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Beer, Bourbon And BBQ – What More Could You Ask For?

This weekend, at The Tunnel in Manhattan, you can attend the sixth annual Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival which is pretty much self-explanatory, really. The organizers are bringing the South to New York and they are calling on everyone to join the fun.

The event that is also called The Big Apple’s Favorite Winter Porkapalooza is back again and it features three separate sessions that you will be able to check out on January 24th at The Tunnel. The three sessions are The Bacon Bash Tasting Session, The Whole Hog Pig Pickin’ Session and The Grand Poobah Chicken N’ Biscuits Session.

The festival celebrates everything that makes the South great – bacon, bourbon, beer, barbeque and bluegrass, among other things. As the organizers say themselves – ” It’s a great day of beer sippin’, bourbon tastin’, music listenin’, cigar smokin’, and barbeque eatin’.”

The organizers guarantee hefty portions and low prices, as well as all kinds of BBQ delicacies you can imagine. Of course, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best bourbons in the country, as well as talk to Master Distillers and Brewmasters from the South who will share their brewing insights with the visitors.

As if this is not enough, you will also have a chance to take part in a bacon eating contest. Of course, it goes without saying that great music will be played and that some truly great times will be had.

In short, if you are not too concerned with how your arteries are letting the blood through, you know where to be this Saturday.

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