danielle W

          lmao I didn’t threaten you, it was joke. I’m a skinny, little, white girl. you feel threatened by me joking about beating you up? take a chill pill bro. my point is that you’re not going to get murdered in downtown STL any more than you would in any other city. I also don’t know what the heck NORDYNE is, so if you could enlighten me, that’d be great.

  • Ian

    Was this written in 1995?? Every single one of these cities has begun turning things around and population loss and job loss have been slowing for the past 10 years in most

  • Robert

    Saint Louis is a great beautiful city, obviously it gets a bad rap now from the Ferguson riots but it truly is a great place to live!

  • Michelle

    I have lived in St.Louis my entire life and wouldn’t have it any other way. They also take into account in theses statistics East St.Louis which is in Illinois. St. Louis has a lot to offer.

  • Marty Wilmes

    Well you know absolutely nothing. Their are pockets in St. Louis that are bad, like any other city in America, but downtown is as safe as any major city. Cheese I can see others hating but Ive traveled to every major city in America and St. Louis has as good of food as almost any. Funny how when it comes to crime you mention the whole city and when you mention food you only say downtown. Go to the Hill sometime, best Italian food in the country.

    • Blakethebutcher

      Well said. I was born and raised in south st.louis and love this city. We have good food. The guy that wrote that article sounds like a scared pussy to

    • SalMonteleone

      That’s right brother, let these fools know.
      I grew up in South St. Louis and my family is from Sicily. We spent a good portion of our time on The Hill and the food is damn good. It’s as close to my mother/grandmother’s cooking as you can possibly get… which happens to be flippin’ phenomenal. When I got married and had kids, we moved out to Lake Saint Louis and it’s a great place to raise a family. Now I’m about an hour or so from The Hill and I still drive out to Shaw Ave once a week to hit up Viviano’s Deli. These mothertruckers have no idea what they’re missing out on! #STL #LetEmHaveitMarty

  • Dick Butkus

    St Louis is a great city to live in….if your of certain ethnicity

    • ucity88

      You mean you’re.

      And you’re right, the STL Metro Area is a great place to live and raise your kids *if* you are White.

      • ktoo

        And you are both morons. Next, please.

  • Ian

    Youre pretty wrong when it comes to Cleveland, I mean #4? Really?
    There, like St. Louis, are only pockets of crime in Cleveland, not the city as a whole. There’s a lot more than just the Rock Hall. The aquarium, zoo, downtown W. 25 bar strip is legendary, not to mention that it has one of the most renowned orchestras in the entire world.
    As for not turning around, wrong again. The river burning was like you said, decades ago. The river since has seen drastic improvement. Out of that burning river story came one of the best breweries in the Midwest: Great Lakes Brewing Company with their Burning River IPA. The construction there is bad, I can attest to that. But what great city hasn’t been built and repaired by construction, which takes years.
    Cleveland sports on the other hand has one of the biggest fan bases there is. Championships are great, but its the love of your city, tradition, and coming out win or lose to cheer on your team is what makes a fan base. Oakland Raiders have a huge fan base but they haven’t done a lot in years either. Cleveland fans are some of the most die-hard fans youll ever meet.

    Finally, Drew Carey sucks. Not funny, not talented, aside from the price is right he’s got nothing going for him. Not even going to deny that.

  • skahdt

    St. Louis is great. Our crime rate is too high, but it’s mostly drug related and domestic. Don’t sell smack and you’re as unlikely to meet a violent end as anywhere else.

    Lots of quirky neighborhoods that are AFFORDABLE.

    My guess is these Brooklyn hipsters who wrote this would be seeking refuge here (or Cleveland or Milwaukee) if their trust funds were cut off and they actually had to PAY for their apartments.

    Don’t worry, all will be forgiven. I’ll even buy you your first beer at Urban Chestnut or a frozen custard from Ted Drewes when ya get here.

    • ucity88


      A bunch of kids I graduated with from HS moved to Brooklyn after undergrad, actually…

  • dana

    Regarding St. Louis – 35 murders per 1,000 residents? The NYT would never publish anything that absurd, with a population around 320,000 that would equal something like 11,200 murders per year, which is totally inaccurate. Try reading the whole article before you plagiarize content next time.

  • John Doe

    I love philly. Never leaving!

  • Jean Pennie

    Coincidentally, Rocky IS here in Philly today shooting “Creed” … small world!!

  • AlijaAlaska

    I love Anchorage. 80% of the things in this article have me confused. One thing I am not confused about is the fact that the author has never been to Anchorage, Ak. I love it here, it might be rinky dink, but to me, its just right. We are worse dressed! However there are plenty of people who dress well here, myself included!

    Cheers; Come visit!

  • Emilio Schendel

    I’m from St. Louis, too. Having moved away and traveled other places, I can officially say that the city sucks. It’s not as violent as some people have you believe (assuming you aren’t from north city or north county), but it really is crappy. I’d much rather live in places that talk about their future instead of harping on their past (1904 was a long, long time ago). And before you ask, I went to St. Mary’s.

    • ktoo

      I went to Cleveland. We kicked your asses in everything, so I guess leaving town and bitching comes naturally, loser.
      I love me some St. Louis!

      • Danielle W

        Your comment is so rude, but it’s hilarious. I, unfortunately, can’t play the high school game because I went to a small private school. But with that being said, there are some incredible cities out there, and there are serious issues with St. Louis. But for someone to claim they’re from here and think it’s a sucky city… I can’t believe that. Either you never left your own neighborhood or you’re just boring. There are a million things to do in St. Louis that rise far above going to a movie or bowling. So much culture and you can literally do anything here.

      • Emilio Schendel

        Congratulations on graduating from an unaccredited school!

  • Angela Marie Barker

    I am a St Louisan by birth and spent most of my adult life there. I now reside in Denver but love my home city. The person quo wrote this obviously has never spent anytime there. Yes there is crime ,drugs and generational poverty. There is also community, culture and good hearted hard working people. As for Provel cheese AMAZING. Not to mention we have the best baseball and hockey team/fans in the UNIVERSE. Finally for those who understand I graduated from Northwest in Jeffco.

