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Top 20 Small Cities In Texas

20. Bandera

Bandera is part of the San Antonio Metro Statistical Area and it is serves as seat of Bandera County. The city commonly refers to itself as the Cowboy Capital of the World and it also boasts a large presence in biker culture. In short, it is a town of bikers and cowboys. Could it get any more Texan than that?

Bandera was actually first founded by Polish Catholic immigrants who built one of the oldest churches in Texas, the St. Stanislaus Catholic Church. Many of the people still living in town are descended from those very immigrants.

The town also found place in popular culture thanks to Willie Nelson’s instrumental “Bandera”; 1975 movie “Race with the Devil”, and being the hometown of Bruce and Charlie Robison, the famous singer-songwriter brothers.

Bandera has that strong “cowboy” feel to it and you will never forget what state you’re in when you are visiting this unique town. You are in Texas and there is no doubt about that.

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