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Top 20 Cities In The U.S. You Should Run Away From


27/7 Wall St. listed Hialeah as one of the worst-run cities in the country with one of the lowest median household incomes and one of the highest unemployment rates among major American cities.

When it comes to education, Florida’s sixth city is also at the bottom of the list. Namely, only 71.2% of the adult population in Hialeah had a high school diploma in 2014, while just 14, 5% of adults had a bachelor’s degree or higher, around half the national rate.

As it often comes with poor education, nearly 15% of jobs in Hialeah were in the low-paying retail industry. According to 24/7 Wall St., 31% of residents lived below the poverty line in 2014— nearly twice the U.S. rate of 15.9%.

Further, more than one third of the population didn’t have health insurance, the most among the 100 largest cities in America.

Another study, performed by finance social network WalletHub, ranked Hialeah as the fifth worst place of the 100 most populated cities nationwide in 2014. The study analyzed 25 different metrics, from the number of swimming pools per capita to the average monthly fitness center fee.

Unsurprisingly, Hialeah was deemed one of the worst places to lead an active lifestyle in America. The city’s lack of playground parks ranked it 97/100 since Hialeah has only 15 parks for its more than 233,000 inhabitants.

The figures speak for themselves – Hialeah is not the place where you want to live, work or raise your kids.

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