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Top 21 Reasons Dallas Is Better Than Houston

13. Better air
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3. Better Weather

Even though both Dallas and Houston fall under the same climate category, there are certain differences which support our opinion that Dallas is simply better. These might be slight differences, but they are the ones people notice. One of the first things that folks usually notice is that the air is much more humid in Houston than in Dallas. This opens the opportunity for the mist to appear very often and the mist combined with the overall moisture results in forest canopy in most parts of the city, which some people really don’t take too kindly to.

Dallas also features a slightly greater temperature amplitude, so you can actually feel the real difference between a blazing summer and a chilling winter. This also enables Dallas to have snow regularly (which means fun activities for the whole family) while Houston doesn’t have that luxury that often. Also, Dallas doesn’t have the tropical storm threats that are so constant in Houston and we all know that nobody likes a strong tropical storm ravaging their city.

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