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Top 20 Cities In The U.S. You Should Run Away From

13. Buffalo, NY

People started leaving Buffalo in the 1960s and never stopped resulting in a decrease of more than 50 percent over the past 50 years alone, according to Xfinity Finance, which included the troubled city on its list of most miserable cities for its pitiful job market, skyrocketing crime rates and government verging on bankruptcy. And these are just a few reasons why people are shuffling “out of” as opposed to “off to” Buffalo.

Where do we even begin? Cited by Forbes as among the “Most Miserable” and the “Most Dangerous” American cities, Buffalo is an astounding demonstration of a town gone terribly wrong. There’s no remedy in sight thanks to a 31 percent poverty rate — the third highest in the country — based on figures from the Census Bureau and reported by WGRZ.

Buffalo is not only one of the country’s poorest cities, but the ailing job market offers little to no hope. And while vacancy rates have declined in recent years, the city remains in crisis, as evidenced by a 2013 report from the Partnership for the Public Good which indicates a disproportionate number of vacant and abandoned houses — never a promising sign.

At least if you’re going to live in a town that sucks, you might as well look good doing it, but not so for Buffalo: Bundle recently declared this cold spot to be the country’s least fashionable metropolis, a full 10 times less fashionable than the rest of the country.

We haven’t even mentioned the weather yet. Life in the “Snowbelt” sees about 94 inches of snow every year, according to U.S. Climate Data, and typically begins as early as November and continues well into April. Even snow junkies will admit: it should never snow in April. Even worse?

Snow in October and May is not unheard of here. We think August seems like a pretty safe bet for some snow-free days, but we don’t advise waiting around to find out.

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