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Top 21 Absolutely Ugliest Cities In The World


17. Chisinau, Moldova

There are plenty of cities in the former Soviet Union that are ugly. There are even more that are just plain boring. Some of them are really rundown while others struggle with too many people living in them. Well, Chisinau, the capital of Moldova has a bit of everything.

The effect that Chisinau has on a visitor is perhaps best experienced if you arrive in the city by train. When they tell you that this station is yours, you think they are joking. How could this be the main train station in a country’s capital? Well, it is. Were all those incredibly boring and oversized buildings not enough of an indication?

The center of the city is a story in itself, the best example of what Soviet Union considered to be worthy of an autonomous republic capital city. It is literally a whole bunch of space, lined by humongous, insanely boring and bland government buildings. Oh yeah, there is also some sort of a triumphal arch there too.


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