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San Antonio: The Most Affordable City In The Nation


The folks at Kiplinger’s have named San Antonio one of the most affordable cities in the nation, and the largest city and the only Texas city to make the top ten, according to Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

Actually, Kiplinger points out that the city is the only city of more than a million people to make the list, coming in at Number 6, and says its slogan should say ‘America’s Biggest Cheap City.’

Kiplinger’s cites the low cost of housing, which gives it a huge advantage over most other big cities, especially the ones near the coast, where the price of housing is staggering.

Kiplinger’s says San Antonio’s population is more than a half million people larger than the second largest city on the Top Ten list, which is Columbus Ohio.

Other cities on the ‘most affordable’ list are mid-sized cities such as Nashville, Omaha, and Tulsa.

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