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The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In The USA

Although many people may not want to admit it, there are still quite a few cities in the US that are struggling with high crime rates that make them very dangerous for the average citizen to live in.

Many different factors can contribute to making certain cities dangerous to live or work in within the US. There can be issues with armed robberies, lack of police funding, gang related violence and much more that contributes to the lack of safety within city limits.

When considering a relocation for you and your family, it is important to take all of these different facts into consideration before making a move. Some of these top 25 most dangerous cities may surprise you while others may just cause you to shake your head in disbelief.

1. Little Rock, Arkansas

If you aren’t familiar with this part of the country you may think that Little Rock sounds like a nice, quaint little city in the south, but, with an increase in violent crimes over the past few years, it would appear that Little Rock is anything but.

Recent reports analyzed by Business Insider indicate that there were an average of 23 murders per 100,000 people in the city. Their data shows that this was part of a disturbing trend which had the city seeing a record number of homicides in 2011.

Business Insider also reports that things got so bad in Little Rock that at one point the city saw a whopping 8 homicides within a short 30 day period. This news left many including Reverend Benny Johnson, who founded Stop the Violence, to comment that the city was “going down in shambles” to local news affiliates, reported Business Insider.

Another reason to avoid a move to this area has to do in great deal the overall high crime rate within city limits. Neighborhood Scout shows that the city has seen a frightening number of robberies with numbers at an astounding 412 robberies per 100,000 people.

With numbers like these, it is easy to see why any local citizen of Little Rock would be concerned for their general safety on a day to day basis. Neighborhood Scout also shows a high number of violent sexual crimes here with a staggering 70 forcible rapes per 100,000 people.

With a total criminal rate of 96 per 1,000 residents, Little Rock is definitely one of the least safe cities in the US today.

Crime rates are so high that the average citizen’s chances of being involved in some form of crime are 1 in 10. Because of this, Little Rock has been given the lowest safety rating possible by Neighborhood Scout at a 1, where 100 is the highest rating possible.

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  • stichmo

    I have visited all but two of these cities. Can’t recall ever going to Flint, MI or Bridgeport, CT. I wouldn’t hesitate to visit again.

    • Ken Prince Jr

      Neither would I but its still noteworthy data.

    • Col. Nathan Jessup

      You must have good customers for your product in each.

  • wmingpt .

    What do they all have in common?

    • arleeda

      probably high rate of unemployment

      • Johnson Goezinya

        Giant population of moon crickets?

    • Ken Prince Jr

      high population density, cities are and will always be more violent and crime ridden than more rural areas.

      • donsteiny

        That is not so, rural areas have way more drug use and related crime.

    • Groid

      Too many people of a particular race. (not whites or Asians)

      • Jerry Jones

        yea”groid” is caller “negro phobia” fear of blacks and you know what? we are a reality in america. if you are white ,your right,if you are black get back. what a racist devil you are……..

        • Dominic

          Don’t go down to there level, Its not about the color of our skin its about no Fathers, In all these peoples lives!!!!! I’m white, I have blond hair and blue eyes. I have friends that are also white with no father figure and they seem to struggle the most!!! Just sayin

      • common sence

        How bout a low graduation rate and no jobs. Mabey high drug abuse rates. Those are problems that all races face. Tha fact that you would even suggest such a thing shows me and every one else that you are one of those people who are at the cause of all this. Its called racism white supremacy. All races commit crimes. For you to suggest that its only the ppl of color is just ignorant. What makes you think ppl of European descent commit less crimes than ppl of color when the history of this country is based off of ppl of European descent committing crimes? Please just think before you post sum racist untrue sh!t like that.

    • Michael Washington

      Many decades of bad to “descent” public education with funding for books, teaching supplies and building repair not equal to other schools not too far from them.

      • Ron Dante

        Do you mean “decent?”

      • skiph1

        descent? Where did you learn that word?

    • Red Buttons

      All Democratic mayors!!!!

      • big_brutha!!!

        9 of the 15 have GOP Govs with 3 recently electing Dem Govs. That puts
        the GOP responsible for running about 12 of these cities into the
        ground. When does a mayor have any power except for in NY?

        • Sherpa_Dad

          Well, here in WA when the State legislature decided to pass a budget without a tax increase, the county reps (King County dominated by Dems) and mayors put forth tax initiatives themselves. City and County officials do have the opportunities to cut their own throats.

        • Perrius Maximus

          Wrong, buddy….but a novel attempt at diverting the issue of polarized politics. While both sides have scumbags filling their ranks, New Jersey, Indiana and Illinois are all tried and true blue states, regardless of whom their “gov” is. Trickle up poverty politics are squarely to blame for the misery in all of those states.

        • Sue Kawczynski

          Lets not confuse Red with the facts now ….

    • k q

      Why isn’t Chicago on this list? Chicago is the murder capital of the country, someone is missing the point of this article

      • jr

        Crime per capita. And this debunks alot of myths about how dangerous Chicago really is…

      • Allan

        Well, Gary Indiana is pretty much part of Chicago.

      • I am Incognito

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Boc

        Because if you include surrounding areas like they do for most cities, Chicago’s murder rate is closer to 7 per 100,000 not 18. And those are 2012 stats. 2013 the murder rate dropped 18%

      • gratiaplena

        Boy, what a great observation, kq. Maybe the Godfather paid to keep his corrupt city out of the list!

    • k q

      don;t say it , you will be considered a racist

    • James Walker

      All relied on a major employer that either left or became defunct.

    • jahpdq

      In the words of Eric von Stroheim in Stalag 17, “whooo could it beeee?”

    • jahpdq

      In the words of Eric von Stroheim in Stalag 17, “whooo could it beeee?”

    • Jim Trebowski

      I don’t know. Why don’t you tell us?

    • blah

      The black plague?

      • Blahs

        Mickey dose have black fur…..

    • jclaude66

      Homelessness, drugs, and poverty?

      • skiph1

        one begets the others.

    • FriedSquirrelBrains


    • Good barbeque?

    • Emmy Dogg


    • Tralfaz Watson

      Poor economic outlook, hopelessness, despair… and a lot of screwed up white people…

    • 2217

      Look up black demographics by city. That list has much in common with this list. Sucks to say, but it’s true.

    • Teresa Rincon

      Single mothers.

    • The honest truth

      Inbreeding just as your family has done for many generations.

    • Joseph Minardi

      High Christian population.