  • Courtney Lannert Howard

    I’ve lived just outside St. Louis for over 30 years and feel that it’s representation in this article is completely false. St. Louis is an amazing city filled with diverse culture and rich history. The author of this article needs to perhaps explore the actual city of St. Louis instead of news articles and “statistics” about St. Louis.

  • Steve

    Just so everyone knows..Ferguson is a small community 25 miles from downtown St. Louis…our city is great and downtown is safer than most cities. So much to do and see in St. Louis….the largest park in any US city Forest Park…filled with a zoo, museums, outdoor amphitheater with Broadway shows. Multiple ethnic neighborhoods with delicious food. Don’t knock St. Louis until you’ve had a decent visit!

  • stlgirl

    I’m born and raise in St. Louis and this is beyond the wrong interpretation. The crime rate seems high because no one actually lives within St Louis city limits, most live in the surrounding suburbs. And we have some of the best food and tons of up and coming restaurants and chefs. I don’t think the food network would feature lack luster restaurants just for the hell of it. Don’t even get me started on the cheese… It’s amazing… PERIOD! This “author” is a royal you know what, and probably from Chicago… Enough said. GO CARDS!!

  • Camille

    You are fucking retarded. Obviously never been there. Exxon Valdez was over 20 years ago and did not just stay in Alaska. You are the kind of dumbass that would die on the mud flats. Never been here? Good stay the fuck out.

    • Daniel Latta

      Anchorage? I thought this was just a list of American cities…?

  • Donna O

    St. Louis offers wonderful FREE amenities such as a world-class zoo, science center, museums, largest outdoor theatre in the country, Grant’s Farm (where the animals are free-ranging and the tram ride and even the beer are FREE), and more. The largest urban park in the country – Forrest Park is amazing with ice skating, the zoo, Municipal Theatre, fountains, special events, etc. The St Louis Basilica rivals the beauty of those in Italy, as does The Shrine of St Joseph Church. The Fox theatre is an architectural gem. St Louis offers first-class dining, especially on The Hill. I also have to mention Ted Drewes frozen custard. Provel cheese is delicious. I have a suspicion that those who don’t have access to it just have “cheese-envy”.

    If this author had done his research, he would know that crime statistics reported for St Louis are misleading/overstated and can’t be fairly compared to other major cities because of the city boundary which excludes the surrounding metropolitan areas, unlike other major cities. The majority of crimes occur in North St Louis City and are drug-related. What major city doesn’t have a high-crime area? I feel very safe. Housing is very reasonable.
    We have one of the largest July 4th and Mardi Gras celebrations in the country. I invite the author to take a tour with me and then give an educated opinion.

    • matt

      The crime rate per capita included east St. Louis in there statistic, so the numbers are way out of wack.

  • ted

    Its great to see the stl love here in the comment section. This author is definitely off base and confused. As for what high school I went to,its Alton High in the metro east lol

  • Ashlee

    Downtown STL is the exact opposite. This person has obviously never set eyes on downtown unless it was literally 20 years ago. The heart of downtown is amazingly developed and one of the safest areas. STLs crime drama is a result of pockets of the city that have fallen apart and housing structures degrading, but that is certainly coming around with rehabs and driving out the bad areas through revitalization.

    Think again, uneducated author.

    Except our cheese. We love our despised cheese.

  • Jessica: happy STL transplant

    This article placing St. Louis number one is so FULL of crap. St. Louis offers so many wonderful FREE family friendly things to do. There are tons of wonderful restaurants all over the city (all cities have a few bummers, that’s why lots of restaurants don’t make it long term ANYWHERE) plus an awesomely low cost of living. When will people stop saying St. Louis is so bad in crime? It has already been widely reported that those statistics are misleading. I’m pretty sure this author has a beef with St. Louis for some unknown reason. Amazing lack of research. I’m going to remember this site and never read anything from it again if this swill passes for journalism.

  • Duh

    Atlantic City heralded as the next Detroit? Atlantic City isn’t even actually a city. It only has about 40,000 people in it

    • MikeChuk21

      There are so many apples to oranges comparisons on this muddled mess of a list …. Atlantic City is a small town and, last I checked, East Los Angeles was a neighborhood. Why doesn’t the author include Bedford-Stuyvesant while he’s at it?

  • Monkey Torture

    It’s amazing how much people are willing to defend just because they are from a city. I’ve lived in or near Poughkeepsie, NY. Patterson, NJ, Camden, NJ and Buffalo NY. They all suck. Not the people mind you, well the non-criminals are good. Stop defending the crap places you lived in, because the statistics don’t lie regarding crime. NYC used to be a crap hole too until mayor Giuliani cleaned it up a lot. if i hear “free” things to do, i’m going to lose it. what does “free” mean? you already paid for it with your tax money. it’s not “free”. it’s an invitation for crime and poverty. I’ve traveled to St.Louis a few times. You have a crime problem you share with East St. Louis, Ill. they both suck. own it an fix it. kinda hard with the worst jobs creator ever in office in the White House. hard to fix it when the welfare flood gates are wide open. put your minds to it. crime sucks in too many of these welfare cities. fix it. stop the welfare.

    • Danielle W

      Or maybe you’re a cynic who doesn’t see what a city has to offer? In St. Louis we have a crime problem in a very localized area. Travelling to St. Louis doesn’t make you an expert.

      • Monkey Torture

        neither does hiding out in the suburbs claiming you are in the city. i’m from Chicago’s south side. That city sucks. it has turned to crap. Decades of poor leadership and liberal policies has destroyed this center of commerce. turned it into a shit hole. i don’t have to live every place to know that it sucks. i have had too many examples of how they do from first hand experience. if you bury your head in the sand and claim “all is well”, you will never fix what’s wrong with it. you are creating excuses instead of acknowledging the problems.

      • Monkey Torture

        neither does hiding out in the suburbs claiming you are in the city. i’m from Chicago’s south side. That city sucks. it has turned to crap. Decades of poor leadership and liberal policies has destroyed this center of commerce. turned it into a shit hole. i don’t have to live every place to know that it sucks. i have had too many examples of how they do from first hand experience. if you bury your head in the sand and claim “all is well”, you will never fix what’s wrong with it. you are creating excuses instead of acknowledging the problems.

