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When You Want To Drink You Go To Chicago


OK, we knew it: Chicagoans have been drinking, and drinking like champs for that matter, for generations. But the Second City has hit its boozy stride. Right now, at this very minute, there isn’t a city in America better suited for our favorite pastime.

And we don’t just mean for the schmoozers, or the barstool lifers who’ve never missed a happy hour in their lives. We mean everybody, the beer drinkers, the gin lovers, the rare-bourbon aficionados. The empty-pocketed deal-seekers, too. Everybody’s welcome.

These days you can hardly walk a block without passing a packed new bar. It’s a full-on drinkable renaissance, which is why it’s time to book your flight, do a cleanse in preparation, and get yourself to the Windy City. Cheers!

And, there’s a drink called Chicago.

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