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Top 15 Best Food Cities In The World


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8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

This city and country is known for its Argentine beef, and restaurants like Dora and Cabaña Las Lilas offer some of the best. The waterfront neighborhoods offer fashionable restaurants like Happening for Argentinean-Italian barbecue and Katrine for Mediterranean cuisine. With plenty of European influence and crowded cafés, you’ll also find lots of exquisite spots for afternoon tea plus hopping night life.

7. Oaxaca, Mexico

Traditional Mexican breakfast buffets are a must here, and the Camino Real hotel is a great choice. Overlooking town square is El Marques del Valle, and chapulines (roasted grasshoppers) are a possibility at the markets (don’t knock them til you’ve tried them!) There’s Chocolate Mayordomo for sweets and custom mole sauces La Soledad. Make lunch your main meal of the day: El Catedral, La Casa de la Abuela, El Mesón and Tlaminalli are excellent choices.

6. Tokyo, Japan

Start at the Tsukiji Fish Market for a sushi breakfast and pick up any cooking supplies you might need. Waketokuyama, Tsujitome, Kihachi and Mandaraya can bring you foiegras, caviar, French-Japanese fusion and other nontraditional choices. French food is influential in Tokyo, but there are also plenty of exquisite Japanese choices.

5. New Orleans, USA

Try Antoine’s to experience one of the oldest restaurants in America, but save time to try the New Creole spots as well. Emeril Lagasse is the most well-known chef, but restaurants Bayona, Gautreau’s, Brigtsen’s and Peristyle are all excellent as well. Traditional cooking at Jacques-Imo’s is incredible, and you’ll enjoy the French-Vietnamese fusion at Lemon Grass.

4. Rome, Italy

Classic Roman cooking can be found at Trattoria da Lucia. Pick up gorgeous produce at Campo dei Fiori market or enjoy pizza with eggs in Baffetto. Settimio al Pellegrino serves salt cod on Fridays and gnocchi on Thursdays. Pasta at Agata e Romeo will not disappoint and the city is known for its seafood. For dessert, try warm sfogliatelle (pastry with ricotta) at Pasticceria Bella Napoli or gelato from one of the street vendors.

3. San Francisco, USA

Restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley is a must; you might also consider Masa’s, Cypress Club, PlumpJack Cafe, Jardinière and Oliveto in Oakland. The Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market, Acme Bread Company, The Slanted Door and Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe are also incredible. For drinks, there’s sake and more at Loongbar, and restaurants like LuLu are keeping San Fran trendy.

2. Paris, France

Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaireare, Le Pre Catalan and Tailleventremains are not to be missed in Paris. For more traditional dishes, try the bistro La Regalade, Le Dôme or Willi’s Wine Bar, or grab a croque monsieur from one of the street carts. Take at least one day for a picnic; buy a traditional baguette, organic produce and exquisite cheeses from one of the bountiful markets.

1. New York, USA

New York has it all — the original melting pot of cultures, this is true of its food choices as well. Excellent seafood, artisanal bakeries, famous New York pizza slices and fusion cuisine abound. Sushi, French food and Indian influences don’t offset your ability to get a great steak here. Cafes, taverns and wine bars are plentiful, too. There’s something for every palette in the city that never sleeps.

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