      • Monkey Torture

        neither does hiding out in the suburbs claiming you are in the city. i’m from Chicago’s south side. That city sucks. it has turned to crap. Decades of poor leadership and liberal policies has destroyed this center of commerce. turned it into a crap hole. i don’t have to live every place to know that it sucks. i have had too many examples of how they do from first hand experience. if you bury your head in the sand and claim “all is well”, you will never fix what’s wrong with it. you are creating excuses instead of acknowledging the problems.

      • Monkey Torture

        And the point you miss is that I’ve lived in many of the cities on the list and can from experience say, “yes, these places suck”. I don’t have to live in every one. I don’t claim to be an expert. I am smart enough to know these places are shit holes. I give you examples of how things can turn around. it can be done, but you have to be able to admit it. otherwise nothing will be changed.

        You are too willing to put your head in the sand and ignore the problems. You aren’t an expert on your city either. If you were, you might do something about the crap conditions that exist. St. Louis sucks. It’s sucked for a long time. The family in the wagon queen family truckster was making jokes about St. Louis as their hub caps were removed way back in 1983. putting a river boat casino outside of the city doesn’t make it great. it’s smart, because the inner city is a plague. stay out of it.

        • Danielle W

          That’s the definition of judging a book by its cover. And you’re claiming to be an expert when you take the time to write an article detailing how each of these cities suck. But you’re not an expert, obviously. You barely have an opinion, and an uneducated one at that. St. Louis has problems like every other city. I show up to the polls, I volunteer, I do my part to fix what’s wrong and help this city repair some of its brokenness. That doesn’t mean it sucks. By your insanely idiotic logic, every single human being on earth sucks. We’re all just pieces of shit because we all have flaws. You have to look past the crap (that exists everywhere, btw) and see what’s at the heart. Your labeling of St. Louis as garbage is unoriginal and ill-informed. You can’t even take the time to check your facts, and yet you feel it’s important enough to come down to the comment section and defend your delusional opinion. Good for you, “Monkey Torture”.

          • Monkey Torture

            i’m not the author of this article. yet the author is right about these cities. they suck.

        • Danielle W

          And the fact that you want to accuse me of burying my head in the sand is ludicrous. You’re trying to steer away tourism from a city you’ve spent all of 5 minutes in. You have no business writing obituaries, much less articles that try to manipulate the masses into treating amazing cities like a plague.

          • Monkey Torture

            (yawn). i’ve spent more than a few minutes there. St. Louis sucks. face it. and fix it. welfare state has ruined it. fess up. and fix it. don’t defend the crap pile it is.

          • Monkey Torture

            Hello. I didn’t write the article. The author did. I support the author’s writing though.

  • numbersarehard

    The homicide rate in St. Louis is 35 per 100,000 residents, not 1,000. That’s obviously not good (although the Greater St. Louis area’s rate is 7 per 100,000), but if you miss the mark by two orders of magnitude, I’m not sure why I should pay attention to your article.

    • St. Louis Resident

      I have lived in downtown St. Louis for 4 years and I am literally dead right now.

      Seriously though, in terms of scale St. Louis city is more like downtown Chicago and the greater STL area is like Chicago City. Our stats only measure our downtown areas basically so the comparison is fundamentally wrong and misleading.

      Do some research. Paint the whole picture.

  • Steven Dawson

    Used to have great Fri. lunches under the West Liberty made by the best chef in Buffalo. Would move back in a heart beat if Como tipped over & Upstate was granted the freedom it so justly deserves ! !


    Some serious hater action here. I grew up and still live just outside of Poughkeepsie and can honestly say that despite the tone of this (unnecessarily aggressive) “article” Poughkeepsie and the surrounding areas really have a lot to offer. The Hudson Valley consistently gets accolades as one of the best places to live in the entire country. I guess the “journalists” at citiesjournal (a major player in the obscure, “we’ll-make-it-to-the-big-time-someday” news game) don’t do that much research.

  • James

    I was born in Paterson and lived there half my life. Although I lived in South Paterson (the “good” part of Paterson) it’s still a pretty crumby place to live. Glad I moved out. Atlantic City is okay if you’re a tourist and you don’t stray too far away from the boardwalk, in my experience though. And Camden is awful, but also, Newark is too (no reason to ever visit there unless you’re visiting NYC and happen to be driving through, in which even that, there are better ways to get to NYC).

  • Danielle W

    You sound like you’ve never even been to St. Louis. Provel isn’t everywhere. It’s on a few pizza places and that’s seriously it. And the homicides that occur are in the poorest counties where gang violence is rampant. So as long as you don’t go joining a gang you’ll be fine. I’ve lived here for almost 26 years and I have never known anyone who was murdered. I don’t even know anyone who knows someone who was murdered. Stop believing the hype. St. Louis has amazing culture. If you can’t find stuff to do, then maybe you shouldn’t ignore the Delmar Loop, Forest Park, Old Town St. Charles, you are completely clueless.

    • GEEWAYNE3000

      You know nothing and sound like and idiot….How long have you lived in this city… a guy just got killed in Creve Cour… what are you talking about homicides only in the poorest counties… Creve Cour ain’t no were near poor… Should I name a few more???? you must b lost plus ur white and thats a total different life than a person of color here in St. Louis. I’m sure you would say theres no problem like that here……

      • Danielle W

        People get killed everywhere. That doesn’t mean StL is as bad as these overblown statistics claim. Are you really scared to go downtown? I doubt it.

        • TheBigNoob

          It also doesn’t help that the city of St. Louis hasn’t grown it’s city boundaries in over 75 years further inflating the crime stats.

          For those of you that aren’t familiar with this, the City St. Louis is located within St. Louis County but St. Louis County isn’t part of St. Louis City. Doesn’t make sense, but that’s the main reason for it consistently showing up on the “most dangerous” lists.

          Also GEEWAYNE, you might be right, living in a more affluent area obviously has an affect on your outlook of the location, but it’s pretty easy to see how much nicer things can be when you live somewhere with much more crime and problems (e.g. I live in Chicago now). Not to trivialize the minorities living in underpivilaged areas within St. Louis, but I think the opportunities in St. Louis is much greater of that vs. Chicago.