    • skiph1

      poverty, job loss, lack of American dream opportunity.
      Mostly poverty.

    • mj1993

      defunct local economies

    • common sence

      Um low job rates high unemployment rates inferior school systems high drug abuse rates. Its a common fact that all those factors combined equates to a high crime rate.

  • AJ

    I personally like Baltimore. great city with an ongoing emergent arts scene and lots of fantastic history. I guess whoever wrote this prefers Pain to prose and golf to history.

    • Bill Richardson

      I think I’ve entered the Twilight Zone. I stayed in Baltimore several years back and many of the downtown storefronts were boarded up, there were only two decent areaa (for tourists) – The Inner Harbor and the stadium area. Jogged every direction from the inner harbor and ended up in ghetto every time… Had to reroute to avoid streets where all the street lights were out as far as you could see and there were as many boarded up row houses as occupied ones. While I was there, a cruise line announced it was abandoning Baltimore, and the news was saying it was another nail in the coffin. Which Baltimore did you visit? Has it really turned around?????

  • Gangbuster_Cmen

    wmingpt, we all know the answer. Unfortunately, it cannot be said publicly…that would be politically incorrect. So, we go on turning a blind eye to it.

  • Nightcrawler

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to encourage tourism and transient trade in these places. Generating capital and increasing the demand for focussed positive policing and security. It reminds me of the old cliched warnings (especially to women) of “don’t walk the streets alone at night”, when in fact the more people that were on the streets late at night, the safer it would be.

    Whoever wrote this article should really be ashamed of themselves; they’ve turned information about statistical crime and poverty into ‘ere be dragons’ sensationalist fucking nonsense.

  • rooster5150

    Yeah, lol it’s the heat in Atlanta that’s making people commit crimes. Not the persuasion of the people. I know I’m a racist but please tell me what the common denominator is in these cities?

    • mj1993

      you didn’t notice that many of the cities are making progress….and yes i’m confirming you are a racist in case there is any doubt

  • David

    If there are 2 swimming pools, and one is strict about staying clean and the other doesnt, the one without rules will be dirty as people urinate, and enter with dirty feet. Do i want these people coming into my clean pool and not follow the rules? No of course not. I will resent them for disturbing what i worked so hard for. What the dirty pool needs is for enforcement of the rules. Period. Call in the national guard to patrol the streets. Round up those who disturb the peace of others. Make it difficult for those who want to live a life of crime to survive. It’ll take time to see the benefits, but its long overdue.

    • mj1993

      it wouldn’t take much time at all but the constitution gets in the way our armed forces can not police the people

  • sirandrew

    Check the demographics of these cities and you will see the common denominator causing the rampant felonies,murder and rape.
    The “war on poverty” has turned into war against civilized people. by the spawn of of subsidized breeders.
    Apparently you can take a person out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the person.

    • skiph1

      poverty causes crime. Good jobs and financial freedom create good citizens. Then at the other end there’s unfettered greed which preys on the rest. Someone needs to explain to me how much money is enough.

  • stonefellow

    What they all have in common is very large Black populations. You can call me a racist for saying the truth. I wonder what Obama would say about the truth. Probably blame whitey.

    • DLB

      They all have very large white populations, too, pinhead.

    • skiph1

      yes black people don’t want to work. That’s not racist at all.

    • Taz_man

      No he would blame G. Bush.

    • VonPownage

      Finally a comment I agree with.

    • mj1993

      oh….i’m sure that defunct local economies has nothing to do with it

  • Hopskip Twoonesix

    Cleveland is around 2-3 million when you include the surrounding suburbs “greater cleveland” Gangster

    • Lisa Stetler Insana

      I live in Willoughby Hills. (East side) It’s a great place to live. Not a whole lot of crime around here. The biggest thing to happen in years was a “rash” of cars broken into in shopping center parking lots. That was a rash of two robberies. lol

  • David Krakowski

    If anyone reading this honestly believes this mumbo jumbo, they’d better move to the moon…the only safe place around. I have been to many of these cities, each offering endless opportunities for service and human compassion….and I have never felt threatened.

    • Urge Palette

      That’s what I’m talking about!

    • sbozich

      Actually, the safest place in the world is my home, spaceman.

  • mrmanhattan

    How do they rate against third world crime havens Like Antigua?

  • Gary

    The photograph of Camden is actually a photo of Philadelphia taken from across the Delaware River in Camden.

  • Jackass Patriot 1776

    Time to use Military force in Newark, Detroit and Camden, problem solve! If not? Nuke em.

  • Dane Ray

    Two interesting points: (1) The building on the right side was torn down a while ago; and (2) This intersection is the dividing point between Cleveland and Lakewood, Ohio. Lakewood is quite safe.

    • Lisa Stetler Insana

      Quite a bit of Cleveland is, too. It’s East Cleveland you want to stay away from. Downtown is actually a pretty cool place. You just don’t want to be down there at 2am when the bars let out.

  • Jim Beard

    They all have in common cutbacks in social services and reduced police forces combined with massive job loss. You’d think the GOP would take notice of this and work WITH the president to address these issues. Unfortunately for those residents they’re more focused on stripping women of their choice and repealing health care. Sad, sad statement on the GOP.

    • rsoski

      Jim…what f…ing planet are you living on??? You POS PARASITE IN CHIEF is part of this democrat pidgin holing of the black community…..thus…no hope…thus…f…ing POS thugs just like their prezzy daddy…

    • Bill Richardson

      Yes, the Republicans in Detroit should have worked with the President to save it from bankruptcy… Oh wait, the Democrats have controlled that city into the ground for decades. In conservative run areas… People work. As far as health care… Its now way more expensive for those who are productive – Translation: I don’t want to pay for your health care, or your cell phone, your food, your housing, your casino money, or your education.

      • mj1993

        im sure massive job loss has nothing to do with the decline of detroit

      • Bill Richardson

        And yeah, mj…. massive job loss has alot to do with it… So why do Democrat controlled cities have such a dismal record…. Why do so many of the areas they have a stranglehold on, have a history of massive job loss, while this isn’t the case in areas under long-time conservative control? Why is Texas in such good shape by comparison?… Because they don’t regulate businesses out of the state. I’m in Illinois, where our Democrat governor thinks there is no limit to how much taxes we can pay… So he puts in several large tax increases in a short period of time on working people, then tells us he’s gonna make those darn corporations pay more… So after hearing of this, several corporations announce they are gonna move… panic time… then he ends up offering them more incentives to stay (that we get to pay for)…. Helloooooo… any moron knew in advance that this would happen, but our Dumocrats can’t figure it out. Then you have states like Colorado, who to push a liberal agenda on guns that the people showed them (by recall vote) that they didn’t want, causing companies to move operations to conservative-business friendly states. Wake up.

