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Top 11 Cities With The Most Democrats


11. Boston, MA (pop. 636,479)
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More than 80% of Americans now live in cities, suburbs, or towns. Of these, all but two of the cities with populations over 600,000 are primarily Democrat or nonpartisan.

This reflects the focus of the Democratic Party on issues related to city living – public transportation, urban housing, health, education, employment, and other social issues that arise when masses of people live close. Here are the top 11 cities in the nation with the greatest number of Democratic voters.

11. Boston MA (pop. 636,479)

One of the oldest cities in the U.S., Boston was founded in 1630 by Puritan colonists. From the 19th century through the 21st, the city was radically liberal, conservative, then liberal again – protesting against nuclear weapons, and opposing the Cold War and U.S. policies in Central America.

Boston plays a major role in state politics and has been primarily Democratic for over 100 years.

10. El Paso TX (pop. 672,538)

The Republican Party has called for strong controls on immigration, but El Paso is part of a metropolitan center that includes Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico.

Traffic between the three cities has historically flowed freely, with families living on both sides of the border, making immigration restriction nearly impossible here. All six state legislators from the El Paso area, plus the county judge, are Democrats.

9. Detroit MI (pop.689,010)

Detroit, whose metropolitan area includes Canada’s city of Wilson, is another border city whose trade would be disrupted by immigration controls.

Once known as the auto and labor union capitol of the world, the city declined dramatically when the auto industry fell apart. 94% of voters voted for liberal candidates in the 2004 elections, according to the Bay Area Center for Voting Research.

8. Columbus OH (pop. 809,798)

Because of its diverse population and economy, including a high number of recent immigrants, Columbus one of the ten largest cities in the state, all having mayors that are Democrats.

It has a wide mix of races and incomes in its urban, suburban, and nearby rural areas. Columbus has been rated as one of the top cities in the nation to conduct business.

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