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Top 21 Reasons Montreal Is Better Than Toronto

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Montreal and Toronto have an extraordinary rivalry going back generations. The two cities are completely culturally different, one being more European and the other being more American in style. The ways of life in both places are also very different, as is the architecture, and even the language.

Still, the two cities continue to compete for the title of The Best City in Canada. Which city is really the best, though? It’s not hard to give that prize to Montreal.

Here are the top 21 reasons Montreal is better than Toronto:

1. Montreal Is A Culinary Delight

Montreal is known for having some delicious food. That is because most of the city is European in style, and much of the foods are imported from Europe, particularly France. It is generally accepted throughout Canada that Montreal has the best bagels, the best smoked meats, and the best gourmet-style sandwiches in the country.

As far as restaurants and ethnic cuisines are concerned, both Montreal and Toronto boast a wide variety of ethnic communities and authentic cuisines. For instance, you can find Italian, Greek, Lebanese and Jewish restaurants throughout Montreal whereas Toronto takes pride in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Italian, and Greek food.

Though you may find more ethnic neighborhoods that serve their own foods in Toronto, Montreal has fully incorporated the various tastes in its unique culinary landscape. For instance, those famous Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and bagels would not be as renowned as they are if not for the Jewish community.

Moreover, you will rarely find a city in the world with more restaurants than Montreal. Unlike Toronto where you have to go to a certain neighborhood to try their foods, Montreal is packed with restaurants that offer everything your heart desires.

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