      • James

        How dumb are you? Your whole argument falls flat. Creve Couer is not St. Louis. Have some pride in your city. Or better yet go get an education, learn some geography, and learn how to write sentences… You sound like an idiot.

  • Bisky Girl

    Born and raised in St. Louis. Love this place. And don’t get me started on provel. It is a great cheese. I bet they don’t like toasted ravioli either.

  • Kyle Barton

    Obviously your pretentious..I’d love to know where your from! Based on your guess heaven

  • Scott Fairview

    I live in Poughkeepsie and I embrace the suck!

    • Ehntals Choranos

      I’m a local myself. I’ve never seen it to be that bad, but I have never actually lived within the city. I lived down near the Galleria.

    • Colette

      There are actually a lot of good restaurants around here, I don’t think this is a problem. I do like the train ride too. The Hudson River is incredibly beautiful or you can fall asleep because it is the end of the line both ways.

  • Jake

    I currently live in St. Louis. I am a transplant from Alaska. Fairbanks to be exact. But i will say this. I moved here in 2001 and am proud to call the city of St. Louis my home. We have our issues just as many other major cities do. The world is not perfect. But STL has many free and family friendly attractions, a great sports city with the Cards, Blues and Rams. It is rich in history, having hosted multiple famous events such as the 1904 worlds fair. I may not be a STL native but I love the St. Louis area, all the things to see and do, many for free as well. And as for the cheese…if you don’t like it fine, more for those of us who do know how delicious it can be on a pizza (Imos Pizza!) and that is why i call St. Louis my home and intend to do so.

  • Eric

    Wow, do your fuckin’ homework. Really? 35 murders per 1,000 residents in Saint Louis? So, there’s 11,130 murders a year within the city limits? And there were 14,827 murders in America for the latest data given (2012). It took me 30 seconds to find this information. This whole article lost it’s credibility in about 5 seconds of reading. Well done.

  • SD

    Obviously someone that doesn’t know St.Louis at all. Catch me on Cherokee or the Grove on a weekend night. There’s a ton of night life here. Also, provel isn’t that great to me. So suck it!

  • Kyle

    So many butthurt St. Louians on here. I’ve traveled all over the world, more than 35 countries, have road tripped all over America (40 states) and St. Louis is without a doubt the most depressing soulless city I’ve ever been in. Traveled there with my dad and after two days we both were ready to GTFO. Rude people, dirty, dangers, etc.

    • aosgoode

      Lol. You’re a moron. Every side has a dirty side. Guess you didn’t have the time or resources to explore the rest?

      • Pearl

        He’s simply describing his experience and feeling. Allow him that. Stop attacking people when they have views that differ from yours.

  • Frank

    I can tell this is a republican based article. So let me balance this out. Stay away from all right to work states and/or states with republican controlled legislatures. Doing that will significantly increase your chances of owning property instead of renting it.

    • Grandma HeadInjury 2016

      Do you have figures to back this up, or just your feelings?

      • Joe Loverro

        The worst STATES to live in for misery factor and crime are mostly in the South and RED states.
        Top 10 States for Violent Crime

        State Name

        10) Oklahoma

        9) Maryland

        8) Florida

        7) Louisiana

        6) Delaware

        5) South Carolina

        4) New Mexico

        3) Alaska

        2) Nevada

        1) Tennessee

        • Grandma HeadInjury 2016

          Ah. A list. No figures. No source. A list. One with many “southern” states that lean blue. Not impressed, though I am sure you’ve helped Frankie get even deeper in touch with her feeeeeeeeelings…..

          • Frank

            I have laundry list for you if you want to read it.

        • Monkey Torture

          Delaware is a liberal Dem state. You know, Biden? the VP? Vice President?

  • Chelsea

    That “unidentifiable” smell in Milwaukee is the yeast from the breweries. It is not a stench and after about 3 minutes you don’t even realize it is there anymore. Poorly researched and inflammatory piece that gives no actual facts. I would recommend running away from reading this.

  • Curtis Hoskins

    This author is retarted his info is like 20 years out dated no bumper to bumper traffic around here theres more news worthy stories in Poughkeepsie this author should be shot

  • Cindy

    I will not be reposting your article. But for your information Poughkeepsie, NY is steeped in whaling, racing, and revolutionary history. The name is derived from the Wappinger language. It means reed covered lodge by the little water place. It is a transportation hub with a small airport, a Metro North and Amtrack stop, as well as Bridge connecting the east and west sides of the Hudson River. Just 70 miles north of Manhattan, it offers access to all the the extraordinary river towns such as Beacon, Hyde Park, and Rhinebeck. It also has the The Walkway Over the Hudson, Bardavon Opera House, Vassar College, Marist College, Dutchess Community College, Cuneen Hacket Arts Center, Francis Leeman Loeb Art Center, and Locust Grove to name a few points of interest. An arterial was built many decades ago that destroyed the once bustling Main Street economy. Local historians, entrepreneurs, and artists are working together to bring Main Street back. And it is mentioned weekly on the Today show.

  • mark

    Born and raised in po town. And what it dump it has become. This article is totally right. Yeah Vassar is there but good luck getting in. The bridge they build is cool. But the weather and cost of living are awful. You don’t realize it until you leave how bad life is there. Throw the crime in too. Yeah there is crime everywhere but take a stroll down main street and delafield street at 2 am. That’s not normal for a city that size

  • Grandma HeadInjury 2016

    What is the political party in charge of most of these cities?

    • MikeChuk21

      Leave it to the partisans to make this all about politics.

      • Grandma HeadInjury 2016

        Translation: “Damn! GHI has a point. I better jump on my high horse about partisanship even though my posting history shows how partisan I am….”

        • MikeChuk21

          I make political comments on political posts. I don’t go on to posts that make no mention of partisan politics and post comments like “derp derp Republicans derp derp” which is pretty much what you just did, except you don’t like Democrats so you flamed the left. By the way, there are also plenty of perfectly nice cities governed by Democrats, perfectly terrible cities governed by Republicans and perfectly nice cities governed by Republicans. So are you actually making some sort of point? You’re not commenting on the substance of the article; you’re trolling. Are you here to comment on the substance of the article, or do you just want to restate your opinion that Democrats suck again while offering no context or substance?

