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A Statue Of Poe Unveiled In Boston


The Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston unveiled a statue by Stefanie Rocknak near the Boston Common on Sunday, October 5.

Now Edgar Allan Poe strides through the center of the city he loathed. His briefcase overflows with the symbols that made him famous – a larger-than-life raven, and a (telltale) human heart.

The statue is the result of years of fund-raising by the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston, which previously persuaded the city to name the corner where the statue now stands for Poe. His relationship with the city was famously tense, but most of those who attended thought his intense feelings toward the city made the statue even more important.

Karin Goodfellow, director of the Boston Art Commission, said his relationship to the city is something to think about.

“It’s actually pretty exciting that he had a contentious relationship with the city. It’s a piece that will give people something to think about.”

The sculptor, Stephanie Rocknak, said he faces away from the Frog Pond to represent his disdain for the city, as he walks toward his birthplace on Carver Street.

“I’m apprehensive now that it’s been unveiled. Boston hasn’t seen it yet, and I don’t know how it will be received.”

James McAuley of Rowley, came dressed for the occasion.

“I bought the suit just for this. I think the green patina on the metal is nice. It’s good that it doesn’t look brand new.”


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