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Top 20 Reasons Houston Is Better Than Dallas

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2. Houston has More Parks

Not only does Houston have more parks than any other top 10 metro area in the US, but the city makes good use of them. Discovery Green, Hermann Park, and Memorial Park host activities and community events regularly, typically at no cost to residents. Although Dallas may have more park acreage per capita – one must consider that they have a park atop a highway – and that’s just cheating.

Plus, just take a look at Hermann Park. It has the Miller Theatre and the ever-so-popular hill next to it, where entire generations of Houston kids (and many adults too) have rolled or sled down, then there is the beautiful Japanese garden, the gorgeous and somewhat tranquillizing Reflection Pond, and, of course, the train. Not to mention several woods one can wander into for a nice quiet walk.

For more active, sporty types, there is the amazing Memorial Park. There you can pick from a number of activities to indulge in, from softball, tennis and soccer to Medieval role playing. Seriously. There are also many trails and paths through this enormous park, which, no matter how many people there are at any given moment, is never actually crowded.

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