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Top 13 Small Cities In Missouri

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Missouri is a state that is full of wonderful places to visit; many of the small cities here make great places to live. Missouri ranked 16th for the lowest cost of living in the country for 2013, as reported by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, making it possible for you to keep a little bit more of what you earn.

If you love nature, then you will be greatly impressed with the natural beauties of this picturesque state which range from natural geological formations to state and national forests. Missouri offers everything from rustic towns to large metropolitan cities. However, it’s those in between spots that stir up the greatest appeal.

Here is a list of 13 such “obscure” small cities that are sure to pique your interest.

1. Jefferson City

According to Rand McNally, Jefferson City is the most beautiful small town in the United States. By taking a closer look at what Jefferson City has to offer, it is not hard to see why the town earned this distinction. Named after former President Thomas Jefferson, the city’s lovely main street, amazing view of the Missouri River and remarkable historical architecture are enough to capture the attention of residents and visitors alike.

Jefferson City is located in the center of the state in an area that’s well known for its wine production. The region was first settled by an ancient people known as the Mound Builders and then later by the Osage Indians. European settlers who arrived afterwards named the city Lohman’sLanding.

It was subsequently renamed Missouriopolis after Missouri’s legislature made the city their capital in the early 1820s. Several years later, the name was changed once again, this time to Jefferson City, a name which has remained to this day.

Jefferson City is the current capital of Missouri with a population of just over 43,000 residents. Despite its small size, it is actually the fifteenth largest city in the state. The construction of Still Hospital and the infamous Missouri State Penitentiary has helped Jefferson City to grow from a small agricultural village into an actual city.

According to City Data, unemployment currently stands at just under 6%, a figure which would spark the envy of many other towns across the country. The state government of Missouri is by far the largest employer in town.

The city has been home to many famous politicians, sports players and other notable individuals. Some prominent people who were born and raised in Jefferson City include Cedric the Entertainer, Maya Moore, Shaman’s Harvest, John Opel and James T. Blair Jr.

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  • roger knox

    amazing that only gove. criticized is christie this report is obviously political. I’m sure these cities have been on the list for many years and now it’s christies fault wow

  • Maureen Dailey-Argon

    They named 14 cities but somehow only mentioned the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christy as being responsible for his states cities crime. Why not mention Governor Brown of California, Oakland was #1? Obliviously political.

  • Frank S

    These are not small cities.

  • ya main man rob G

    3/4 of these are suburbs of St Louis, not really “small cities in Missouri”

  • Lisa Farrand Kemp

    You Wikipedia’d all of your stuff, didn’t you. You also Google imaged random pictures that MAY have something to do with these small towns? Or, you sent some high school nerds from the yearbook club to take nonsensical pictures that do not represent these towns. The Botanical Gardens are near Tower Grove Park, near Downtown St Louis, not Chesterfield. The Butterfly House is in the Botanical Gardens, not in Chesterfield. Ballwin is NOT a haven for students attending universities 30 minutes away (late at night, maybe – 45 minutes or more during regular drive times). Glendale is a old suburb of St Louis that is nothing but older homes and cheap retail near railroad tracks. What about Washington, MO? What about Lee’s Summit, MO? What about Joplin, MO? This whole article is retarded.

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