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Top 13 Best Sports Cities In The United States

Seattle, WA
Photo credit: prorallypix / Flickr

If the recent Super Bowl is any indication, fans can have a definite impact on the outcome of a game. Consequently, if you’re a fan of any sport whether it be basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer or football these are the cities you will want to call home.

1. Seattle, WA

Fresh off winning the 2014 Super Bowl, the city of Seattle is quickly becoming one of the best cities in the US for sports. In addition to football, Seattle is home to professional soccer, baseball and WNBA teams. With a raucous fan base, it is no surprise to see Seattle on this list.

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  • Bishop Johnson

    what about the senators?

  • Bishop Johnson

    what about the bulls? you are not a sports writer

  • Bishop Johnson

    brooklyn nets

  • puck

    RE Minneapolis…….. NHL Sharks?

  • Elvis Holly

    Seriously????? Cleveland, Dallas, San Francisco????? These 3 cities are the worst “bandwagon” fans in the world. Philly????? maybe, but they are such idiots in Philly, people hate to go there!

    • Jason Reiter

      Please explain to me how in the hell you would conisder Cleveland a bandwagon city? We are a city who hasn’t seen a professional sports championship in almost 65 years. A bandwagon fan is someone who jumps on late when a team is WINNING.

    • Sarah

      Try telling a cowboys fan that they are a “bandwagon fan”. How could they be bandwagon fan when the Cowboys lose half of their games and they’re still a fan. The games are pretty much always sold out to watch a losing team, but yep, we’re bandwagon fans??

  • ar12

    No way man, Miami has the WORST bandwagon fans in the country. No one goes to games unless a team is good. Who goes to Panther games? No one goes to Hurricanes games now that they suck. Marlins maybe get 8000 people a game. How many people were Heat fans before Lebron showed up? No one even goes to Dolphin games because they suck!

  • bajanman

    Miami is the worse, only sellout when the heat is in the playoff, marlins average 10.000 a game, larger when the yankees,mets,cubs and phillies come to town

  • Joseph Maier

    Elvis Holly obviously knows nothing about Philly or their fans. There ARE NO Bandwagon fans in Philly. You either are or are not. I will give Elvis Holly partial credit for his Dallas comment, though. Cleveland? I really feel for those people! I would put any Philly Phan up against Elvis. Even the dumbest would certainly show Elvis for the obvious idiot that he is.

  • Techster64

    Los Angeles can not be #3 sports city, when they can not support an NFL team. It is likely that the city has too many distractions to support professional sports to the extent that major eastern cities do. The roots for teams such as exist in Boston just do not exist in L.A.

  • 1uncleduff

    Seattle should be given a higher rank. Many of the top 10 cities have populations larger than our entire state. Our soccer team draws better than all other MLS teams. Our WNBA team draws very well. When the NBA recognizes that Seattle will make the corporation more dough than Sacramento or Milwaukee, the Sonics will come back. with great spirit. Plus we want hockey and arena sports.

  • jcosti

    There is no way Miami should be on this list.

  • Ishkabibble

    Uh, Brooklyn, and their NBA team, is in NYC. And for Miami to even be on this list….

  • Thomas Tweedle

    Are you kidding me? You have Cleveland on this list?!? What about Baltimore (Ravens, O’s, Blast, beautiful stadiums) or Pittsburgh (Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, beautiful city, rabid fans)? The weather is hot as can be in Phoenix, which is why the teams play in domes. And just an FYI, the Patriots don’t make their home in Boston. And everyone else on here is right, Miami sucks as a sports city.

    • m320753

      Neither do the Football Giants and Jets play their games in NYC but they are within sight of the city, as are the N.J. Devils, The N.J. Nets are now playing in Broklyn, NYC a borough in the city, FYI not only is Brooklyn a borough in The city of New York, but if it formed it’s own city it would become the 4th largest city in America

  • Rod Torfelson

    When Detroit is left off a best sports cities list, your list immediately becomes invalid.

