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13 Safest Big Cities In America

It is often assumed that in order to find a safe place to live you need to give up your dreams of big city life and move out to the country. However, there are many larger cities that have excellent safety reputation.

1. Garland, Texas

Garland lays in close proximity to the Dallas area, but still has really low crime rates. In 2008 Garland, Texas was named one of CNN’s Top 100 Places to Live.

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  • Mark M

    Plano is no where close to the Mexican border. it’s a suburb of Dallas

  • Kristin

    Who in the world said Plano, TX was very near the Mexican border?! It’s no where near it!

    • GenXConservative

      Maybe they confused Plano with El Paso?

  • Matt Molkentin

    California is not the Sunshine State, it’s the Golden State!.. And Plano is about a 8-9 hour drive from Mexico!

    • Eddie

      LOL, I had to re read about Plano being close to the Mexican border. Who made this list?

  • Nate Hoffman

    None of these are big cities.

  • Thespina Diaz

    Are you kidding? What hayseed thinks these are big cities?

    • Clarence Worley

      Who says they are not?

    • Chris Cobb

      that’s what i’m thinking.

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