          • MikeChuk21

            And the fact that your name is “Grandma Headijury” with a photo of Hillary Clinton making a stupid face tells me what I need to know about you. I’d never create an avatar just to insult someone I’ve never met.

          • Grandma HeadInjury 2016

            Ooooh! That little high horse just got a little higher! Try not to lose your balance up there whilst patting yourself on the back!

          • Grandma HeadInjury 2016

            Maximum words, minimum substance. That’s a real pattern for you, no?

            In short, I came to read this article because the spousal unit and I were discussing possible retirement cities, and saw that the majority of these were typical liberal hell-holes. I’m sorry that you didn’t figure it out for yourself first, and the fact that I did gives you the sads.

  • 1bloody1 .

    Running away from St. Louis isn’t going to help anything. In fact, much of our low growth can probably be attributed to white flight, those people who ran away to the outskirts. And those who don’t run away divide themselves, which is probably one of our biggest issues. St. Louis has a great foundation for a potentially great city. If people would actually STOP running away and try to bring our people together, and have the slightest motivation to improve it for everyone, we could be one of the greatest cities in the nation. Articles like this just add to our problems by demotivating St. Louisans. No doubt St. Louis has an abundance of issues to work out, but running away isn’t gonna solve a damn thing.

    • Erik Turner

      As someone who grew up in the exurbs of Saint Louis (family in the same town for over 100 years, Winfield), I can say that while Saint Louis has an immense amount of potential, the largest hindrance to the region’s resurgence will always be the racism issue. As a kid I was always told that if you go farther in than maybe Saint Charles city, than the &*@%!+ would get you and brutally murder you, which is complete bulllshit. Look, we all know that Greater Saint Louis has some serious problems, but if we aren’t willing to at least try then how do we honestly expect it to get any better. That region has amazing assets and opportunity and if people don’t try then nothing will happen and all we will see is yet more white people moving to St. Chuck because they are “scared.” Running from your problems, AKA. Truly EPIC urban sprawl, is not helping greater Saint Louis whatsoever.

    • MatBastardson

      That’s what they used to say about Pompeii.

  • David Michael

    I don’t know who the dick is who compiled this list, but I bet he’s from NYC. I live in the City of Poughkeepsie, and it’s a beautiful, diverse place. Why the Walkway Over the Hudson isn’t mentioned, I don’t know. What, exactly is it that whoever wrote this wants to do? True, it isn’t full of “clubs” but it has the Bardavon 1869 Opera house which has world famous musical and comedy performers, nearly across the street is the Mid Hudson Civic Center where everything from music concerts, to hockey games, to a circus take place. A five minute drive out of the city brings you to the Culinary Institute of America, with five different restaurants all operated by student chefs who will be the culinary genius’s of the future. I didn’t even read the rest of the list because it’s obvious whoever made it is an idiot and has clearly never been to any of the places he’s disrespecting!

    • MikeChuk21

      Please don’t impugn us New Yorkers by assuming this absurd list comes from one of us. There are so many flaws here it’s impossible to know where to start. For one, he’s conflating major metropolitan areas, small rust-belt towns and in one case — East Los Angeles — a neighborhood. How are you supposed to compare Chicago to Poughkeepsie or Paterson to Cleveland? All completely different animals.

  • Scooby’s Doobies

    As someone who lives in St. Louis this article is 100% spot on when describing the area known as St. Louis but not in regards to the entire metro area. St. Louis City is nothing more than a bombed out ghetto now and the only reason most people come there is because all major league sports are in downtown. Drive down the streets of any neighborhood and you’re more than likely going to get carjacked, shot or killed. Same if you go north into St. Louis County or east into Illinois. But go just a mile or two outside of those areas and you find extremely safe areas, vibrant communities and tons of things to do.

    While crime is the most significant of the City’s issues the other is that many of the buildings that remain standing in the City are 100+ years old and in desperate need of major repairs. The reason people flee to the suburbs is because you can get a brand new home that doesn’t require constant repairs and isn’t right next door to a crumbling building which sinks your own property values. The water, sewer and gas lines are all badly aged and need to be replaced and most of the roads are crumbling. All the jobs left because there was no room for expansion and where it takes me 28 minutes to travel 32 miles outside of the city it takes me 30+ to travel 10 in the city because of all the lights and stop signs.

    The St Louis area as a whole is one of the cheapest places to live and very safe if you stay away from the city and North County areas. But as a lifelong resident I am not afraid to admit there is no amount of money on this planet to get me to ever live in St. Louis City ever again however the City is only a small sliver of the actual metro area. Take it out of the equation and the crime numbers are almost non existent.

    • Cantbelieveimnotdead

      Man, I must be the luckiest man in the world, given how many times I’ve been in the city without being carjacked, shot, or killed. My friends who actually live in the city must be magic.

      • Scooby’s Doobies

        The chance of being a victim of a crime in St. Louis is 1 in 13.
        The chance of being a victim of a violent crime in St. Louis is 1 in 63.
        The St. Louis crime index is 130% higher than the Missouri average and and the Missouri crime index is 15% higher than the National average.
        The St. Louis violent crime rate is 267% higher than the Missouri average and and the Missouri violent crime rate is 17% higher than the National average.
        The St. Louis property crime rate is 111% higher than the Missouri average and and the Missouri property crime rate is 14% higher than the National average.
        The chance of being a victim of a property crime in St. Louis is 1 in 16.

        Consider yourself lucky. I had two cars stolen, had my house broken into and found a bullet hole in my car before I vacated. My neighbor two doors down was burglarized and had his house burned to the ground on Shiller in South City. In the year and a half that I lived there there were two shootings on the block, five drugs busts and one day got to watch the cops chase a guy down the street on foot at 1 in the afternoon.

        • Cantbelieveimnotdead

          Numbers without context are not terribly meaningful. 1 in 13 when? A year? In my lifetime? Every time I cross the city line? In every area of the city? Can you give me a source for these numbers?

          The fact that the city has a higher crime rate than the state is, shall we say, unastonishing. Take almost any largish city and compare the crime rate to the state it occupies and it will have a considerably higher crime rate. Because cities have more people, and people are usually the ones committing crimes.

