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Top 21 Small Cities In Wisconsin

10. Fish Creek
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3.  Fish Creek

Fish Creek is perhaps the very best town in Wisconsin when it comes to taking pictures; you’ll have a hard time finding a place in the state with a more picturesque and varied landscape. The town is perched right on the Door County peninsula, which overlooks Green Bay. To take a look at the city on Google Maps, it seems that no matter where you live in Fish Creek, you’re never more than a minute’s walk away from a breathtaking photo hunt.

If you really want some beautiful photo ops, you can check out Peninsula State Park in the autumn, or Sunset Beach Park anytime you like, although worrying about specific locales is almost pointless. You really can leave your house, walk in any direction, and come to a picturesque area or a park or a creek that will really blow you away.

Fish Creek has a smallish population of just 997 people, according to ZipDataMap, so it’s definitely for those who want a quiet little spot to live or take a vacation. If you want nightclubs and big city amenities, Fish Creek might not be for you.

If you want to know just how picturesque this area is, Door County currently holds the record for most lighthouses. Not only that but the Department of Natural Resources has been making efforts to increase the Eagle population in the area, with Eagle Bluff being home to several nesting pairs. In other words, not only is the town already beautiful, it’s becoming more and more picturesque every single day.

Fish Creek boasts a very impressive art community and is home to the Peninsula School of Art. The School was founded by Madeline Tourtelot in 1965 and features workshops for adults and teens alike. The school helps in inspiring young adults to develop the necessary skills to bring their ideas to life and it’s hard not to be inspired in such a beautiful town.

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