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Top 20 Small Cities In Canada

St. Albert, Alberta
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15. St. Albert, Alberta

Situated on the banks of the Sturgeon River, St. Albert is known as “The Botanical Arts City.” According to the official website, St. Albert was founded Father Albert Lacombe in 1861.

He constructed the Father Lacombe Chapel, which still stands today, more than 150 years later. It is the oldest building in Alberta, and it is classified as a Provincial Heritage Site. St. Albert received village status in 1904, and was officially listed as a city in 1977.

The 2012 St. Albert Census shows that this small city has a population of nearly 61,000 people. This affluent city boasts an average household income of $128,270 and home prices averaging at $373,426. According to St. Albert’s business profile, industry is highly varied.

Technical, professional and scientific services make up a large portion of the labor force. Other popular occupations are mining, retail trade and health care.

One of the reasons why St. Albert calls itself “The Botanical Arts City” is because of its many green initiatives. The city government is committed to attracting environmental and botanical researchers and engineers from around the globe. St. Albert also has a variety of green programs, such as Clean Air Day, the Rain Barrel Program, and more.

When it comes to recreation, St. Albert attracts newcomers with all kinds of fun activities. The city’s website lists numerous parks, athletic fields and aquatic centers. The Cultural Services Department is the driving force behind art and theatre in St. Albert.

They manage several performing and visual arts programs, the Arden Theatre, the Public Art Collection, and several art and craft festivals. Despite its small size, St. Albert has no lack of things to do and places to go. The active community, surrounding wilderness, and thriving economy make St. Albert the top choice among people searching for a place to call home.

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