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Top 20 Small Cities In Indiana

14. Delphi, Indiana (population 2,893)
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2. Delphi, Indiana (population 2,893)

The county seat of Carroll County, Delphi is part of the Lafayette Metropolitan Area, located in the north-western section of the state. Delphi is known as the home of the largest man-made canal – the Wabash and Erie Canal – and it’s residents are proud of that fact, which can be seen through a number of canal-related activities and festivities throughout the year.

The boat season starts every May with the Transportation Festival, during which you can take a ride on a replica of a canal boat, participate in artisanal activities in Canal Park and tour the town’s historic places for free.

There is also the two-day Canal Days Festival in July and Old-Fashioned Christmas, both of which are completely kid-friendly, educational and interactive events. The town also boasts the impressive Wabash and Erie Interpretive Museum, where visitors can put on period wardrobe and explore the life in the 1850’s.

Another thing that the residents of Delphi are extremely proud of is the Carroll County Courthouse, one of the few glass-domed courthouses in the Midwest with a beautiful stained glass dome and tile murals.

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