          Nobody is denying that St. Louis has a crime problem. But hysterical hyperbolic comments like “drive down the streets of any neighborhood and you’re more than likely going to get carjacked, shot or killed” are both thoroughly inaccurate and unhelpful.

  • Dan Stevens

    the Tawana Brawley incident happened in Wappingers.. not Poughkeepsie

    • BenderBukowski

      It didn’t “happen” at all.

  • Mitchell Colurciello

    I fucking had it! I’ve lived in Poughkeepsie for ever. My whole life! Bumper to bumper traffic?! Where the tits does that happen?????? Also I’d like to know if this blogger has even been in Poughkeepsie. Route nine may run through Poughkeepsie but is not “the city” of Poughkeepsie at all. I’ve herd about this blog for the past three days. And I say fuck this fuck who wrote this. PKNY DOWN FOR LIFE

    • Spooky89

      I moved from PoTown 26 years and I am NEVER going back! That place sucks and is a very dismal place to live. I may go back to visit every now and then, but will not live there.

      • BenderBukowski

        Yeah. Plenty of things to do in surrounding areas, but socially PoTown has nothing to offer once you’re over 23.

        Nobody wants to live there really, just stuck because of lack of confidence and/or imagination. Or a good relationship with their public assistance caseworker.

    • Dr Gordon Freeman

      You may have ‘herd’ about the block, but apparently not taken an English class.

  • nsuviolin

    I’m taking a shot in the dark that the author is either from NYC, San Francisco or LA…otherwise, I can’t even begin to understand how those cities aren’t listed. This “article” is silly.

    • Daniel Latta

      If the author lived in San Francisco, Oakland would have made the list.

      • MikeChuk21

        I am from New York, and I’m baffled as to how many drugs you need to convice yourself that Chicago is a worse place to live than Paterson, N.J.

        • MikeChuk21

          And this author can’t be from the Northeast if he thinks the Connecticut blue bloods ever lived in the Hartford area. They come from the other side of the state, in Stamford, Westport and the other Fairfield County NYC commuter towns — and they still do.

        • Daniel Latta

          No offense man, but you New Yorkers are infamous for looking down on people for living on the wrong block of Manhattan. I’m not sure you can be trusted to have an unbiased opinion of cities in New Jersey.

          • MikeChuk21

            I lived in New Jersey from age 13 to age 33 and am a proud Rutgers graduate. I have much love for New Jersey but comparing Paterson to Chicago is like comparing a grapefruit to a hockey puck. World-class city vs. burned-out industrial town in the shadow of New York, Newark and all of the lovely Passaic and Bergen County bedroom communities that surround it. Seriously? Chicago has the Magnificent Mile. People who live in Paterson have to travel to Wayne if they want to go to Wal-Mart.

  • duffyd

    I grew up in Poughkeepsie and currently live in San Francisco. This Is what I would say to the author. Have you been to the Walkway Over the Hudson? This is the world’s longest pedestrian bridge and it spans the mighty Hudson River in Poughkeepsie. How about to the CIA? The Culinary Institute of America is the nation’s most prestigious chef school. That is right near Poughkeepsie. How about going to a Marist Women’s basketball games? This Cinderella team play teams such as Oklahoma and beats them on their own court. Poughkeepsie is not SF. In some ways it’s better.

    • Monkey Torture

      CIA is out on a country road. It’s not in Po town proper. if you hang out near the train station, you might get a better view of poughkeepsie. head up the hill to the civic center. not a good city at all.

  • Erik Turner

    Saint Louis is an epic mess, but no matter what, it is my region, it is my city, and I will always know that while it is a shameful wreck of a metro area, I know it can do much better, and I will never give up hope. If you run from your problems, you are only failing yourself.

    • Monkey Torture

      that is 100% the right answer. i salute you.

  • Daniel Latta

    Can’t help but notice no-one has shown up to defend Fresno.

  • Daniel Latta

    The picture you always use of Stockton is actually a picture of Suisun City, 53 miles away. If you’re going to make a pseudo-news clickbait site to harvest money from Google Adsense, you should probably research your crap better.

  • Eli the Man

    ha Poughkeepsie…

  • Doug Weaver

    Have you ever been to St. Louis? I lived in North StL County (Normandy) in grad school and now I have a house in the city. These numbers are overblown because of the Michael Brown shooting and are atypical.

    Most statistics about StL are actually about East St. Louis in Illinois anyway. No downtown area? What about Old North, the Central West End, or The Grove? And just outside of the city we have The Loop. Most of us don’t much care for provel, actually. It tastes good, but you’ll never poop again. You failed to mention toasted ravioli, StL style hotdogs or frozen custard. You also didn’t mention the free zoo, free art museum, free history museum, or free outdoor theatre at the Muny.

    Are you really going to condemn an entire city for a few blocks of very specific crime, which may or may not even be happening in the same state as the city you’re referencing?

    This is bad journalism, and you should be ashamed.

    • hammerhead993

      Wow, what an incredibly wrong statement….”Most stats about STL are actually about East St. Louis…” Just plain factually incorrect. Please don’t say that to anybody again unless you like to lie. And, while I agree that Forest Park and the free museums are cool, are you going to hang out there every day? If you have to mention STL style hotdogs in defending your city, that’s grasping at straws. Your post is typical of people from STL, and I’m from STL…..lots of complaining about how the city is viewed while ignoring that much of what is being said about the city is true. Nobody ever comes up with any solutions to make the city better, it’s always “it’s the county’s fault that blah blah blah…” or, that ranking “didn’t include the suburbs blah blah blah” The CITY of St. Louis is a dangerous place. Within the city limits of the city of St. Louis, it’s dangerous. Is every single block dangerous 24/7? No. But, it makes total sense to make the general statement that the CITY of St. Louis, within the city limits of the city of St. Louis, is a dangerous place.