    • Sy2502

      Most of those places are Democrat ruled, for your information.

    • George

      The Democrats mess up those cities and so you blame the GOP. You know how to spin.

    • Vikt

      You’d think that the stupid folks who keep voting for the people who keep promising everything for free would wake up. Unfortunately, those people they vote for only want to help themselves. . What a sad, sad statement and legacy for ALL DEMOCRATS.

      • mj1993

        and what is the gop offering?….stand your ground laws, unfettered guns, less social services, more tax cuts for the wealthy, war on women, etc

  • Chris Wohland

    Socio-economics, the common thread in all of these cities. The more social engineering that takes place the more violent the area becomes, with every dollar spent on aide these should be the utopia’s of the nation. Unfortunately, they are exactly what has been found to be true in every country that has tried socialism on a mass scale. The populace becomes less educated and more dependent on government subsidies thereby demeaning the human spirit. When we no longer value our own contributions we no longer value ourselves and this wave of violence is the result. Continuing to bribe the masses with free food, free housing, free healthcare and free money the government thinks it is providing a healthy and controllable society, empirical evidence to the contrary is almost always discounted as an anomaly based on free market economic practices still being endured in these “socially stabilized”, areas. Welfare does not work. There can be no more evidence than what we see in these cities. Areas with strong economic independence from government subsidies are invariably less violent and are almost always found to be in areas that have not had a substantial population other than Caucasian. That is not a racist statement, but unfortunately a statement of fact as proven by the 2012 census. The less diversified the community the more inherent the problem of racial violence against persons of the same ethnic group.

    • Cher

      So you are blaming it on skin color rather than socio-economic status? Every generation of my family has received college degrees since the end of slavery (we are black) and no one is a criminal. My grandparents didnt even go on relief during the Great Depression because my grandmother was a public school teacher and always had a job. All of the black people I have ever known were college-educated. I paid more the $75,000 in federal income taxes last year and I don’t make as much as many of the black professionals I know, who I am sure pay more taxes. When I lived in rural Minnesota, the trailer parks were the hot beds of crime and there were definitely no black people there, but the residents were definitely poor and under-educated. I am tired of being lumped in with a bunch of people I don’t know just because of my skin color while no white person has to feel tainted by the likes of trailer trash, or the Honey Boo-boo family, or the Jersey shores types, or mafia gangsters, or serial killers, etc. This grouping and condemning needs to stop. It is not the skin color that has caused some people to become violent criminals.

    • Allan

      Well said !

    • art

      ok I see that but are you saying that in a bible belt community as in a city where there is a culture of government free welfare the sane result it true?

    • skiph1

      wrong. poverty is the common thread.

    • mj1993

      there are no such things as areas independent of government subsidies…especially in the south where much of the pork is located

  • Atlanta… where is General Sherman when you need him? Randy, The Lazy Comic.

  • TBSS

    Why is it that only the New Jersey cities mention their Governor?

    • skiph1

      because there are multiple cities and only one governor?

  • Greg Thrasher

    Pure disinformation and myopic fiction…. I always reject these types of lists..

  • Lance

    Wow, every mayor of these 14 cities is a Democrat – since at least 2010 if not longer.

    • Whatev

      Thank god you solved the problem. I was thinking it was drugs and gangs, but you’re right, it’s probably all because of the Democrats.

    • skiph1

      prove it

  • Lance

    Wow, all 14 have had Democratic Mayors since at least 2010.

    • skiph1

      prove it

    • $5877123

      And most are in red states

  • Tralfaz Watson

    oh it’s not that bad…

  • Col. Nathan Jessup

    Typical libtard “reporting.” Only Christie gets named … all the “mayors” of these other cities get a pass. I wonder why. Um, no I don’t.

    • Allan

      You noticed that also, twice actually. Just about every decaying crime ridden crap hole in the U.S. had a Democratic mayor and a huge poverty rate. Social engineering at it’s best.

      • mj1993

        no actually its the complete opposite

    • skiph1

      Christie isn’t a mayor. New Jersey is a pretty population filled area. Of course there’s going to be crime.

  • sammy

    Having been to most of the cities–Memphis not that bad–but born and raised a few miles from Gary Ind.. you couldnt walk much less drive in city in late 60s & early 70s. Now more empty lots and boarded up homes than occupied homes.

  • Tom Manning

    NJ a small state???? The guy who wrote this is an idiot… NJ is the most densely populated state in the Union.

  • Johnson Goezinya

    Gary is a turd hotel that should be nuked.

  • Chris Sorochin

    Look, Ma–a chance for all the bigots and ignoramuses to display their lack of humanity.

  • John Maltese

    The key is education. I don’t care how shitty the school may be, if a kid WANTS to learn, he/she will learn. If the parents (or parent in most cases) took the time to help them learn, they would learn. Why is it that immigrants can go to the same schools and end up as valedictorian? Because they know that America is the land of opportunity, and without an education, those opportunities flounder.

  • Ron Dante

    7 out of 10 of these are in states with REPUBLICAN governors!

  • 2217

    Funny how this list ( ) has much in common with the majority of cities picked here. The truth is really unfortunate.

  • Urge Palette

    Baltimore is one of my favorite places to visit! Great people, amazing art, and some of the best food you’ll ever eat. It’s dangerously awesome! Also, if you do find yourself in Baltimore go check out two really great bands, EDHOCHULI and HEAVINESS OF THE LOAD. These bands are anything but safe =) Also, I’m very disappointed to see so many racist comments. Get over yourselves and spread some love damnit!

  • Robert177

    The number one indicator of high crime in a city is the proportion of African-Americans in that city.

  • jayv58

    I’m afraid … candy-asses!

  • toid

    Not sure who wrote this but US Steel is not defunct?? Picture of Gary actually shows the mill running in the background!

    • mj1993

      it is if it only employs a fraction of the people it used to…..does thinking that far out hurt you or something?

