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13 Best Cities with the Word City in Them

Does a city’s name really matter? In some cases, the answer is no. But, you’ve got to admit that some towns with the word “city” after them are sure to be your favorites. After all, they are so important that they have to be designated as a city specifically. Take into consideration these top cities. They have one thing in common – all have the word “city” in their name.

1. Ocean City, MD

Why pick a city that’s just outside of Washington DC? Ocean City, Maryland is a lot of fun. From the theme parks to the access to the ocean (get its name now?) it is a top notch location for raising a family as well as vacationing.

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  • KCMO

    Kansas City is in Missouri, Not Michigan, Dumbass.

    • Hyde Park

      He or she obviously mixed up postal abbreviations.

      And this list is just a waste bandwidth so why even bother with an insult?

  • Palmer Short

    Honest mistake. And it’s Jefferson City Mo.not Kansas City which is in both Missouri and Kansas.

  • Palmer Short

    I guess the o was missing from their keyboard.

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