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The Top 15 College Towns With Excellent Education And Quality Of Living

15. College Station, Texas
Photo credit: Luc Van Braekel / Flickr

A memorable college experience involves more than merely what you learn in the classroom; it’s also comprised of the people you meet, the places you hang out, and the memories you make in the city while seeking higher knowledge. Here are the top 15 college towns that provide excellent education and quality of living.

1. College Station, Texas

Known for their dynamic research program, superiority in agricultural innovation, and their proud Cadet Core, Texas A&M University in Bryan/College Station is the largest in Texas and fourth nationwide in student body size. The quiet town of College Station comes alive on weekends, and sports are just as important here as a solid education. Low rents, great parties, and Aggie football earn TAMU a spot on our list.

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  • IowaGirl

    Iowa State (#6) doesn’t shine for its academics? Do your homework. Veterinary medicine, engineering and agricultural studies, to name just a few, are among the nation’s tops. And the campus is far more beautiful than the photo chosen (you show sunny photos of Fargo, Ithaca and Burlington, but snow on the ground in Ames? Bad form!)

  • Boyd Timothy Babcock

    These are all cities where blacks are the problem. Sorry libtard own your own shit.

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