  • JT

    Cleveland: Really? You’re going to dredge up the Cuyahoga River catching on fire 46 years ago? That’s timely. The polluters are long gone now. Even Lake Erie has good water in it since Big Steel left the U.S. . And Cleveland has been undergoing quite a renaissance for a long time now. Cleveland Clinic has literally transformed the East Side. The medical field in around the Cleveland area keeps attracting professionals and viable business and much expertise in the medical field.Playhouse Square is a revitalized area of downtown boasting the largest outside chandelier and an active theatre scene. Tower City and Terminal Tower complex are an asset to Public Square along with great public transportation all around the Cleveland metro area. Cleveland has a lot of historical relevance and great examples of architectural styles to boot. The suburbs of Cleveland are really nice too. Cleveland boasts some of the best metro parks and recreation areas including beaches of any city here in America. Sure, the national sports teams might not be the greatest but the fans are! And at least they have sports teams. I’ve always been proud to call Cleveland my hometown and your little outdated article doesn’t sway me one bit and shouldn’t others. That goes for many of the towns and cities on your list.

  • SS

    You clearly did not do your research on Poughkeepsie. I have lived there for 20 years so far and have never seen bumper to bumper traffic, and there are many things to do like nice restaurants, nature walks, shopping, historical sites and concert halls. Poughkeepsie is home to many great liberal arts colleges too and we have the beautiful Hudson River and that provides a great resource for learning and recreational activities like kayaking. Does not sound like a city you should run far away from to me…

    • BenderBukowski

      Nice restaurants are few and far between, nature hikes and historical sites are in surrounding areas, the galleria is a miserable collapsing mall filled with hooligans, it’s illegal to go anywhere near the river for the most part thanks to Metro North. Marist and the CIA draw up the most obnoxious noveu riche white trash NJ and LI have to offer and Vassar students wisely never leave the campus. The Bardavon hosts mostly obscure niche performances and it’s a rare occasion when an act that can fill the civic center anywhere near capacity actually chooses to do so. Oh, and rt.9 is impassible during rush hour from the bridge down to the county line.

      A Westchester cost of living to reside in someplace resembling Binghamton where around 2/3 of city residents are on some form of public assistance.

    • April Amlong

      you never seen bumper to bumper traffic? have you ever been on rt 9?

  • SaveTheWorld

    Wow… and so many of these listed cities are full of Obamas people.

    • Trevor Pinnix

      You know, you truly need to get over the ignorance or is it just plain stupidity on your part. There are more whites on public assistance than blacks. There are illiterate, unintelligent, violent, mentally disturbed, and lazy whites just as there are blacks.

      As for your claim to this country, you have less right to claim it than we do. Your ancestors raped, murdered, pillaged this country, and stole it from Native Americans. Then you raped the land and murdered the wild life until most of it is extinct. The Indians regarded life as sacred and killed only what they needed in order to preserve their lives, and they protected the land because they considered it sacred as well. You and your ethnic group have never had respect for life of any kind, and the only thing you have ever had respect for is the “almighty” dollar. Your history proves that time after time, and you will do anything to get it no matter how horrendous.

      Please do not start talking about how sorry blacks are. Your ancestors stole our ancestors from our land and brought us here by force, all of those who did not choose to die by throwing themselves over board into the sea. We were treated as less than human, and lived in worse conditions than your animals. The men were forced to be studs, while our children were ripped from the arms of there mothers at birth, sometimes cut from their bellies and sold. Wives were taken from their husbands and often raped before their very eyes. It was the design of slave owners to wipe from us every bit of decency and humanity we possessed and to some degree, they succeeded. The horrendous treatment of my people at the hands of your people was a sin before God. You did not want us to have an education, and we were killed if we were caught reading or it was known that we could because that was considered being an “uppity nigger.” The picture you have representing your profile is what you referred to us as. You feel it is a joke. That is why you have it there. Your ancestors did everything they could to destroy us other than genocide, and you have been trying to do that every since you could not own us as slaves. When slavery ended legally, you begin to lock us in prison for every conceived thing you could think of and now more black men are in prison today than the number of all who were slaves. Most of these are there unjustly and on life sentences for marijauna (3 times losers). My people have attempted many times to live productive lives on their own. We have built self sufficient towns, taking care of our own, not involving whites in any way, and still, you were not satisfied. Your ancestors burnt them to the ground, killing more than half of the residents. That is in the history books, but you don’t want to mention that. Whenever we attempt to climb, you attempt to put your foot on our necks, but still we rise!!

      It has never been the intention of white society to allow the black man to have anything, and you constantly try to throw up the smoke screen that it is our fault we don’t have the same privileges as the poorest white person on earth. You don’t want us to have decent jobs, decent houses, decent incomes or anything of material relevance because you are afraid. Yes! Afraid!!!!!!!!! You are afraid that if we possess these things, if we ever have the power you have that we will treat you as we have been treated. You are beyond ignorant!!! We have always had the opportunity to kill you, but we were born with qualities that you and your ancestors have never seemed to possess, and those qualities are the ability to love, forgive and a respect for life!!!! No!!! We don’t all possess it, but as a whole, we do because you are still alive!!

      Get over it!! This country was built on the backs of my ancestors, from the White house to the South, literally!! Almost every invention that has made your life comfortable, a black man invented it. You are able to talk on a cell phone because of a black man. The stop lights, plasma, all the uses of peanuts, the washing machine…, and the list goes on and on and on, but you don’t want to know about those things because the only way you can think yourself superior to us is to attempt to make us less than you. Give it up. You can’t do the impossible. Of course, maybe in your mind you can, and the feeble, weak minds of the ignorant like yourself, who choose to be ignorant, but not in reality.

      My ancestors built cities, the pyramids, had paved highways, running water and irrigation systems before this any European country had them. White people as an ethnic group did not even exist until the late 1800’s. And the last fact is that President Obama’s people do not live in the United States. Most of them still reside in Africa, those who do not are White, just like you, and I am sure they know the plural of Obama is not “Obamas.” What you need to do is get an education, and then, you may be able to get a life and stop trying to make yourself feel important by trying to make other people feel less important. You will NEVER succeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • SaveTheWorld

        Trevor, I agree with much of what you say and much is also bullshit.

        BUT… these cities are now shitholes because a large contingent of ‘your people’ (your words, not mine) lost their way. They became lazy, they became happy with handouts and they forgot that family, mothers, fathers and children are the foundation that success can be built upon. Almost every successful Black American I have the pleasure of knowing agrees and talks daily about the guidance that his father AND mother gave during their childhood. I have also been to Africa where the women work hard and the men don’t… Is this just culture? Asians, Mexicans, Central Americans come to the USA without anything and a generation later have accomplished more that 5thn generation Black Americans who has the handouts. WHY?

