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Gorgeous Gorges Of South Carolina

While the name Jocassee stands for “Place of the Lost One,” you might just find yourself here, believe it or not.

Defined by the plunging wall of hills of the Blue Ridge Escarpment, the Jocassee Gorges in the northwestern corner of South Carolina stretches across more than 43,000 acres of forest, lakes and waterfalls.

Situated along the shore of clear Lake Jocassee reservoir, Devils Fork State Park is just one of a series that mark the area, offering camping, cabins, hiking, fishing and more. For some of South Carolina’s most challenging hiking, try Table Rock State Park. From Table Rock’s trails, you can access the 80-mile Foothills Trail that connects several state parks.

The gorges boast dozens of animal and plant species, including the signature Oconee bell wildflower and a large migratory population of the Swainson’s warbler.

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