  • Mike McCracken

    The Sharks play in San Jose, not Minneapolis. The Wild is Minnesota’s hockey team. Sorry, but I have to take your list with a grain of salt….

  • ryan

    Crap, the Minneapolis Sharks… I’ve been cheering for the Willd for years…

    • Keita Jones

      I live in the Bay Area so I’m still confused about the Minneapolis Sharks

  • Corey M

    Minneapolis and Cleveland over Indianapolis, IN (Colts, Pacers, Indy 500, NFL Scouting Combine, MLB Winter Meetings, Brickyard 400!?!?!?!

    • MikeM

      Totally agree Corey M. Indy has a TON to offer….what is this author thinking? Not to mention being the amateur sports capital and two of the finest stadiums in professional sports – Banker’s Life Fieldhouse for the Pacers and Lucas Stadium for the Colts.

  • James Post

    Los Angeles has gone 19 seasons without an NFL franchise, the LA ranking makes no sense. Maybe it belongs on the list, but most of the fans leave the events early to beat the traffic.

  • Aron

    Every major sport is in Cleveland? What about the NHL?

  • Peter Miller

    Just a made up list of large cities with nothing to do with how many people see the games, how many watch on TV or anything else that would be relevant to the intensity of or participation of the fans. example: LA fans are bad fans, they show up late, they leave early, they can’t even support an NFL franchise with the 2nd largest population in the country.

  • JJ

    didn’t Washington DC have The Senators as an MLB team?

  • jadjr

    whomever is responsible for this list is a moron. Miami???? Really??? LA???
    No Baltimore or even Pittsburgh??? What a useless list

  • Justin DeVooght

    No Detroit, one of the few cities that has all four major sports. Plus your knowledge of sports history is obviously suspect by your write-up on Washington DC. You forgot their big team the Redskins and their first MLB team would of been the Senators. Terrible article.

  • Keita Jones

    Cleveland made the list but Oakland didn’t? Really?! What a joke. When it comes to sports, Cleveland is THE MOST SNAKEBITTEN city in the world. The Browns suck, the Cavs suck and the Indians suck. The A’s have always been the premier team when it comes to baseball in the Bay Area, the Warriors are making a strong comeback and even though the Raiders suck, they have one of the most storied legacies in football and have a loyal fan base

  • John George

    You lauded Cleveland for having all “3” major sports, you said Minneapolis had the NHL’s Sharks, and you said Washington had their 1st MLB team in 2005. You have no credibility.

  • Anthony Risola

    How is LA on this list? People leave Dodgers games n the 7th inning,but I do agree with Boston being number 1 whe it comes to professional sports. College sports or teams outside of New England? Forget about it..

  • Can’tTrustEm

    Why no college teams?

  • Leftcoastrocky

    L.A. would be #1 if it had an NFL team — what is taking so darn long (second largest market in U.S.)

  • Leftcoastrocky

    blame the NFL and not L.A.

  • Leftcoastrocky

    L.A. also has two big college sports universities — USC and UCLA

  • m320753

    Washington D.C. did not receive it’s first MLB team in 2005. It’s First team Thw Washington Senators played there from the early 1900s before moving To become the Minnesota Twins. Another Washngton Senators sprung up in the 60s with the great Ted Williams as their manager. They also moved out, becoming the Texas Rangers. If anything is correct about this statement , it should read “That Washington D.C.received it’s first National League team in 2005

  • jeff snowden

    Is this guy missing something? Washington DC has the Nats, the Wizards, and the Capitals,,,um, what did he forget? ummmmm…

    oh, yeah, a football team…

    wow, thats 1 minute and a half ill never get back…

  • Gerald

    Yes this is the 3rd baseball team Washington had. the previous 2 became the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers

    • JJ

      Thank you.. I thought I remembered such.

  • Olivertucker1

    I am so mad at myself for continuing to read these stupid lists because they have absolutely no validity!

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