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Idaho Plans To Reform Their Science Education Law


It would seem that the Department of Education wants to focus more on problem solving and hands-on work – they believe that the standards they are using at the moment simply aren’t working out as planned in 2013. They started using Common Core Standards, a set of regulations that focus on critical thinking and cover language arts and math – but not science.

The Idaho Department of Education announced that they would like to match the level of rigor with the science standards, and that all of this is just part of a regular process that takes place every six years.

Wiley Dobbs, superintendent of thte Twin Falls School Disctrict said:

“It’s an idea designed at getting students involved at an early age with science, technology engineering and math”

Apparently, not only do they feel the need to engage the youth in scientific matters more, but also to deal with the issue of poorly equipped schools. Some Twin Falls middle schools even use science textbooks that are 12 years old, and a lot has changed in science over 12 years.

Dobbs adds:

“Across the state, money for curriculum materials has just been lacking.”

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