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Top 21 Cities For Senior Citizens To Live In

Senior citizens are sure to find some cities throughout the United States to be a bit more enjoyable to live in than others. Whether you are finally free of work commitments and kids or you are looking for a place with fantastic health care, some cities simply stand out. Check out the top 21 locations senior citizens love calling home.

1. Daytona Beach, Florida

Who doesn’t want to retire in Florida? With the sun, dozens of entertainment options, and the golf, it is the perfect place to call home. Daytona also happens to be very affordable without state taxes.

It’s already almost a stereotype – you work hard all your life, save money and retire to Florida. So why do so many retirees do it? Why Florida? And why most of them choose Daytona Beach? Well, first of all, Florida has an amazing climate that does wonders to many ailments that come with old age. It’s almost always warm, even in the winter, which is very beneficial weather for those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and other painful conditions.

Daytona Beach is rather affordable. You don’t have to have the best retirement plan in the world to move to Daytona Beach, and that’s certainly one major bonus. Of course, there is also the beach, the cultural and entertainment options and enjoyable company. For a long while Daytona Beach was a popular spring break spot, but the city decided to discourage that kind of tourism so it’s now a peaceful, quiet and relaxing community.

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