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City Permit Issues For Coney Island July 4th Fireworks

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Since the 1880s, Coney Island has been known as the playground of the world. Today, its classic Nathan’s hot dogs, Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, beach and boardwalk, Luna Park and New York Aquarium continue to draw thousands of visitors year-round.

Traditionally, the Coney Island Park kicks off the summer with its night fireworks on June 21, and continues with these pyrotechnic extravaganzas every Friday night through August. There are also fireworks at the Brooklyn Cyclones on Saturdays that have a special coordinating musical theme like the Beatles and Bruce Springsteen.

To celebrate Independence Day, thousands gather along the breezy beaches on July 4th to watch the yearly dazzling fireworks show. However, things may be different this year.

Will There be July 4th Fireworks at Coney Island in 2014?

According to Time Warner Cable News, there may be a glitch in the tradition of this year’s July 4th fireworks extravaganza.

The city is holding back a required permit for the July 4th show. Without a doubt, this is setting off a lot of fireworks among the public. Businesses, residents and visitors think it’s a devastating move for the park. Even though it’s the Alliance for Coney Island that pays to light up the sky on July 4th, it can’t without the permit.

While it’s hard to figure out why the city is holding back, this decision is coming after the city negotiated with Macy’s to move its July 4th fireworks show from the Hudson River to the East River. This move is to allow more New Yorkers to view the show from parks, rooftops and waterfront locations.

City Councilman Mark Treyger is still hoping the city will give the permit to uphold Brooklyn’s tradition. If the July 4th permit is denied, they plan to request a permit for July 5th.

Still, many will be disappointed. Not only is the annual July 4th fireworks a cherished tradition for Brooklynites, it was also convenient for those who’d rather not travel to the west end or New Jersey to view the Independence Day celebration.

July 4th Events without the Fireworks

Even without the July 4th fireworks, Coney Island is planning a festive day. Visitors can celebrate Independence Day at the ballpark and watch the game between the Aberdeen Iron Birds and the Brooklyn Cyclones. The first 3,000 attendees will receive a free Cyclones t-shirt.

The park will also hold its traditional July 4th Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Championship. The Sideshows by the Seashore is also scheduled. Enjoy the ten-in-one circus sideshow with human curiosities and freaks.

Other traditional classics to enjoy at Coney Island on Independence Day include the historic B&B Carousel and the American legendary Cyclone roller coaster. This 1919 carousel is the centerpiece of Steeplechase Plaza and has two chariots along with 50 hand-carved wooden horses. The Cyclone has been thrilling New Yorkers for more than eight decades and is sure to deliver a real rush for July 4th.

Without a doubt, the July 4th celebration at Coney Island will deliver fun for all. However, having the usual fireworks would make it even more fun.

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