  • Sully

    To St Louis without considering the entire St Louis reagion, see people don’t realize, you have St Louis, and St Louis County, thereby adding several thousands more, these polls are bullshit

  • Bob Nolan

    Very interesting to note… If you look at the pictures of the cities, the pictures are taken in a nicer part of town and everyone in the photos are Lily white… However, every one of the cities has a huge miniority base where whites are in the minority… This color disparity would also account for why the government in those states are predominately Democrat… Also couldn’t help but read over and over again about how rampent the drug scene was and how it was leading to high crime rates…. What a great thing to leagalize…. Insert sarcasm here…

    • mj1993

      yep you’re right no white people ever vote democrat…..instead of inserting sarcasm, you should insert brains, empathy, and a soul


    I live in both New York and New Jersey and I can tell you the real reason why Jersey is on this list twice. It has nothing to do with color and New York way bigger with less problems. The real reason is there zero faith in the government New Jersey and for good reason. This state suffers from corruption from the governor all the way down to the county clerk. New Jersey does not give a damn about civil rights, is constantly guilty of violations federal laws and not only is Justice blind, she is deaf, mute and paraplegic in this state. Upstanding citizens do not believe in or respect the state government which means the kids definitely don’t respect or believe in New Jersey. The only ones screaming how great Jersey is are the politicians and buisnesses that’s screwing the state and it’s people over. There is a damn good reason why the show The Sopranos was set in Jersey. It’s was so easy to write the script because all you had to do was look at the people in charge to get any ideas.

  • eric

    Not one of them in Texas.

  • I am Incognito

    What happened to Chicago?

  • Bobby

    Camden is so bad at their aquarium 3 out of 4 of their fish are felons.

  • David Dees

    It’s pretty obvious there is a direct correlation between poverty and crime. When people have no hope, a lack of resources, and a lack of education crime begins to run more rampant as a way to survive. People living in these areas are also under a tremendous amount of stress living in these conditions which leads to depression, violence, etc. I am all for personal responsibility but don’t judge unless you have lived in these conditions and see how well you handle it after living their many years. Don’t make this a race issue either. The facts are African Americans were oppressed in this country for over 200 years and we are only a generation or two removed from blatant segregation and discrimination. While many African Americans are finding their way into the middle class and even upper class you have to take into account other ethnic groups had a 200 year head start in many ways and many got rich off the backs of slaves. There are always exceptions and this obviously does not fit everybody but you can’t deny the facts. We as a nation need to continue to put down the walls of discrimination and those of us with more resources, education, etc. have a greater responsibility to help those in need. Yes people at some point have to choose to make a better life for themselves, but many can’t do that until they have a helping hand to show them the way. Don’t be so quick to think you are better than others when they had to start at home plate and you got to start on third base.

    • Rio D G Lightning

      I have to say, that was so refreshing! Articulate, unbiased, truthful, without a hint of sarcasm! I’m a veteran, joined at 17, my mom had to sign for me. Straight A student, but like all young men, I had my problems! I came home from the Service and couldn’t find employment. Eventually I made some mistakes that I’ve regretted to this day! More importantly I learned from those transgressions’ changed, went back to school and raised my children to value the importance of education, and morals! When I see someone post those idiotic statements you addressed, I know in my heart that they know better, but the Rhetoric and B.S. the Politicians and so called News Org. use to divide the masses, sounds so much better! Especially to an uneducated ear! You can tell who they are by their posts, and willingness to argue back and forth with someone they don’t know! I will take the time to converse with you because you’re a productive person, like myself with your own opinion and we could agree, disagree, or agree to disagree! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  • albert

    Oh my Washington DC is very dangerous as well.

  • Kenneth J. Holzapfel

    Under fund public schools by 1.4 billion a year from a state level for over a generation (since 1993) . Base two thirds of school funding on property taxes, which essentially locks in poverty for generations, Deprive poor people of healthcare by closing down hospitals and not expanding medicare under ACA. Stack state legislature with rural gerrymandered districts. Give tax breaks for companies to move out of cities further eroding public school funding. When that is in place take additional money away from poor schools and give to professional sports teams, (Rams now want 700 million) businesses etc. Then blame the teachers, attempt to cut state income taxes (the other third of public school funding, the funding source which is already 1.4 billion a year short) and never miss a chance to bash public schools. Oh yes, and take money from a billionaire to fund your campaign to push his agenda, sign petitions funded by same billionaire to take away teacher tenure. This way the billionaire will not have to pay a percent or two more to fund the public schools to be competitive in a global economy.

  • leroy

    almost all households with kids but no father.

  • Mastro63

    I like the list for best cities in the world. Usually Scandinavian or Germanic- Vienna often is near the top. Strangely THOSE cities don’t have- what the above cities have-

    • mj1993

      high unemployment and defunct local economies

  • Mandi

    I was born and raised in Memphis and growing up the population was about half white & half black. Now the majority is black. As an adult, I moved to Mississippi. I absolutely REFUSE to even to shop or drive in Memphis anymore because of the crime, ignorance, laziness, the general nastiness of the city. And that is sad because Memphis does have a few redeeming qualities, you just have to be extra cautious when visiting and pray your crap doesn’t get broken into while you visit!

    • mj1993

      well i grew up in mississippi…oxford to be exact the only difference is mississippi has a whole bunch of pine trees to cover up its nastiness….mississippi is last in every category except things like.poverty, obesity, diabetes, drug use, stds, and i could literally go on

  • De Fu-Ski

    Why do you name Camden, New Jersey and show a picture of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

  • Jeff Bryant

    No Bias here! Gov. Christie is the only Governor called out, while none of the 14 Democrat Mayors were ever mentioned. AND WHERE THE HECK IS CHICAGO IN ALL OF THIS? You are statistically safer living in Afghanistan than in Chicago!

    • mj1993

      you don’t have a clue chicago is a great city and for the record governors yield more influence and power than mayors …furthermore two newjersey cities were on the list

  • robertloggia16

    Ha! It’s not the democrat mayors… It’s the element who would vote 14 democrat mayors.

  • Blue Mark

    All large American cities have large minority populations and strongly tend to vote Democratic. You can’t draw a correlation unless you can compare them to equally large cities with GOP governments and no minorities – which don’t exist, not even Salt Lake City. Also this list only includes large cities, there are small towns and rural areas, nearly completely white, that are just as dangerous and crime ridden.

    What do all those high crime dangerous places, big and small, have in common? They have all been devastated by job loss, desperate poverty and budget cuts.

