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Two Teens Attacked By Shark In North Carolina


On Sunday, two teens lost limbs in two separate shark attacks. A 13-year-old girl was attacked first, and her hand had to be amputated at the elbow. She also suffered leg injuries. While she was being taken care of, a 16-year-old boy was attacked, having his arm amputated below the shoulder. They are both in a good condition at this time.

The attacks took place near the Ocean Crest Pier, a popular fishing spot, which might be the reason the sharks appeared – there was bait in the water. According to witnesses, the shark that attacked the boy was between seven and eight feet long. Bystanders are also credited with helping save these teens’ lives, since they responded immediately and provided first aid.

Last year, 72 shark attacks took place in this area, three of them being fatal. The beach has not been closed nor evacuated, because that is not the standard procedure in such cases. Although the beaches are still being frequented after the attacks, almost all visitors avoid entering the sea.

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