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Top 20 Small Cities In Tennessee

Photo credit: somegeekintn / Flickr

2. Dayton

Here is another small city in Dayton that makes up what it doesn’t have in size with tons of charm. There are about 7,000 people living in Dayton currently and it really is a pretty little town to visit and live in.

If you’ve heard about the town before, it might because it was the place where the famed Scopes Trial was held in 1925. While that was going on, there were reporters from all over the world staying in town, and that’s pretty much the little town’s claim to fame. It was originally called Smith’s Crossroads when it was first settled back in 1820, but then it was named Dayton after the big Ohio city.

This is a perfect little town if you have kids, especially if you have active ones. There are many parks in the town, as well as baseball fields, soccer and football fields, and much more. And believe it or not, the night life in this small town if actually pretty rich, with lots of great restaurants and live music to offer.

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