    • Leftcoastrocky

      excellent comment

  • Ebenizer

    Where is East St. Loius on the list?

  • Pepe Pinguita

    Of course liberals will scream and have a heart attack just from my asking, but I would be curious to know the relationship in these crime statistics to the % of blacks and Mexicans that live in these cities. To make the statistics more valid, I would also tally the 15 SAFEST cities and compare the black & Mexican population percentages as well – my 10 to 1 bet is that there is an exact relationship.

  • laura jinkerson

    Having grown up in Gary, I can tell you the common thread was a collapsed job market. Each one of these cities were booming ( even when they were black you morons). When the jobs left, so did the people that could. Do you have any idea what it is like to live somewhere where the state doesn’t fully support schools for such basic things as toilet paper and buildings that aren’t falling apart? Or how about no grocery stores, drug stores or basic department stores? When there are NO JOBS, dispair takes over and sadly so does crime. And if any of you understood statistics smaller cities will always sound more dangerous because the numbers are based on per 100,000. In a city under 200K residents the ratio will be high where as a city like Nw York will show lower. And everyone of you need to get the drug pipeline is the big factor now. Not skin color.

  • Freddyick

    Interesting – The ONLY PERSON mentioned in all of these was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – I Wonder why??????? Could it be because he scares the crap out of the Dems???? Remember, we had a guy as Mayor in Newark for the past 7 years who kept Newark in the top 7 – And he got voted into Washington DC as a Senator – This is Christie’s fault?? Please. Forget Politicians, Race, etc., the vast majority of these cities were all 1-Industry Cities and when that industry went, so did the city. Unfortunately, most of them were unionized Industry Cities as well.

  • Krishna Zane Lopez

    Traveling around the world or in different destinations? Is a fun and excitement experience, but before anything else? Just make sure that the place that your going to travel is safe and secure. For your extra safety, here’s an application that enables you to navigate places and their threat levels. Just check out this link for more information.

  • Frank S

    Unwantedness that’s the cause of it all

  • ben jackson

    Ya’ll need to stop finding random lists on the internet and taking them seriously…..

  • Bill Clinton

    could this have something to do with the disadvantaged youth?

  • copierguy

    What do they all have in common? Poverty, no hope for work, no hope for a future, an education system that is failing (Core), sickness, nothing but time, and you can kill that with drugs. We NEED JOBS! Not corporations sitting on TRILLIONS of dollars and a FAT Wall Street.

  • Bogeyfire

    Its interesting that every city is east of the Rockies except Oakland. Urban decay seems to be in common.

  • concernedforkids

    Shoot! Somebody didn’t check statistics in Lexington Ky and surrounding Ky Counties. Not a day goes by that we dont find a body, or an infant is killed by their parents, or theres a body flooding in a pond, on a grassy knoll, etc, etc., Better check those statistics. Don’t forget about the smaller states cause some of them are even worse. Kentucky being one of them unless they are lying on their statistical information like they do with everything else.

  • cp

    I grew up in a suburb of Detroit. Moved away 25 years ago. Live in an area where the racial divide is not nearly as large and love it. Son’s best friend is biracial–that would NEVER happen in the Detroit area. Blacks and whites have got to get over the race issue. Went back to Detroit to catch dinner and a concert and spent the night at a hotel in the city, had lunch in the city at a wonderful little French cafe . . . granted the organic garden out back was fenced in with razor wire . . . BUT we lived to tell about it and had a great time! It just takes common sense and a full tank of gas to get in and around to do things safely.

  • Gary H Mayer

    Not surprised at all. But, there are many smaller, changing cities that didn’t make the list.

  • bosswuff

    there are much worse places in the world that these U.S. cities. and much better places here in the U.S.. I’m from Detroit, so I moved , took Memphis, St. Louis, Atlanta, new Orleans, Oakland, L.A., Chicago, Baltimore and NYC right off the list – I’ve been here in the greatest city in the world 40 years-“Denver.” the real difference from those other so called dangerous cities with large Black populations is corruption. “They’re all corrupt “- politics and police. that’s the problem, not the poor Black residents who are no more than grist for the mill.

  • David G

    “now defunct US Steel Corporation” I think NOT… It has provided and continues to provide a very good living for many hard working USWA workers!!!!!
    The rest of the city… now, that would be considered defunct!!!!!

  • gladiator

    Just put up the fences and watchtowers to shoot from

  • Perrius Maximus

    Trickle Up Poverty politics are to blame for the misery in these cities.

  • Jim Davis

    St. Louis was on full display in 2014 as a dangerous city. Not hard to see why.

    • Allen Gohard Johnson


      • Jim Davis

        Smh – the effeminate hipster put down of choice! I’m so hurt.

  • Becky

    I think St Louis is discuss-ting this city is full of crime and I mean hard core crime, rape armed robbery the burning down of Ferguson. You can have it!

    • Joe Bloh

      Why don’t u move. ?

    • WDD

      And still not even in the top 9 this year! Movin up baby!

  • New jersey sucks

    All these cities and no camden nj? Someone needs to recheck there crime stats. Camden is like a 3rd world country scarier than iraq

    • Ashly C

      Camden NJ was on this list. It’s number 14.

  • Guy

    What the heck #7? NJ isn’t a small state in terms of population, it’s like 10th or something. Even so it’s obviously not doing too good. Also, I couldn’t view #s 4 or 9.

  • Lenny Mercurio

    Metro Atlanta has a population of 6,000,000.

  • Guest

    Can only see 1&2 before a commercial keeps me from viewing the rest, no possible way to get beyond it.

  • Taber McLaurin

    Lets see..1. Black ,2. Black, 3.Black ,4. Black, 5. Black ,6. Black ,7. Black 8. Black 9. Black 10. Black 11. Black 12. Black 13. Black 14. Black, ! The problem is obviously white people!

    • Thorson

      Hey, you….get off my Internet. Stupid isn’t allowed.

      • Taber McLaurin

        Then who the hell offered YOU internet service???

    • Ron

      Not just white people my friend. It is politicians of all races that don’t give two shits about anyone but themselves and their money. Look up how suburbs became suburbs. When suburbs were created all major cities became habitats for crime. Its a bigger problem and part of the problem is bigots like yourself that are too stupid to understand that it is a much larger problem than race. Politicians specifically the democratic party, although some republicans are guilty of this as well along with the media like to use racial tensions to sway public opinion and votes.

