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Top 11 Cities That Have Never Hosted the Olympics and Should Get To

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“The Olympics”, without a shadow of a doubt, is the king of allsport events. One thing that sets the Olympics apart from other sport event is its diversity. But besides this diversity of games, the Olympics also give exposure to some of the most spectacular cities of the world, such as London, Beijing, Los Angeles and Barcelona, places that offer incredible tourist attractions.

After all, it’s all about exuberant spectators. Imagine, the Olympics with just a few spectators, how would it be? Dreary and lackluster! That is why, great consideration and thought and time goes in choosing the ideal destination.
Here are 11 cities that are perfect for hosting the Olympicson a grand scale:

1. Nairobi, Kenya

One of the prime reasonsfor including Nairobi in the list is due to the fact that it lies between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, which is an ideal setting for the Olympic Games. Moreover, hosting this event in Kenya may very well bolster the local economy in the long run.

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