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Top 15 Small Cities In California


10. El Segundo
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6. El Segundo

An rarity in Los Angeles County, El Segundo offers relaxing, remote beaches that aren’t usually full of tourists and beachcombers. Waves tend to be rougher, keeping away casual surfers and paddle-boarders who hit the waves as a weekend hobby.

Serious swimmers and surfers, as well as those who just want to relax in the privacy of a secluded beachfront, will choose El Segundo Beach over the sardine-packed shores of Long Beach and Malibu.

Southern California isn’t usually associated with affordable parking or ease of transportation, but Yelp reviewers maintain that El Segundo Beach makes up for the region’s snobbier and less accessible beaches. Secured bike racks, affordable parking meters, and well-placed parking lots are among the perks that reviewers cite most frequently.

Some Yelp users even said they found the beach by accident, seeking an escape from the standstill 405 at rush hour, and wound up falling in love with the town’s hidden beauty.

El Segundo works hard to keep its beaches clean; according to the City of Segundo’s official website, the city government runs its public beach and parks, not the state. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that residents take pride in the beauty and hospitality of their humble setting; they recently erected brand new bathrooms near one of their main parking areas, and are known to help pick up trash along the beach.

Other community-wide volunteer opportunities are available through El Segundo’s Citizen Corps, a volunteer program that includes a Neighborhood Watch committee and an emergency response team. When you live in El Segundo, it’s hard to feel lonely with such an active community of peers who genuinely want to help make the world a better place.

You can also give back at the town’s annual fundraising event, the Hometown Fair and Carnival, which raises funds for the local high school and parks department.

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