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Top 21 Small Cities In Virginia

5. Abingdon

This quaint little town is surrounded by mountains in the Blue Ridge Highlands region in Washington County. Named after Martha Washington’s ancestral home, Abingdon offers plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

The scenery is beautiful and the downtown district is like stepping back into time with its tree lined streets and brick sidewalks. Visitors can enjoy the many little shops, cafes and restaurants along the way.

According to the Abingdon, Virginia website, the area’s original name was Wolf Hills, thanks to Daniel Boone in 1860. In 1778 the Assembly of Virginia established the Town of Abingdon, making it one of the oldest settlements west of the Blue Ridge to speak English.

The Barter Theater is one of the notable sites in the town. It has featured such great names as Gregory Peck, Ernest Borgnine and Patricia Neal. The Tavern Restaurant resides in the oldest building in Abingdon. Patrons have been served there since 1779. Abingdon is also a key point on the Crooked Road – Virginia’s Music Heritage Trail. This trail honors the growth and history of traditional Appalachian music.

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