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Top 20 Small Cities In Texas

3. Jefferson

If you thought Rockport was tiny, you should get a hold of Jefferson, which is the seat of the Marion County. This city covers only 4.4 square miles and its population barely exceeds 2,000. However, if you think that its size is enough to make it boring and dull, well, you are very much mistaken.

Jefferson is a historic town through and through, founded in 1841 on the land that Native Americans gave to white settlers who came to the area. According to Houston Press, the town’s buildings almost all have some historic significance, making Jefferson a true living museum of sorts. During one point in its history, the town boasted a population of over 7,000.

Jefferson was also an important port on the Red River at one time, before a log jam which kept the water levels high enough for river travel was removed. Once the log jam was removed, the water dropped and river traffic stopped. And since the people of town had already said no to the railroad going through the area, Jefferson started to suffer economically.

Today, however, it is doing more than fine, taking full advantage of its historic authenticity and the feel of Old Texas that tourists love so much.

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