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Have $38,000? Star Life In Xalapa!


Xalapa is supported by modern conveniences but remains old, traditional Mexico with no cultural influence. To top it all off, this is also an affordable choice, and property can be an absolute global bargain. You can own a home of your own in Xalapa for as little as $38,000.

That’s the price for a three-bedroom, single-bath apartment in Jardines de Xalapa that recently came on the market.

Xalapa (pronounced hah-LAH-pah) is a city of a half-million residents in the town and more than 800,000 in the surrounding metro area. It’s a town of rolling hills, with an elevation that ranges between 4,300 and 4,800 feet. The hills provide for great views, and the elevation means pleasant temperatures that average about 15 degrees cooler than the nearby Gulf Coast.

Capital of the state of Veracruz, Xalapa is home to two-dozen universities, including the Universidad de Veracruz. The big presence of university students gives the city a youthful, vibrant energy. This city could be a great place to live in retirement for many reasons, including the fact that it doesn’t feel like a retirement community. This is a place of culture and art, symphony, theater, and many excellent restaurants.

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