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Top 21 Surprisingly Cheap Cities In The US


The average household in the United States spends more money on housing than on any other expenditure, so finding a cheap place to live is one of the best ways to save up money for other endeavors. Living in the middle of nowhere is one way to live cheaply, but living 50 miles away from civilization isn’t particularly enjoyable. Plenty of cities around the country offer cheap rent, inexpensive entertainment, and all the comforts of an expensive metropolis. Here are some of those budget-friendly locations:

1. Augusta, Georgia

If you’re a golf fan, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Augusta since it’s the place where the Masters are held each year. During one week in April, Augusta becomes one of the definite winners in terms of pricey places to reside thanks to the golf tournament, and fans pay up to $1,000 per night to rent a house near the famous course. The most skilled golf player takes home an impressive $1.62 million in prize money, which roughly amounts to how much 42 Augustan families earn in an entire year.

However, during the other 51 weeks when there are no golf tournaments, the locals enjoy a remarkably affordable environment. Augusta is definitely one of the cheapest places to live in the USA, and if you don’t believe us, the numbers are there to confirm our claims. Housing costs fall a full 26.5% below average, and the prices of groceries end at about 14% less, according to the Cost of Living Index. The city’s population stands at slightly less than $200k, and the median household income amounts to about $38.714.

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