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Top 11 Cities and Locations in Indiana Jones Movies

He’s big on adventure, afraid of snakes, hates Nazis and always more interested in the greater good than personal gain (“It belongs in a museum!”). Heck, we’re certain that you’ve even caught yourself whistling the iconic John Williams score that characterized his four cinematic adventures to date.

Yes, we’re talking about Indiana Jones. But amid all the excitement watching the world’s most famous fictional archeologist, you might have missed out on some truly cool cities and locations that have appeared in the films. With that being said, here’s a look at the top 11 locations in the four Indiana Jones movies:

1. Moab Desert, Utah (The Last Crusade)

We meet a young Indiana Jones (or Henry Jones Jr. as we’ll soon learn) right off the hop in The Last Crusade, as he eludes treasure hunters in the Moab Desert in a scene that’s capped off by a terrific train sequence.

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