      • Taber McLaurin

        Then REFUTE the statement! If it’s false, tell me how???

        • Ron

          Look no logical person refutes the fact that black people have it much harder in this country. Your wrong in saying that it is only white people that hold black people back though. We need more leaders in the projects and in other urban areas to rise up and show people that there is a way to make something of yourself in this country. And i did tell you why it is false its because it is a dumb generalization. Your a classic example of someone that the system loves because you choose to remain ignorant at the expense of the government.

          • Taber McLaurin

            LOL It was meant as an absurd but true vast generalization. However, the statement on being the fault of whites was meant as EXTREME absurdity, but it is a common refrain from all those who attempt to deflect responsibility from the very EVIL elements of the black community. Perhaps you should look in the mirror sometimes before you start assuming you have even basic comprehension of intent. By the way nitwit, how do you figure I am an expense to the government??? WOW you aren’t very bright are you?

          • WTF

            What is your solution? Is it a final solution?

          • Ron

            Taber you are making no sense, I am extremely confused at what you are even saying lol. What does this line mean? “an absurd but true vast generalization.” I think you need to stop using big words you get too confused at what they all mean. And before you call me stupid comprehend the fact that I got a degree in Mechanical Engineering along with Mathematics. So Taber STFU!

          • Talavar

            I question this… WHY do you think blacks have it much harder in the US than anyone else?.. Because they’re black? Or maybe.. just maybe.. it’s because most are surrounded with crime and violence from day 1, and accept it as the norm.

        • Talavar

          Let’s talk numbers… Blacks make up 14% of the US population, yet make up 47% of the crime..
          YES.. it is higher.. but lets figure out the Good vs Bad.. There were
          about 11.3 million crimes last year… The us population last year was
          319 million so .14*319 =44.66 million blacks in the US 47% of 11.3
          million crimes is .47*11.3=5.311 million blacks committing crimes.
          now we take that number and get a percentage that have committed crimes out of the total black populace..
          11% bad, opposed to 89% good.
          is why you can’t say, “All blacks”, and it makes a silly argument.. Now
          you could make the argument about “unsolved crimes that were committed
          by blacks”, but then we’d have to do the same with whites and Latinos,
          etc, etc. and would end up with roughly the same results with comparison
          to the original numbers. Also Im sure there are cases where the same
          person committed MULTIPLE of the recorded crimes so that would actually
          cut the number down farther..
          Basically, what I’m getting at is
          that you can’t call down the thunder on an entire race of people because
          of the actions of a minority of people within it. however, yes, they do contribute most to the amount of crime in the US by populace percentage.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            Your numbers are flawed because that assumes that each criminal committed one crime all year, which if you take a look at average number of charges filed per arrestee, you know that’s false as each charge is seen as a separate crime. Number of black people arrested in 2013 the latest year available according to the FBI: 2,549,655. That comes to 44,660,000/2,549,655 which comes out to 5.7% of the black community, meaning that 94.3% of blacks committed no crimes.

          • Talavar

            Thanks for the additional info, that actually only pushes my point ahead farther, and I did in-fact mention that the numbers were probably skewed due to multiple crimes by one person. I guess you never made it that far in my post.. regardless, you just enhance the point.

    • Anthony Dwight Williams

      Sorry you feel that way. I love you as a human being just the same. Have a great day man.

      • Taber McLaurin

        Was there anything untrue in what I said?

        • Anthony Dwight Williams

          I don’t agree, but that is no excuse for me to condemn you for saying it. We are both people and again I love and respect you anyway. God bless.

          • Taber McLaurin

            Tell me WHAT you disagree with. If it is untrue, then say so, and explain why, otherwise, do you simply object to it being said? Being recognized? Or are you simply saying that TRUTH, is WRONG???

          • Anthony Dwight Williams

            It’s not my place to tell you what is or is not truth. You’re free to believe what you’d like man, it’s fine. From the original comment you made, it appears as though you were sarcastically suggesting that although White people are being blamed for problems in our society, those 14 crime-ridden cities are majority Black, and therefore it is BLACKS who are responsible for why these cities are so dangerous. Did I correctly deduce what your feelings are? If not, you can correct me. I won’t be a dick about it, but I think that’s what you’re getting at, and I do not agree with that statement. I find it to be passive racist actually, as both a Black male and as a fellow human being.

          • Taber McLaurin

            So again, What was NOT factual? “Passive aggressive” or not, What was untrue? How you interpret it, is up to YOU, but was what I said factual? What I am perceiving, is that you don’t dispute the facts, you simply don’t like the fact that I actually spoke them. Is that the case? Is it better to simply ignore truth so people can feel better and not have to find REAL solutions?

          • Anthony Dwight Williams

            No, I do not dispute facts. Numbers and percentages do not lie. Any cop who’s been on the force for a few months can quote facts about who commit the most crimes in an area.

            But your statement is not attempting to shed truth on anything. It’s merely an attempt to condemn and criminalize Black people as a whole. How you can not see that is unclear to me, and how you can not see this as a racist comment makes me feel so bad for you. I seriously and personally apologize for any negative experiences that you have had with Black people that have shaped your view of us.

            All I can tell you is that not all of us are criminals. And again, you can either choose to believe that or choose not to. But despite my not agreeing with your comment or being offended by it, I will always respect you and your right to believe whatever you want.

          • Taber McLaurin

            I realize that the VAST majority are hard working, and civilized people trying to make their way in the world. Problem is, you make excuses for the barbaric behavior of that minority of the community. By labeling EVERY statement of fact as “racist” you deny the truth, and demand a false solution. You and those who try to blame issues on everything except the culture of the urban black community are PREVENTING progress, not contributing to it!

          • Anthony Dwight Williams

            Again, I am very sorry that you feel the way you do. I’m not sure what else I can say. You don’t have to respond to me anymore. Take care man.

          • No Way Out

            Old posts here, I know. Just wanted to say you’ve handled yourself with the utmost class in all your posts. That is refreshing to see these days. God bless you Sir.

          • Anthony Dwight Williams

            And God bless you as well sir. I understand that personal negative experiences and emotions get involved and reinforce these stereotypes we adhere to, so I kinda sympathize. I got off the Light Rail in Baltimore and got attacked by a Black kid once. I’m sure it wasn’t racially motivated, but it’s people like that who give the rest of us a bad name. I severely apologize on behalf of ALL Black people for any negative connotations anyone may have based on these unfortunate events.

