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The Most Spectacular New Year’s Eve In New York

New Year’s Eve celebrations and parties tend to be among the most exciting and wild in the year and one city that definitely knows how to celebrate the coming of the new year is New York. It is considered to be the world’s premiere spot for New Year’s Eve celebrations and the same will be true this year. So, what exactly can you do in the Big Apple to usher in the new year?

The most iconic New Year’s Eve event in NYC is definitely the Ball Drop in Times Square, attended by millions and watched by tens of millions on TV. It is one of those once-in-a-lifetime things and if you find the time, you should definitely do it.

New York is also famous for its special New Year’s Even productions and concerts that are being held all over the city, with everyone giving their best performances and trying to do something special. You can have your pick, from Lower East Side to Lincoln Center.

If you are looking for a more hedonistic New Year’s celebration, you can visit any of the innumerable NYC restaurants which all feature special menus on this special night and where you can eat and drink your way into the new year.

Of course, we must not forget all the parties that will be going down in New York’s clubs and bars, each crazier and more outrageous than the last. Keep in mind that these can be expensive outings and that you need to be careful not to get ripped off.



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