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Top 11 Pet Friendly Cities

Colorado Springs, Colorado

40% of households in the US have a dog, and 34% of them at least one cat, which qualifies US citizens as great pet lovers. Other figures show that Americans spent 50 billion dollars in 2011 only for their pets, which is more than they spent in the same year for common goods, such as beer and ice cream. To say that US dwellers really love their pets would be an understatement. Their preoccupation in making life for Fido and Fluffy as great as possible reflects in how cities have evolved over time to accommodate the needs of these little friends.

The best cities in the US for pet lovers have a wide array of pet-friendly parks, great veterinarians, active groups advocating animal rights, boutiques and retail stores dedicated to pets, and many other amenities and accommodations designed with pets’ needs in mind.

1. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is not famous only for its outstanding scenery. With over 10,000 acres of open spaces, parks and trails, where you can enjoy a great time with your pet, Colorado Springs is preferred by many pet owners as a traveling destination and even for moving in.

A notable feature of Colorado Springs is that pets are allowed entrance to important landmarks and area attractions, such as Bear Creek Nature Center, Manitou Cliff Dwellings and Red Rock Canyon, where pet owners can let their dogs exercise on the dedicated loops and trails.

Pet-oriented businesses are a fixture in Colorado Springs. However, if you want a truly stylish experience for you and your pet, in case you are just traveling to Colorado’s second big city, it is recommended to stay at the five-star Broadmoor Hotel, where your furry friend will enjoy special bedding, bowls and complimentary snacks.

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  • Jack

    Denver? Really? A city with BSL? Are you kidding? Read studies from all around the world, be honest and you’ll see that this breeds are nor more dangerous as media and some people are telling

    • Philippe Couture

      They say bullshit about others city.. About Montreal,qc they say : In 1976 there was a referendum and because of this 100000 anglophones left Montreal. It was in fact in 1980. lol Need history course.

      They say criminality rate is 86 for 100000 but it is in fact about 33 for 100000. http://www.citiesjournal.comsays a lot of bullshit like that about city , states or province they never went.

      This site is puuurre bullshit !

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