          • Ron

            And get your damn shirtless selfie off the net. Nobody wanna be seeing that. Thats my last comment for you.




          • Gill

            55% black community in Atlanta. I come from Europe. When I came here I came with school knowledge that racism was whites against blacks. But I was a victim of reverse racism about 50-60% of the times. At first got mad, at last I just avoided the problem. I was broken in Atlanta 16 times in 17 years, in different areas. I lived in mostly black neighborhoods so I imagine that doesn’t make me a racist. But some may disagree……. the only 2 times i wasn’t broken into was when i lived in white neighborhood. One was wealthy, one was poor. When I got broken into the police was very good at arresting the perpetrators. All blacks teenagers, most of them during summer break or during school times. They did not even serve jail time…… since most people are afraid to being called racist, nobody says anything, police doesn’t do anything and hard working citizens and business owners like me keep getting robbed ……. I know the problem is black poor teenagers (and no, that doesn’t mean that whites are not capable of crime, I am pointing at what is going on here) … I stopped talking and moved out. I will let the proper, non-racist, lullaby tellers to take the next break in ……. I have left the city. You guys figure it out if you want to.

          • Talavar

            ok.. now that we know that your caps-lock button works. perhaps you’d like to calm down and “state” fact’s instead of playing the fool and trying to scream them over the internet.. The fact that its over 40% black means that it is, in-fact- a black city. Since the black population is only 13-14% of the total US population. It means that they are congregating there.

          • PVF

            No, I don’t make excuses for them. It doesn’t matter to me. If you commit a crime, I do my best to see you get arrested and put in jail, prison, or on death row. People who created laws, don’t like punishing people with execution for heinous crimes. Instead states allow them to sit in prison for 25 years more or less, and we as tax payers pay for them to sit in prison off their streets?

            You sir are confussed. You don’t know me from Adam, and you assume everyone commenting thinks like you. We dont.

          • hadenough

            Totally agree, not all black are criminals, but blacks are not criticizing the black criminals, rather just finding excuses for them. I have been mugged 3 times in past 8 years in a high crime city, all by blacks. Though I have very good friends that are black people, I can’t help but question the attitude of their community toward crimes.

          • Josephine Mirror

            He is probably disagreeing with your poorly drawn conclusion that it’s only about race. I was BORN and RAISED in Atlanta (#1; thank-you). I have been shot at, stabbed while getting mugged, plus badly beaten and left for dead during another robbery on my way home from work. Until recently, I lived in abject poverty my entire life (my parents were too “proud” for assistance, and I put myself through 8 years of university) Guess what? I am WHITE as flour. Problems in our society have less to do with race are absolutely caused by corruption, ignorance and media propaganda.

          • Taber McLaurin

            Thank you for proving that your “White Privilege” is what made it happen for you. Being “White as flour”, proves that what you have came from your skin color, not your hard work. Sad to say, your experience did not teach you common sense and logic, simply the method of regurgitating politically correct BS! Please inform me how “corruption, ignorance and media propaganda.” caused you to be”shot at, stabbed while getting mugged, plus badly beaten and left for dead during another robbery on my way home from work”, because being as “ignorant” as you say I am, I just can’t grasp the connection,

          • STFU

            Obvious troll is obvious. Enjoy eating your bag of dicks.

          • GAlady

            “White Privelege?” I’m calling bull$hit. Plenty of white people came from dirt poor families, under- privileged conditions, and went to school right along side people who are black as well as other ethnic backgrounds. My own brother in law is black and I have biracial nieces and nephews. I have an aunt from Thailand and cousins who are biracial. I love them all just the same. None of us are “privileged,” but we were taught RESPECT and to love one another. There is no college fund for white kids. (That would be racist, right?) I had to work my way through college and EARN scholarships based on my grades. Nothing has ever been handed to me. I never received bonus points on SAT scores because of the color of my skin even though I had to go to a less than desirable high school, but I wouldn’t ask for it either. I am where I am because I worked hard and fought for every promotion. People have to want better for themselves and their children, then take a stand to be the best they can be. Live and let live. Stop blaming others for what you aren’t and what you don’t have. Accept responsibility for your life and your choices.

          • PVF

            Thanks for this comments…there is always one in every group, biracial, mixed, my best friend is black, whatever, today one is having difficulty getting by just being White. Our first wealthy President and first lady proved that. Stop judging individuals based on race. I have met and been exposed to a variety of individuals from all walks of life in court. There are good and bad in every race, religion, and nationality.

            To want better for yourself, your family, isn’t wrong, it’s a choice.

          • Arthur H

            Every black nation is a fucking disaster I’m sorry but the problem is not only social but genetic.

          • nick

            And race is a major factor. Plus, Atlanta is not hardly the worst city on this list. I’m white as flour as well, and I’ve lived in Atlanta, and grew up in East Cleveland. The only thing that caused danger and tension in the city is the racism towards whites by blacks. Which normally goes unreported as well I might add.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            Race is no factor at all. I’ve seen some of the most drug infested, crime ridden parts of Idaho, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida… all in impoverished communities with the vast majority (like 99%) of white residents. Poor people turn to crime more often than better off people. This is fact.

          • jayson

            A city that is mostly African Americans in poverty stricken areas are going to drive crime rates up. Obviously, it’s all in the plan to bring and keep these people down. African Americans working together and thriving is hard for white supremist to see and accept. They have the money so they call the shots. Its all about money and power. Believe what u want but it’s the truth.

          • PVF

            I live around a lot of wealthy African Americans in good neighborhoods.
            They get up and leave for work every day just like I do. They don’t follow the norm, they attended various colleges, and seem to be doing well. To judge a race as if it’s all people of color, minorities, or so called blacks is both ignorant and wrong.

            My guess…there are many who do not like seeing African Americans doing well. They think of them and want them striluggling, poor, or on welfare. Sorry, I don’t see or know many who are.

        • PVF

          Yes, like a lot of others you didn’t look further than the tip of your nose. There are ALOT of everyone living in these cities not just Blacks, and or minorities. Doesn’t make for an intelligent comment or for that matter, a smart one. Gee let’s see…you did get out of junior high and take Economics and History in school right?

    • Miguel Caparros

      Wow! I had no Idea that there were no white people in all those places. Thank you for pointing this out. Have you had your genealogy checked.

