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Top 12 Cities Good For Kids

When it comes to what is good for kids, there are a lot of differing opinions. Some just want the area to be safe. Others look for good schools. Some want lots of parks or cultural attractions. And other factors, such as good air quality that poses little risk for respiratory problems or cancers are also a consideration. Of course, what’s good for the parents is often good for the kids too, like job availability with a reasonable commute and the ability to afford a home. Here’s twelve cities that have a little of everything where you might want to consider settling down.

1. Burlington, VT

Burlington, VT is a great place for kids for several reasons. Located in the Northeast, there are four seasons, but the winters and summers don’t normally reach extreme levels, so kids can enjoy a variety of activities all year round. The state also boasts good schools that feature locally grown produce in the lunches. The crime rate is low and kids can enjoy everything from sailing on Lake Champlain in the summer to skiing in the winter.

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  • guido876

    It’s a couple of hours from NYC, a couple like 6-7. The best thing about Rochester is that there are plenty of low bridges to live under on the Erie Canal.

  • B B

    What idiot wrote this? Some of those “best” places are the most economically depressed towns in the country.

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