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‘War On Christmas’ Continues: Atheist Billboards Popping Up In The South


American Atheists are continuing their battle to get the Christ out of Christmas and try and turn it into a more secular holiday. Of course, they usually say that this is not their intention at all. Instead, they say that they are just trying to get people who are not religious to get out of the pressure that comes with Christmas and treating it as a spiritual time.

Atheist organizations have purchased billboards in the South, where of course most people are Christian. And these billboards have angered a lot of people, naturally. One of the billboards shows a girl writing a letter to Santa asking her if she can not go to church this year. Religious people in the South reacted to this as if she was writing to Satan, not Santa.

The campaign aims at telling Atheists in this area that they are not alone and that they do not have to go to church if they don’t believe in God. According to the organization, many people are looked down on for not being deeply religious and can even be ostracized from their community if they chose not to attend church, especially on big Christian holidays like Christmas.

Some people against the billboards are not really against the message, rather, they are against the fact that the Atheists are using the image of a child to present their ideas, which they consider unethical.

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