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Best And Worst Cities For Singles In 2014

In the year 2013, the percentage of single adults (by choice, in a relationship but not formalized, widowed, divorced or looking) in the U.S. was around 44 percent, meaning that about 105 million people over the age of 18 were single.

And being single is not the same everywhere in the country. Some cities give you more chance and opportunity to find someone while others can prove to be much leaner grounds. WalletHub decided to go deep and investigate how US cities rank when it comes to single people friendliness.

They took 150 most populated American cities and they investigated them based on a wide variety of factors which they then combined and came up with the final list of best and worst cities for singles in 2014.

For instance, they investigated how much restaurant meals cost in different cities, which can be important when dating. They discovered that Santa Clarita and Fontana in California have the lowest meal costs while San Francisco, CA, Yonkers, NY and New York, NY have the highest.

They also looked at the percentages of single persons in each city, coming up with the results that the highest percentage of single people can be found in Detroit, MI, Washington, DC and Cleveland, OH while  Fremont, CA and Gilbert, AZ had the lowest percentage of singles.

In addition, they looked at the number of night life options per capita and it was no surprise that Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL boasted most alternatives. On the other side of the spectrum are Hialeah, FL and Port St. Lucie, FL with the lowest number of night life options.

Ultimately, they discovered that Boise, ID, Madison, WI and Denver, CO are the best cities for singles, while the worst single’s cities are Yonkers, NY, Hialeah, FL and North Las Vegas, NV.

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