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Cinematic Visions Of The Future: Futuristic Cities In Movies

1-San Francisco-flickr-Frank Kehren
Photo credit: Frank Kehren / Flickr

3. San Francisco

Looking for a West Coast locale, filmmakers routinely choose San Francisco as a city of the future with “Star Trek” as the most notable example of humanity’s future utopian society. The San Francisco of the future is clean and spacious and looks much the same in 2161 at the dawn of “The Federation” as it does in the present day.

San Francisco is also given the beautiful treatment in the 1999 film “Bicentennial Man,” which traces the development of a robot and the city of San Francisco over the course of 200 years. By the time the movie ends, San Francisco is barely recognizable with the sleek, modern buildings filmmakers so often envision for the distant future.

Interestingly, a few futuristic movies are ripe for comparison to actual architecture today. The original “Robocop” from the 1980s was supposed to take place in Detroit in 2015, and the mid-1980s film “Back to the Future 2” also featured life in 2015.

It’s unlikely that these visions of the future will come to pass in just a few years, but it’s fascinating to see what filmmakers of the past believed would happen in the near future. Whether fantastical or realistic, the future will always be one of Hollywood’s favorite places to play.

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