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Top 12 Greenest Cities In The World

Malmö, Sweden
Photo credit: AramZS / Flickr

Several cities around the United States and around the world vie for the title of “greenest city,” and some of the eco-friendly and earth-saving measures designed by today’s cities are incredible. Green-friendly means something different to everyone, but many green cities feature large open spaces, ample bicycling trails, and citywide recycling programs. Here are the top 12 greenest cities in the world and how each is doing its part to save the planet.

1. Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, Sweden reduces the city’s carbon footprint through the development of green electricity like hydropower. The Kyoto Protocol developed at the beginning of the last decade called for an international reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 5 percent. The citizens of Malmö decided that 5 percent just wasn’t enough and adopted a goal of 25 percent. One neighborhood in Malmö, Western Harbor, gets all of its power from renewable sources.

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