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The 12 Worst Values In College Education – Do Not Go To These Schools!

The average cost of tuition in the United States during the 1980 school year was $7,759 (in 2010 dollars). By 2010, that average was up to $18,133.

Over the last few decades, tuition prices have skyrocketed, which means choosing the best college is a study on the expected return-on-investment each college provides.

Here are 12 of the worst colleges for their cost and the percentage of students who manage to earn a degree.

1. Concord University in Athens, West Virginia

This public liberal arts university costs a hefty $13,332 in tuition if you’re an out-of-state student and you only have a 39% chance of graduating.

Athens is a tiny town in the extreme south of West Virginia, which means the student experience is very rural. The college accepts around 50% of applicants and has a campus size around 2,600 students.

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  • larperk

    There are many more measures of how good a university is other than graduation rates. These were all state school, possibly because they tend to accept more questionable students. That biases the numbers for one particular student (you) A very small proportion of students at state schools are from out of state but only out of state tut

  • PNW Tom

    Wow, so much misinformation. But as clickbait, it reeled me in. I always wonder if these listicles make any sense, but when I click on them, they almost never do.

  • Unknown

    Incredibly misleading. Most of the time, if you transfer to a university you are not counted in their graduation rates. So, if you have a university that banks on students coming in from community college or other state schools, your rates will always be super low.

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