        • Dr Gordon Freeman

          It’s because ‘his people’ are lazy, shiftless, violent, and cheap. Why work, when you can rob people and steal their shit? Look at the lack of fathers in the hood.

        • Jay Grey

          American’s in general are lazy. There are Africans that come to the country and become wealthy.

    • Trevor Pinnix

      I started to share some information with you about your comment, but I realized in the mist of what I was saying that it is people who think as you do, who are responsible for the conditions of the cities in this list we are reading, and they are not predominantly black.

      You don’t know the plural of “Obama,” and, yet, you have the unmitigated gall to attempt to blame the condition of this country on blacks. It is because of blacks you have this country because your ancestors were to lazy to get up off their behinds and build it themselves.

      Therefore, you have a good day living in the bliss of your stupidity because there is nothing anyone can say to you that will wake you up. The only way people who think as you do can feel good about themselves is by attempting to put your foot on the neck of other people to attempt to hold them down, but still we rise!!!!

      • MatBastardson

        only black people can be obama people? because something like 53% of the electorate voted for him, and something like 90% of those people are white. you must be some kind of racist to assume that only a black person can be an obama person. I personally know TONS of white hopey-changey people.

        Also I don’t think there is a single city in america that is ‘predominantly black’. since blacks are only 12 – 13% of the population of the entire country, I don’t see how it would be possible, even in the cities with the largest percentage of black citizens.

        • Dr Gordon Freeman

          Buffalo, NY

      • noniggersintheusa

        Black people did not build a godamn thing in this country. They barely suffered for not even a long time. The Chinese built this country you stupid fuck. And blacks are the cause of the crime in most cities with a high crime rate. Either them or Hispanics. Asians, whites, and native americans are the only people who don’t sit there and kill people for fun, or rape people all the time(64% of rapes are by blacks) and start street wars. Do some research on the big lie about slavery.

        • JT

          @ nonggersintheusa: Just by your name we know you are a racist bigot. African Americans built all kinds of things here in the United States. They built cars, bridges, roads, trains, planes, and many other daily use products. They are professionals of all sorts including doctors, dentists, scientists, and all kinds of other professions and are teaching at all levels of education including our colleges and universities. They are even politicians! It is ignorant to ignore this fact. I find your statement outrageous and absolutely ignorant. I’m just as sure all races and ethnicities helped build our country and have built “things”. All the races have been involved in crimes. It is people like you who divide this country instead of unite it so we can solve problems so our country can continue to be great.

          • Dr Gordon Freeman

            Stupid SJW.

      • Somethingwicked

        Tsk, tsk. So hard to be a grammar nazi, isn’t it, Trevor? It was the possessive that was incorrect, not the plural. “Obama” being singular and “people” already being plural would result in “Obama’s people” (the people belonging to Obama). There. I feel better now.

  • JPB

    Except that the Tawana Brawley thing didn’t happen in Poughkeepsie. It happened in Wappingers Falls. But, y’know, other than the facts, this is a good article.

  • Monkey Torture

    The walk over the Hudson was a waste of money. should have dismantled the whole thing and made the Hudson view better.

  • John

    Saint Louis was honestly the most sickening place we visited in the US. I couldn’t even imagine what kind of garbage lives there every day of their lives.

  • jkeelsnc

    You know I’m so tired of people complaining about black people, etc. The fact is the largest recipient of government aid are rural white southerners and from some other rural areas of the country as well. Yet, for some reason a black person always has to be singled out. I am white and I say this only because I see so much hypocrisy directed at particular race(s). Many of the places that are on the list are run by (largely) white conservative governments that were run into the ground like Fresno, Stockton and San Bernardino. There are plenty of failed cities in different parts of the country that are either majority black or white, etc. And there are many failed rural areas (economically) that are largely white (and incredibly bigoted and hypocritical). Find out facts of information and check your ignorance at the door if your going to run your big mouth online. I do agree that people should work. However, do your really think that an 18 year old from Newark or Paterson or Hialeah really has the same opportunity at a job or education as someone from Orange County, California? If you think that then honestly I have to tell you that your smoking something bad and need to stop. There is nothing wrong with having wealth. But you must realize that other people do not have the same advantages, opportunites, and access to things in life when they start on in poverty. Will some people overcome it? Yes, but they are a minority and people bogged down with inadequate income, moldy run down housing, violence all over the place, and chronic disease that they cannot get treated are probably going to be struggling with survival with these things when the wealthy person rarely has to struggle daily with them because they always have the resources and the money to take care of whatever they face in life and to do most everything they want. It’s time for this country to wake up and stop classism and racism. If its a liberal diatribe then so be it. The so called “christians” nowadays are the worst at doing what their Jesus commanded or what he set as an example in his own life. Hypocrisy, greed, and apathy are the disease. Concern, understanding, and compassion are the cure.

  • Enzio Creed

    comments are so fun to read now! I love the grammar poking, Obama blaming bigots. You find ways to bring race into everything… hiding behind your computers… Boy are you “sticking it to minorities with your snide comments, waiting for the next missing comma or misspelled word.” Did ever occur that the reason many of these places listed in the article are in the conditions are that is because people are too focused on the stupid minor issues and not fixing the problem. You fake people that throw blanket statements about blacks or “Obamans” or whatever, are just a much of the problem as the people you blaming. Keep up the great work in bringing America down… Keep telling your world.. I mean the world about the atrocities of the great minority plague that worships Obama… this is great! I We are beginning to see the true product of America’s failing education system both in the bigot that write this crap and the thugs on street.

  • Nice accompanying photo- since when do they sell Renault minivans in New Jersey?

  • rwruger

    Notice the racial demographics of the worst cities.

  • Pearl

    It’s encouraging to see people defend their cities, no matter what others might think. If you live in Stockton and it’s your home then it’s good that you see the positive of Stockton. Make those places wholesome and good and be proud of them.

  • Dominic Lacerenza

    Gotta give the dude in the Camden picture props. His knife was much shorter than that other guys’ yet he still managed to win the day with less reach. Here’s looking at you short knife wielding guy who educates other thugs and simpletons in the ways of the blade. Touche sir.

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