    • Deborah Gibbs

      ????? we are out numbered how are we the problem, its always you guys yelling NOT FAIR lol, I have some nice black friends then there are narrow minded people like you, smh trash in all races hmmm, equal is how I always see it now quit whining already

    • PVF

      Sorry, a variety of cultures, races, and nationalities live in all of these cities. For you to assume each city is prodominately black…ignorance on your part.

      Brooklyn, and the four other Burroughs have a lot of minorities living there, but funny…they aren’t mentioned anywhere on this list? Stop winning about some darn list used to only portray minorities and Blacks.

      • Taber McLaurin

        WOW PVF…You really are brain dead aren’t you? Are you so stupid you can’t look up the demographics on each city yourself? What I said was absolutely true. You don’t get to change a fact just because it is inconvenient to your views. YOU are one of the reasons most of the people in the cities listed are living in misery. Denial perpetuates the problem. You want people to remain as ignorant as you because if they don’t, then they see you for the idiot that you truly are!

  • Melissa

    i’m just surprised that we’re worse than detroit i thought we’d be like #3 or 7 atleast but we are one of the murder capitals in the U.S i knew we’d place fairly high

  • Chuck




    Little Rock







    St. Louis





  • billkarns

    Hmmm…all of these cities have some glaring political and demographic similarities, some shared characteristics; and, while I readily acknowledge that correlation is not causation, one just has to wonder.

  • Davon

    It’s always some racist that brings race into the equation and not poverty. He seems to neglect that these are very poor communities as well.

    • Arthur H

      Yes everyone who points out the obvious problems is a racist. It’s assholes like you who allow these things to continue while trying to deny what is undeniable to every logical, reasonable human being. The old cry of racism to mask the reality. Good for you…

      • Patrick

        So what’s your opinion on Italians in the 30’s? They were stealing from absolutely everyone, robbing, killing in broad daylight, people used to think the Italians were helpless. The violence was EXTREMELY bad. At least today you don’t have 25 laundromats being firebombed in a single night, or two full blocks worth of real estate being completely leveled by multiple bombs in the middle of the night like what was going on in Kansas City for YEARS… People don’t have any concept of how bad the crime used to be in the US. In KC there were literally no laws, it was a complete free for all and criminals that were skipping around from state to state were regarded as heros and given huge welcomes when they arrived in lawless cities where they spent all of their time with prostitutes getting drunk and laying low at safe houses for a few months. Nothing even close to that goes on today

  • Jerry

    Race and poverty are both parts of the equation. I think a culture of crime abides in these types of communites. Desperate, disenfranchized people, who have lived in a PTSD type setting for the majority of their lives are much more likey to commint violent crime. the question is, if affluent, well meaning white people moved into these communites in droves, and brought their money with them, would the statistics change?

    • nick

      Yes it would change. White people aren’t as unsophisticated as blacks, especially not blacks living in poverty. I grew up in Cleveland, and it was absolutely terrible, only because of the dickhead cops and the blacks in poverty. Other areas of the city that is majority white and affluent, are much nicer looking, and the sense of security creates better communities.

      • Mordecai Hunter

        Race has nothing to do with it. Poverty does. “Sophistication” has no impact on crime at all and is NOT determined by race. There are “unsophisticated” people of all races and all incomes.

        • Susan

          Nick and Jerry I don’t think you know how racist your comments were and crime and race do not impact each other it is the poverty and the way it is handled by the police as well.

          • Arthur H

            What fucking nonsense. How do you sleep at night telling yourself and others this bullshit while denying the obvious?

          • Patrick

            what is the obvious?

        • PVF

          Well said Mordecai. However, 1 seem to not want to recognize that point. While in school a few years back I met a study partner who grew up in Baltimore. Her two sets of grandparents and parents never did much to change their situation
          When she became a so more in high school a guidance counselor said,
          “We can be whoever we want to be. No matter your past. She decided she wanted better for her and her daughters life, joined the military, and after her Bachelors she decided to keep going for an MBA.

          I didn’t grow up in poverty, also from a military family, but getting an MBA, or PhD…is a personal choice. Why continuing to perpetuate what everyone else has done? Cant people choose to do something different?

    • feit walter

      The majority of poor in the USA are white. Why isn’t white crime rate higher?

  • Derrick Cool

    Ive been to a lot of those cities on the list and I must say the far worst city is BALTIMORE.They kill for fun there out of boredom no bullshit.That Wire shit is true real hell hole pure pits of hell.Second would Be Detroit.

  • Chas Plumeri

    Yea, let’s blame poverty. Blame the people for being lazy, disrespectful, ignorant, etc. I grew up with very little money. Just above poverty and the people in my neighborhood were all the same. However, respect was among us and hard work followed us allowing us to better ourselves and become productive in society.

    • jim


  • North

    No surprise they are all cities with a large percentage of blacks.

    • Patrick

      and in the 20’s – 60’s you would be saying the exact same thing about the Italians and Irish. “There’s just no helping Italians, they’re just inherently violent people and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

  • James Powers

    If you notice that some cities on this list have some of the strictest gun control laws. Why is that I wonder

    • 2001: A Space Odyssey

      I would guess that their high violent crime rates may have caused them to enact stricter gun legislation.

    • Patrick

      That’s like saying. “funny how all these houses on fire have firetrucks parked in front of them, I wonder why that is… Obviously fire trucks do nothing.

  • RykELee

    What? East St louis and Gary Indiana didn’t even get a mention?

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    Is Little Rock the most violent city, or is it Flint? I’m from LR and would be very surprised to hear that we were number one.

  • Michele H.

    When terrorism strikes other countries, the USA government considers sending the military. When this kind of terrorism strikes the USA, the government does nothing.

  • jim

    Go to southern WV or north eastern Kentucky if you want to see poor. But they don’t have high murder rates. Oh but they are poor whites there aren’t any poor whites just blacks. Just check out how these poor people live The invisible poor.

    • Patrick

      Yeah and in the 1930’s and 40’s you’d be saying “Look at the common denominator, all these criminals? Italians. Italians are the worst criminal offenders and there’s just no helping them, we need to get them out of our country”.

  • Poolal

    Horrible list Chicago should be number one or two and Gary? This list is awful

  • Jolly Roger

    It’s all about your culture, not your race, and certainly not about inanimate objects like firearms. When your culture tells you that being a good, productive, and law abiding citizen – and most importantly becoming educated – is “selling out,” it shouldn’t be any surprise that the places where this self-destructive culture holds sway will be hellholes.

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